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Sizisim The Last Accepted Hate

Updated on September 18, 2009

Size Discrimination The Last Accepted Hate

You may have been the participant of it before, or perhaps been a victim of it, you may not have even known that you were somehow a part of it, but most of us have experienced sizisim in our lives. From childhood we are programmed that some things are acceptable and that some things are not. Many of us have heard children calling one of the other children or taunting another child with hurtful rhymes and colorful words on the school playground "fat, piggy, whale, etc..." and with glib dis-appeal rolled our eyes and huffed "Kids can be mean." But this type of dismissal of such oppressiveness and unwarranted hate is exactly the problem with our society today.

It may be that we do so hate to see obese people because of the fear it brings to the hearts of us all. Could it be that I am fat like them or could I become fat like them? Hate is a secondary emotion to fear, so what is the deep seated fear that so many in society seem to have towards those of the obese class? I happen to like food myself, and I have many thin friends that also like to eat the Big Mac at Mc Donalds and none of them are obese and if they ordered the burger from there, there would be no second glance at them. But you see a fat woman order one and somehow you can't help but think... "Come on, order a salad!"

I think this is a defect in our own psychological programing. Fear of all types has lead to so many social psychological discriminatory and racial ignorance's and has even caused the genocide of entire peoples in the history of humanity. Fear is the base of all hate and anger and hate has a deep rooted psychological and lasting effect on the person that experiences it. But most hate either imagined or true is rooted in hurt from the past. Perhaps some people feel harmed by the statistics that state that the health care industry has to pay out so many millions of dollars for diabetes each year, and that heart attacks are the leading cause of death and that both have been LINKED (YES LINKED NOT CAUSED) to obesity. So they feel their premiums and the cost in medical payments is then because of fat people. This I could see a plausible reason for it. But how do we explain away the almost inherent intolerance that we see in children towards other children that are large?

Hate is learned, it is an emotion rooted in anger, anger is a reactionary emotion to fear, followed by sadness and depression. Could it be that we as a society are teaching the children to view obese people as different? Even our media shows skinny women on magazines, the tabloids at markets make fun of fat stars on their covers with grainy photos that show cellulite, and we see so many commercials about how to loose weight through diets and even on our TV shows we hear jokes told about fat people. This is why I say it is the last accepted hate... because we promote these thoughts in our society. When I see someone look at another person with total hatred in their hearts, whether it be in disgust over social economic, religious, racial, sexual preference or sexism, or yes size it burns inside me. I can see ignorance and fear boiling in the person's head and I just want to shake them awake.

Discrimination and intolerance are signs of ignorance, be they about any type of difference they can all be traced back to a persons not understanding or having all the facts behind what it is they view as wrong. The point I wanted to make here is that we have the power to not place judgment on people because of size, or any difference really. You've probably been called a name or two or who knows you may be on the heavy ended side of being called names but you know it doesn't feel good. So why even do it? Why hurt someone who is different from you and your group just because they are different? It's not a survival thing... I don't buy into that idea. I think it is a power thing that gives you a rush and power over someone that you are using, yes you are using that person that is different from you to take back something that you feel has been taken away from you. It is not a justified attack because the person has done nothing to you by just being who they are! So before you go and take aim at the fat kid or the fat lady in the store, or even your obese brother... remember what it was like to have it done to you. Why not try and love or be nice to the person you thought you'd hurt and see if by accepting them you get an even better return on your effort than you would have if you'd just put them down or hurt them? Give it a try and I bet you'll feel much better in the end.

Acceptance, Love, Friendship = Happiness

Why Hate?

Change For You Not For Them

Remember that if your weight is a health issue because of diabetes, or other complication that is caused by being overweight then you need to see a health care provider or family doctor and perhaps get help for your health issues. Never do it because of what others say to you. If you set out to change for someone else, you will never be happy or reach the goals you needed to. The only way to really change is when you want that change. No amount of negative talk is going to make you change.

Food addiction is a serious disease caused by low self esteem and in many cases a feeling of emptiness where we filled the voids of our self worth with satisfaction and good feelings that food brings to all of us. An physical regiment like walking for fifteen to twenty minutes a day may be in order to get yourself active again... every person is different and has different needs, dietitians, doctors, and health educators are the best way to find out what is going to work for you.

Remember this as well, portion control even if you are thin is a great way to know just how much food you should be eating. A perfect portion is the types of portions you find in frozen meals. Frozen meals have to follow the FDA guidelines for a balanced meal. So the amounts of meat you find, the amounts of vegis, and even snacks are perfect for a meal. Chew for twenty bites with each bite. Never eat fast, let your stomach know it's eating. Another good tip is to eat on a blue plate... believe it or not it has been shown that the color blue will curve an apatite and drink enough water, the more water you drink the less hungry you are.

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