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Six Principles to Turn Willpower into Reality

Updated on October 4, 2019

Friends, in life, we do a lot of planning to do something. Whether it is to become rich, whether it is to pass a good number in the exam, or whether it is to be successful in any field.

But to be successful in any field, having strong willpower in mind is essential.

Let us know what are the six principles that can make us climb the stairs of success: -

1. Target Selection:

Make your target clear in your brain what exactly is your goal? If you want to become rich, earn money, then clear in your mind a certain amount of money which you can do day and night to get it. The path can never be cleared without a definite or undefined target. "I want to become very rich, earn a lot of money!" Instead of using such lines, it is best to consider a certain amount, like these words instead of clear: - "I have to earn Rs. 4,16,666 this month. . Four lac sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-six rupees will be my income this month. "With this amount, now I have to move forward and within these six months I have to achieve success with an amount of Rs. 25,00,000 twenty-five lac. "

The clearer the goal, the more the light of success will be exposed. By setting a fixed amount, you will never deviate from your direction, and this will be your right step towards your richness. The choice of such a goal will give you success in every field you have been dreaming of for many days. But the willpower to achieve the goal should be in full swing only then you will be able to move forward.

2. You have to lose a lot to get something:

People say something has to be lost to get something. But in today's date I feel that a lot has to be lost to get something. Losing a lot means what steps you are taking to achieve your goal. What trust do you hope to get for yourself? You have set a target that you are going to earn 4,16,666 this month, but what price do you want to pay for it? Paying the price means, what are you going to do that a certain amount of money is going to be deposited in your account this month. Would you like to work for this one day and night, would you like to double your confidence in your team. What would you like to pay for those 4,16,666 rupees which is your definite goal because the big truth is that nothing is available in this world for free. Are you willing to work hard and pay the price? To convert willpower into action, you have to work hard, you have to sweat, you have to struggle. Remember that even a lion has to go hunting, he does not get breakfast sitting. So nothing happens just by imagining, thinking, dreaming, if you want to get something, you have to give up your sleep. Only then will your goals be seen to be fulfilled.

3. Set Date:

Set a fixed date, which will be the date when Rs 4,16,666 has been deposited in your bank account. The advantage of setting the date is that you always move ahead keeping in mind the time. The energy to do your work is used in the right place. Therefore it is very important to set a fixed date. Instead of saying that "4,16,666 is to be paid in lieu of so-and-so", say "I have to do so-and-so which is to be deposited in my bank account on November 14, 2015 for Rs 4,16,666 this month."

4. Plan that will strengthen your will:

Your strongest stop is your own plan. Cannot proceed without any plan. Your goal is clear that you should In 2015, four lac sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty four rupees should be deposited in a bank account, but if you do not have any plan, then the question of moving forward is over. Make a definite plan how you want to convert your strong desire into reality. Get ready in your work as soon as the plan is made. Don't see what you have, don't you? Start working according to your plan with what you have. When you continue to move forward, all those things will also come to the fore and you will be able to achieve them easily. So there is a delay in just taking steps and getting started. Go ahead as per your plan.

5. Always get the goal in front:

What is your goal How much do you want to pay to get it? How long does it take to last? What do you have planned for that? Make all the steps mentioned above clearly brief and note them. Always keep in mind the image of your target. Take out its print out. Put wallpaper in / laptop / computer / mobile. So that you never deviate from your direction. When the map is in front, there is no question of wandering from the direction.

6. Maintain confidence:

The body does not do its work until enthusiasm comes in the mind. If you want to maintain confidence in yourself, then you should read the clear details written twice daily. One gets up before bed and once in the morning. Recalling your goal before bedtime will tell you where you have just arrived. Reading the details as soon as you wake up in the morning will tell you how much work is done today and how to take the remaining work forward. And when these two processes continue together, your steps will never be left behind. You will always keep moving forward with this enthusiasm, enthusiasm and confidence.

Friends, we hope that with this article you too can turn your willpower into gold. Can work wonders in your work area. Can make your dreams come true. And by including these principles in your life, you can lead a better life.


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