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So we don't came from the monkey?

Updated on March 2, 2014

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 200 years ago. It sounds easy and only are also fulfilled the 150 years since the publication of The Origin of Species. " Darwin's evolutionary theory, supplemented by naturalists of his time and developed until today, has been a watershed in the history of science.

Celebrations for the bicentenary will be worldwide. UNAM in Mexico will follow suit. Already many sites and blogs will address this, so true to my idea of publishing articles that interests me and people looking to expand their general culture today just want to say something to those who try to evolutionary theory from a fallacy. Again, I'll just say something against this fallacy, because every time I hear it uttered mostly by religious fanatics mostly Catholic and Protestant Christians (in Latin Amerca is difficult for anyone professing a different religion).

Well, they say that God created man and woman (according to their religion, one from clay and the other, a first rib. Other religions propose different scenarios) and are the maximum setting is perfect, his masterpiece . For its part, evolutionary theory suggests the origin and evolution of living species from Natural Selection. Say the creationists and opponents of evolution that man comes from monkeys and if so, ask why the monkey does not continues to evolve into man.

The people who read this probably know the answer, but if someone arrives here by accident (as happens regularly, as I hear from Google Analytics) do not know, here goes:

First, nowhere in "The Origin of Species" is proposed that man comes from monkeys. This misconception is spread further because in general do not read. In any case, if you prefer to understand this, we are more like distant cousins, with common ancestors. Do not pretend that Evolution says that we came from apes, because it is not.

Second, if we came from apes, of course the monkeys are not going to evolve into man. Do not expect to see the monkeys gradually become men or pretend to see the evolution of a complex organism because it takes time.

One point that creationists argue against evolution, we can not see it, this was true and the evolutionists themselves know that evolution by natural selection in complex organisms may take millions of years. However, the field has given more demonstrations in favor of the theory of evolution is molecular biology, since the life time is relatively short in microscopic organisms, we can witness the evolution.

To cut this long story short, atheists, skeptics and evolutionists maintain that man does not comes from monkeys


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    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 7 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I would probably disagree that we did not come from apes. It would seem reasonable that the family "great ape" produced homo sapiens along with chimpanzees, gorillas and the other great apes.

      It would seem unlikely that the order of primates would produce homo sapiens without going through the family that we are a part of. Thus a primate that was also a hominid, or ape, was our ancestor. Not a monkey, though; they are of various families, but none are hominids.

      Nor will the other apes evolve into homo sapiens; they have taken a different evolutionary route to their own genus classifications.