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Societal 'Welfare' and Psychological 'Warfare': the new Political Norms

Updated on February 11, 2018

Accidental versus Incidental

When we call anything ''accidental'' it is meant to describe any occurrence or happening without intent, or through carelessness, and often with unfortunate and unintended consequences.

While "incidental" has a relatively close meaning to accidental, its exception is that it is not necessarily something that is occurring merely by chance, without intentions, or carelessness.

It is being used as a deliberate way of interjection, or digression, used by many politicians to pander to the groups who oppose certain issues based on their personal opinions.

Those 'personal opinions' may be faulty for many reasons, and they are often derived from learned superstitious biases that lack any true validity in the real world.

What we amusingly call "accidentally on purpose".

Minor accidents/incidents can have unexpected long term consequences


Hidden Consequences

Often times it is confusing, and difficult to understand, why there is so much negativity in today's political campaigning.

We all witness the assaults by some politicians, on minority groups and what they perceive as "entitlement" programs. Humanitarian programs were deliberately set up by government to assist the needy in our society who are unable to help themselves. That loss of control over their lives may be for any reason; from sudden illnesses, accidents, or other unforeseen and dire circumstances beyond one's immediate control, that leave us devastated and vulnerable. Also that loss of control may be temporary, or permanent.

The "accidental" circumstances are easily visible and we realize that these "times of trouble" can blind side anyone of us, at any time, for any reason.

The "incidental" assaults on people who are down and out are heartless, inhumane and inexcusable. Thankfully, they can be countered by other politicians who understand, and can relate to, the plights of the downtrodden and provide humane governmental assistance when needed the most.

But, the worst of the "incidental" tragedies happen when politicians deliberately attack minorities as a means of what they call "riling up their bases" for support by playing on the negative sides of those who are biased, ill informed, critical, and judgmental of others, for reasons most of us can never fathom.

For the purpose of this discussion we will explore the psychological reasons why politicians "attack" minorities to gain support from that portion of the public who are without compassion or empathy for other human beings less fortunate than themselves.

We will explore the 'side effects of those negative campaigns as well.

Alcohol/Drugs influence onour lives is unpredictable

Drinking to excess often leads to unintended consequences or incidental consequences.
Drinking to excess often leads to unintended consequences or incidental consequences. | Source

The Green Eyed Monster

Political maneuvering is often diabolical and destructive with, or without, forethought or intent.

''Pandering" to any group for any reason is deliberate. It is the intentional catering to, or the exploitation of, the ''weaknesses" found in others.

Hating any person, or group of people, because of superstitious and ignorant beliefs certainly fits the category of a deep societal psychological 'weakness', or psychological 'disorder'.

Hate groups are born out of those psychological disorders caused by gross ignorance. Groups like N.O.M. for example, who loudly profess their hatred of the gay community are a prime example of the hate mongers in this country.

The voicing of the approval of "anti gay" , or any other anti minority group, by any politician is "pandering" at its most diabolical level.

Politicians, being not-so-honest and altruistic to begin with, use this strategy to gain support for themselves.

But there is another side to the rhetoric used to disparage the gay community by politicians.

That is the "green eyed monster" syndrome.

(green eyed = jealousy)

This psychological disorder affects a large number of people in many ways and to varying degrees.

Milder forms might include being jealous of a neighbor for having a newer, more expensive, home or auto, that we can not afford.

Mostly those milder forms are innocuous and harmless.

On the other extreme, that tendency is dangerous on many levels. It can lead to actual theft, murder, or suicide.

In the political field we see such hatred and vehemence being used against the members of the gay community, and other minorities.

Whether or not it is on the conscious, or the subconscious, level is yet to be determined.

These are the people who "are" what they "hate" the most about themselves, and hold a belief that by destroying those that represent what they are repressing, it will somehow make their own self loathing dissipate in the eyes of the world, their unrealistic religious beliefs, and in themselves as well.

Shame factor

Shame is a powerful emotion caused by a consciousness of guilt, short coming, or impropriety.

It is the viewing of a particular condition in ones self that is seen as, or perceived to be, a humiliation, disgrace, or disrepute.

Often that shame brings self anger, self loathing, strong regret, deep censure, or reproach, and hides itself just below the conscious level.

However, such powerful emotions can not be totally suppressed in the subconscious every second of one's life. So without facing that shame and dealing with it appropriately it manifests itself in loud protest against people who overtly represent that which personifies their inner turmoil.

Denial Factor or so called "Alternative Facts"

The refusal to admit the truth, or reality, is a negation in logic.

Such as the recent adoption of a new political campaign hate induced symbolic slogan used by the GOP in their 2016 campaign and their presidency: "alternative facts".

Logic dictates that anything that is not a true fact is, in fact, a lie or deceptive maneuver to explain the evil intent of spreading that hateful rhetoric.

The deeper the deliberate intention to suppress the truth, the greater likelihood to become a social leader in the subconscious crusade against one's own inner self.

The two examples i can think of off hand, is the rise and fall of the organization of hate called N.O.M. (the National Organization of Marriage - run by an obvious hate filled zealot), and some prominent ministers who have loudly and publicly condemned homosexuality for years; while they privately engaged in secret trysts with same sex prostitutes.

Fear Factor

This is one of the most harmful of the strong emotions.

It is an unpleasant, often strong and overpowering emotion caused by a constant anticipation, or awareness, of the real danger of being exposed to public scrutiny.

We regularly see politicians and religious leaders being caught in the acts that they so boldly voice their disapproval of; and are finally exposed by their activities in the very same things that they try to hide from the public, deny to themselves, and try so desperately to suppress.

Political denials never end by idiots in charge

Denial of Intent

The most egregiously conspicuous abuse of the exploitative approach is what we see in politicians using those frightful emotions from deep within themselves, as a catalyst to rail against any minority to further their political ambitions.

Watching the fight and plight of the gay community today because of that exploitation is not only disingenuous and disheartening, it is is utterly disgusting.

This negativity is prevalent in politics and religion alike in their futile attempts to appear normal, moral, and upright, in the eyes of society in general.

It is sad that our history is riddled with such massive pain, sorrow, suffering, and hardships, imposed on minorities who must literally fight for their rights of equality. Those basic human rights named in our very constitution that conservatives fight to preserve by asserting that those rights only apply to the 'righteous' few.

We have truly become a distasteful global society in which ignorance, hatred, and exploitation of others has taken the place of intelligence and humanitarianism.

We live in a world where intellect, compassion, tolerance, and empathy, are now considered to be "dirty words"; and "love" is only for the truly deserving - who ever they might be.

by: Independent Mind June 30, 2014

© 2014 IndependentMind


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    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago


      thanks for your comments. It has been a concern of mine for many years that politicians take their personal prejudices with them to Congress and then make and pass laws based on those prejudices, instead of what is best for society in general.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      There is far too much of denial and shame for many in such situations. You have really put lots of thought into this hub.

    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      dragonflycolor: (love that name)

      Thanks for taking time to read and leave you comments.

      That is exactly how i feel about the double standards in our society. We have mega millionaires who cheat, steal and rob from the public on a daily basis and they are lauded as 'innovative' and given greater rights to continue to do so. (Big banks and insurance companies who took trillions from tax payers during that so called 'bailout'). We would have been better off if they were allowed to go belly up. We would have recovered much faster if that business they exploited were divided up amongst the smaller companies who would have benefited by the extra business.

      But, let an ordinary citizen sell pot, or do odd jobs without filing an income tax return (just an example) in order to put food on the tables of their families are sent to jail, given a life time stigma of labeling them a "felon", and further destroying the family units.

      Yup, there is certainly something wrong with our system of justice and "equality" in this world.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Is it bad that Google pandas to us? Wait, you said "pander"...well same thing I suppose. :) It's funny how any one of us must admit to our faults, be punished, while those of an "upper class" nature will deny even in the face of factual evidence, not get in trouble, and are praised for "pushing the envelope" or being "just them." I'm sick of society air-quoting the "elite."

    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago


      Thanks for being the first to read and comment. And your comments are exactly how i feel as well. It is frustrating when we see what is going on and realize we have no control over any of it.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      4 years ago from Reno NV

      This hub needs to be read by all. You have discussed so many things that cause me to pull my hair and scream "WHY?" Just about every day. Thank you for this informative and much needed hub. Jamie


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