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Solar Gates

Updated on January 10, 2012

In the space in the center of all galaxies, black holes known to exist. This is stellar black holes, very large, so-called "supermassive. " These holes will "swallow" all planets, suns, and even light itself, and in theory if you go through a black hole would come out to another part of space-time.

Well, here's the twist: the sun creates small holes, which have been identified as popularly called sunspots. These spots are not stains as everyone thinks, but are black holes of smaller size, lasting weeks or months, and then close, a "window" through which one could travel to another space-time , which in theory are called "Wormhole", of which we speak for example in the movie "Contact", although in this case did not refer to the Sun
This means that the Suns would be "Big Gates" star to travel across the universe, we enter into a Sun and other Sun would come out in another galaxy in a pis-pas ...
Ships to enter the "windows"of the sun, which are small spots or black holes produce large magnetic explosions.
According to Nassim Haramein, all celestial bodies has its own black hole inside, so the Earth itself would, somewhere inside, a small black hole which is what generates all the energy of the planet. The windows on these black holes are the volcanoes that erupt every time.
Planets, black holes are less power than the holes in the soles and the first only small ships can carry, which is why UFOs are always around volcanoes, because they are actually going in and out of volcanoes, to travel to another space-time, through the hole into the earth.

Well, on the hypothesis of the "window of the Sun" is a very feasible and that there is enough evidence, just look around a sunspot is like a hurricane, and you can clearly see that there is a hole in the center of the "taint. " As for the possibility of holes in the ground, through volcanoes, this hypothesis would be still under study and observation, to be confirmed.
The telescope SOHO is a satellite that orbits the sun, has made recordings (which are accessible on the Internet), in which objects are directed to the Sun, are objects that are not comets or any stellar body. Nassim Haramein ships said to be giants or nursing.

Well, another important thing related to the Sun is that all observatories and space missions dedicated to observe the sun are owned or financed by the Vatican.

Now with this new information, we can better understand why the ancients worshiped as the sun, why the obsession of deification of the sun and why they said that the gods had come from the stars, ie, the suns, the sky.

Do not miss the amazing video entitled "The sun is a star gate. " An excerpt from the conference Haramein Nassim.


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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Fascinating hub!!! Loved it!