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Society behavior

Updated on October 12, 2008


What rules, Society or Natural Character and Instinct?

Character is spawn and implanted in individuals by "Mother Nature" and one of its dependants is "desire." Although character seems anchored and buttressed in place, some individuals seem able to some extent to regulate desire. One might have a desire to rob a bank, but most are able to suppress the feeling and conceal the urge from society. One's lovely sexy wife may suddenly encompass a dynamic desire for sex on the kitchen table (which would be "borderline" at best for being socially unacceptable) but do you think her desire stands to be filled? Hell yes!

Natural instinct, however, (a cousin to character) is a bitch to curb, and that unsavory adjective may be just the rationale behind "all allowances" in letting one's natural instinct freely "dart at will", regardless of the consequences.

Human society is jam packed with individuals harboring undesirable character, (undesirable to society that is) but since character and instinct is implanted by nature and we do live in a "blame placing" society, where should society place the blame for those unable "by nature" to rein in their "socially unacceptable" desires and behavior ? What idiot would have the bile to blame "Mother Nature." Why do we not just play the odds and build gigantic comfortable secure holding corrals for those suckers since they are the minority? (I think we all know where the odds would lie if the minority becomes the majority).

Who cares about cost, society has a duty to dispose of those appalling creatures, and as long as they (society) carries the biggest stick and possesses the most dust (money) why not build and maintain adequate restraints, and of course in accordance with society's commandments of a suitable constitution, .

Who, the devil, is society anyhow and what are the characters and instincts of those belonging to that club? Is it crooked lawyers or unscrupulous doctors or sickening politicians or bias bankers or some self-righteous preachers of some sort of gospel somewhere or some, say, decent people? (Decent, according to society that is) Surely, it must be a combination of the above. I guess I have no real objections to societies though, since everyone seems to live in one, and I damned well intend to stick with the majority. Those pitiful suckers born with undesirable character and natural instincts that harbors uncontrollable "socially unacceptable" desires are going to have to simply "suck it up" and pay the fiddler. Cause by god "Mother Nature' is boss. The end


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    • profile image

      pylos26 8 years ago

      Please,don't mention it James, I'll be back for more.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I apologize for saying the things I did to you. I am a bit moody sometimes. I just re-read my comments you refer to and I am ashamed to have said those things. Please forgive me.

    • profile image

      pylos26 8 years ago

      Mr watkings…

      I am elated at having you as my personal quest, as I prefer smart people. You may have noticed my quests are infrequent.

      I believe character has roots and I know of few habits at root level.

      However, I do thank you for your kind visits irregardless of how eccentric your concepts are. I’m sorry you decided to visit my other hub only to vent, but its o.k., use my, all but concealed, pages to expel your contempt anytime. We would not want your double personality to disconcert your cohorts. Your friend pylos.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      Character in a human person is formed by habits. Good habits are hard to learn and bad habits are easy to accept. Good habits lead to good character. Society is a group of people who have decided to live together in as much peace, harmony and prosperity as possible. This goal is achieved when a society features as many people of good character as possible, since good character leads to good behavior and good behavior lends itself to love, honor, virtue, hope, order, and tranquility.

      All that is required for evil to rule any society is for good people to do nothing.

    • profile image

      newcapo 9 years ago

      Pylos- this hub is full of insight and written tremedously well. Thanks for commenting on my hub-- it enabled me to enjoy your writings. Look forward to reading more


    • pylos26 profile image

      pylos26 9 years ago from America

      thanks bleufer...for reading my scribblings and for your advice.

    • profile image

      bleufer 9 years ago

      Pylos, as always, your prose is of a profound and of a timely nature. Keep up the good work.