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Bird Feeders And Treats

Updated on July 29, 2016


A Robin dining at a bird feeder
A Robin dining at a bird feeder

Bird watching

I love sitting out in the back yard, the park , the beach or any place where the birds are hanging out.

I am not the sort of bird watcher with binoculars out looking for the American Bald Eagle or a rare yellow Bellied Sap Sucker.

Do they really exist? Actually , yes they do..

I am just the average everyday bird watcher (in my backyard) watching the common birds that everyone sees on a daily basis, sparrows, finches, humming birds or jays,although I do get excited when I see a new to me visitor. Like the colorful Oriole that has been stopping by.

Birds are attracted to a full garden as there they will find everything they need, which is food water and shelter.

Birds are not only fun to watch, but they are very helpful in ridding the garden of unwanted pest. The downside to this is they will also eat butterflies..and that makes me sad..

I just like to see them building their nest, feeding their young or scratching at the dirt for a fat and juicy worm.

That being the case, I like to entice them with tasty treats or nectar.

Feed The Birds

Even birds like peanut butter.

Easy to make bird treats that are sure to lure them. These treats are easy to make using items that are most likely already on hand. They are pretty , colorful and enticing. Hang them in the trees or bushes, grab a nice tall glass of ice tea or your favorite beverage , sit back , relax and watch the birds.


What you will need

day old bread or a bagel half

A heart or flower shaped cookie cutter

Peanut butter

Bird seed

Scraps of Yarn

A tapestry needle (or some other item for poking the hole)

How To :

  1. Use your cookie cutter to make shapes from your bread.
  2. Thread your yarn through each heart with a skewer or tapestry needle.
  3. Spread each shape with peanut butter.
  4. Sprinkle birdseed all over the hearts.
  5. Hang them for the birds!

For The Birds

Bagel, peanut butter and bird seed
Bagel, peanut butter and bird seed

Hungry Birds ?

Something for the birds:

You will need the following

* Leftover bagel
* One egg white and a pinch of salt, per bun
1. Split each Bagel
2. lay each circle on a sheet of wax paper, soft side up
3. Whisk the egg white and the salt together , just until it begins to foam
4. Brush the egg white over the soft surface of the bagel.
5. Sprinkle the birdseed over the egg white and press the seeds in place
6. Place the bagels on a cookie sheet that has been lined with foil
7. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. This will dry the buns as well as bake on the seeds.
8. Allow to cool completely
9. Using string or yarn , tie on to bagel , to desired length
10. Grab a cup of coffee and watch the birds feast

Popcorn On A String

Popcorn Garland
Popcorn Garland


What a beautiful sight to behold..I would love to watch a pair of Cardinals munching on a popcorn garland
What a beautiful sight to behold..I would love to watch a pair of Cardinals munching on a popcorn garland


It seems I am not the only one that loves popcorn.

Popcorn strings are not just for Christmas trees anymore.

Birds love popcorn ! That being the case, why not make a string or two to wrap around a favorite tree in your yard.

I think this will be a great fun and easy project for the kiddos.

Simply pop up a bowl of popcorn, using a needle and a length of string or yarn, thread through the pop corn leaving about ten inches on each end . Tie each end to a loop. Attach one end to a branch in any fashion you like, secure the other end to another branch. Now sit back and watch the birds feast.

Stringing popcorn How To: Wikihow

It's A Birds Life

Keep the birds safe...Watch for cats
Keep the birds safe...Watch for cats
Some birds prefer a flat feeder
Some birds prefer a flat feeder

For The Birds

There are many ways to feed the birds in your garden.

How about a pine cone ..spread peanut butter onto pine cone and sprinkle seeds over the peanut butter. Or sprinkle with rolled oats raisins or other dried fruit.

Try hanging slices of oranges or an orange cut in half.

Poke a hole in a granola bar and hang using a string, scrap of fabric or ribbon

A mesh feeder filled with seed

Humming birds love nectar, you can use sugar water or a purchased nectar

Sunflower seeds in shell or without shell


Cracked corn

Fruits and greens for the doves

Suet a high energy, pure fat substance which is invaluable in winter when insects are harder to find and birds need many more calories to keep their bodies warm.

Keep in mind that some birds like doves an sparrows will not eat from a hanging feeder. These birds prefer a flat surface . They will eat off the ground or from a platform feeder.

Also remember that squirrels will also eat from your bird feeder

And of course watch out for cats.

Simple Bird Feeder

DIY Platform Feeder
DIY Platform Feeder

Platform Feeder

A platform feeder is a popular way to attract birds to your back yard.

This feeder is simple to make and may attract many species of birds.

The pattern comes with step by step instructions and photos is free from Birds & Blooms

Sweet Teacup and saucer Feeder

very cute cottage garden style bird feeder
very cute cottage garden style bird feeder

Cottage Garden Style Bird Feeder

This little bird feeder is all about adorable.

Just a few items and you can make your own

A tea cup and saucer (I got mine from my local thrift store)

A copper pipe and copper cap..(you can find these at Home Depot or Lowe's or your favorite hardware store)

E6000 water proof glue

I got the instructions on how to make mine from A cultivated Nest. Complete instructions and beautiful pictures

Hanging Bird Feeder

DYI Mason Jar Bird Feeder
DYI Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is oh so cute made from a mason jar.

You can make one too

All you need is :

A mason jar

A galvanized chicken feeder

Wire cutters

16 gauge wire

Beads of your choice

Some crafty time

And bird seed of course

Instructions can be found at All Parenting

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Baby Birds Hatching


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    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 19 months ago from USA

      thank you

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 19 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      Thanks for some great ideas and I just love your photos of birds.

    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 19 months ago from USA

      They really are easy to make treats..My grand kids love to help..

    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 19 months ago from USA

      Birdbaths are great in the garden. I have a fountain the birds live to drink from

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 19 months ago from United States

      What an easy recipe for a bird treat! I make suet with peanut butter, lard, etc., but have never tried a little treat made from cookie cutter bread or bagels. Great idea!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 19 months ago from USA

      I have 3 large feeders, 3 regular sized feeders, a finch sick and a humming bird feeder in my back yard. We love watching the birds and squirrels enjoy the bounty. And we also supply fresh water in a bird bath and via a mister when the weather is real hot.