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Receive The Best Skincare At Edward's Wellness

Updated on December 29, 2016
Thelma performing a facial which is one of her specialties
Thelma performing a facial which is one of her specialties | Source

The Epitome of Relaxation

I arrived at Edwards' Wellness, located in Wilmington Delaware around twelve noon. Thelma Carole Edwards, is the owner and operator of this sleek, elegant facility. My skin had been burned by the sun and #wrinkles had gathered on my forehead from working in the heat. Thelma, briefly discussed my skin concerns and what she hoped to accomplish in order to improve it. I was also in desperate need of relaxation and #skincare. A photograph was taken which allowed me to see what my skin was like before treatment. I suddenly started to feel completely relaxed because I knew, I was in good hands. I have known Thelma for more than sixteen years and she has brought my skin from a frenzy of pimples to absolute clarity. Liquid makeup was no longer needed, where previously I would pack it on to hide pimples and dark spots. Thelma's facility had become a lifesaver for my skin and a haven of pure bliss, when I felt uptight and in need of a #massage to wind down.

Thelma Carole Edwards is a licensed #Aesthetician, Certified Massage Technician, Certified Reflexologist, CST, and so much more. She maintains so many titles because Thelma has been in her field for more than two decades. Previously, she was owner and operator of Edwards' Skin Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thelma envelops professionalism and that is why she has served as Counter Manager and makeup artist for Shiseido and Fashion Fair. Thelma has also worked with such lines as #Estee Lauder, Borghese and Elizabeth Arden. Her vast experience has allowed Thelma to work for such major department stores as Macy's, Bloomingdales, Lord & Tayor and numerous other salons and businesses. She has been a regular contributor to #The Skin Inc Journal, as well as the defunct Heart and Soul magazine. She has demonstrated tremendous success as an artist of makeup,in bridal parties and special events. Thelma, is truly well endowed with experience and talent as a professional aesthetician and massage technician.

Over the years, Thelma was joined by her husband Thomas Edward, who is now a part of the team. Thomas, is a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist, for more than a decade. He operates his own business and works alongside his wife. My husband and I have been to Edwards' Wellness for couple treatments. What an exhilarating experience that was for the both of us. We look forward to that joint effort again. Their facility is excellent for couples to visit together or separately. Thomas and Thelma, try to insure that whether your visit is for skincare or a relaxing massage, you will not forget that experience.

Thelma admitted, "The success behind my artistry has been a sincere interest in making your skin the best that it can be. Our facility enables men and women to educate themselves about their skin and body, as well as focus on improvement in all aspects." She wants all her clients to receive personal one on one attention. Thelma also feels that, "developing a positive outlook is key to self esteem and well being."

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my facial that day and every visit I have ever had at Edward's Wellness. Melodious tunes played as I relaxed to the very last touch. It was not only gratifying but also fulfilling. The kinks had been worked out of my shoulders and my skin felt glorious. The time had come for an end to this spectacular event. I relentlessly, got dressed and now it was time for my photograph to reveal the effects of my procedure. I received a Facial Assessment Report, which exposed pictures of my face before and after treatment. The difference was quite evident. My skin was clearer and even some of my wrinkles had disappeared. The information also suggested, products I could use to improve my skin. I felt so elated about the skincare treatment and massage received. Thelma's goal, is to make her clients happy. She was truly successful and I will continue to return for skincare and massages at Edwards' Wellness.

For further information please email Thelma or Thomas Edwards at Please remember that your visit should be, "by appointment only."

How to get clear, glowing, spotless skin by using aloe Vera gel. Video from YouTube by INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA.


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