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Sound Frequencies and the Coorelation to Teleportation

Updated on October 8, 2017

A Basic Introduction to Sound Frequencies

Sound, in all of it's grandeur, has been the backbone of nature and eventual human culture. It is in itself a great wonder of the universe itself, transcending even light and possibly time itself. Various sound frequencies allow for human culture to create the music of past and present, giving rise to great melodies from such composers as Mozart to Bach. In the ancient world, the use of various drum patterns were known to create trance-like states in the human mind. All over the world, various temples have been found to have their innermost chambers built in such a way as to create a 110 Hz frequency within it's confines. To this day, there has been numerous theories as to how this fit into ancient culture, why the rooms were created, and above all else, what was the frequency set used for.

There are many different models of Frequencies, such as the well known Hertz Model. Take for example, the Cello, fixating at a minimum of 135 Hz, creating the deep strung sound we hear as a symphony plays in its deepest tones. As a baseline explanation for what we call psycho-acoustics, there is what is known as the limit of Human Perception, as can be seen below:

Limits of Human Perception

"The human ear can nominally hear sounds in the range 20 Hz (0.02 kHz) to 20,000 Hz (20 kHz). The upper limit tends to decrease with age; most adults are unable to hear above 16 kHz. The lowest frequency that has been identified as a musical tone is 12 Hz under ideal laboratory conditions. Tones between 4 and 16 Hz can be perceived via the body's sense of touch." (WikiPedia Psycho-Acoustics)

Now, to delve a bit deeper, scientists have found what is known as the Hypersonic Effect, that is the frequency level in which subjects could not consciously hear the High Frequency Components (HFC), although two very important discoveries were made, as can also be found below:

  • EEG monitoring of their brain activity showed statistically significant enhancement in alpha-wave activity
  • The subjects preferred the music with the HFCs

"No effect was detected on listeners in the study when only the ultrasonic (frequencies higher than 24 kHz) portion of the test material was played for test subjects; the demonstrated effect was only present when comparing full-bandwidth to bandwidth-limited material."(WikiPedia HE)

Scientists through the hyper-sonic effect, found that individuals did not acquire the effect via air-conduction pathways. With this in retrospect, they did find that bone-conduction acoustics could account for how one would experience the affects gained from such HFCs. The explanation for both air-conduction and bone conduction pathways can be found through a Stanford definition, below:

"The air-conduction (AC) pathway is the normal hearing mode, in which acoustic environmental signals entering the ear canal cause eardrum vibrations to transmit through the middle ear and the cochlear fluids that in turn excite the sensory cells located on the delicate cochlear tissues. An alternate mode of hearing is through the bone-conduction pathway, where vibrations of the skull cause the cochlear fluids to be stimulated directly." (Stanford)

It seems as though Alpha waves were just the start of accessing the brains capacity to delve into the human mind. After the finds on Alpha Wave enhancement in subjects, there was a much more interesting development. It was found that what is known as Gamma waves were vital in developing a singularity, or a consciousness that was generating energy in the human body akin to a medical seizure in excitability of neurons. This can be found in a 2004 Study with a group of Tibetian Monks, as can be read below:

"A 2004 study took eight long-term Tibetan Buddhist practitioners of meditation and, using electrodes, monitored the patterns of electrical activity produced by their brains as they meditated. The researchers compared the brain activity of the monks to a group of novice meditators (the study had these subjects meditate an hour a day for one week prior to empirical observation). In a normal meditative state, both groups were shown to have similar brain activity. However, when the monks were told to generate an objective feeling of compassion during meditation, their brain activity began to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting neuronal structures were firing in harmony. This was observed at a frequency of 25–40 Hz, the rhythm of gamma waves. These gamma-band oscillations in the monk’s brain signals were the largest seen in humans (apart from those in states such as seizures)." (Wiki/Monk)

It would seem as though with frequencies in the Gamma range induces the excitability of conscious awareness required to influence and cause enhancement in our neuronal functionality. Outside of the research into Alpha and Gamma range oscillation, there was extensive research done into the field of optogenetics, in relation to Auditory Enhancement. In what is known as sound coding, it seems as though replication of the original transcription process by bypassing the Cochlear Nucleus allows for future devices to be created in enhancing human neural development. In the Journal for Clinical Investigation, a set of experiments were performed to create just the right environmental factors that allow for various animals and rodents to hear and speak. This can be found below in the following details from the journal:

"Here, we used animal models to characterize optogenetic stimulation, which is the optical stimulation of neurons genetically engineered to express the light-gated ion channel channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2). Optogenetic stimulation of spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) activated the auditory pathway, as demonstrated by recordings of single neuron and neuronal population responses."

"Virus-mediated expression of a ChR2 variant with greater light sensitivity in SGNs reduced the amount of light required for responses and allowed neuronal spiking following stimulation up to 60 Hz. Our study demonstrates a strategy for optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway in rodents and lays the groundwork for future applications of cochlear optogenetics in auditory research and prosthetics."(JCI Optogenetics)

Biological Processes and how they relate to the function of Sound Frequency

After enveloping the processes that psycho-acoustics, optogenetics, and various linear and/or non-linear frequencies act on the human brain; There are also biological processes that are acting as well in accordance to the laws of sound. One of the most profound revelations are found in what are known as Spectrin, the generalized structural development of cells throughout the body that encapsulate the cytoplasm. It is important to first note the importance of Single-Molecule Nuclear Transport. In a study published on NCBI in 2010, experiments were carried out to directly correlate how a single molecule transfers from cytoplasm to the Nucleus via biological reaction. Part of the study can be found below:

"We found that there are approximately 30% of interaction events with the NE have recognized originating and destination compartments. Among them, dextran molecules moving from the cytoplasm to the NE have two destinations: end in the nucleus after diffusing through the NE or move back to the cytoplasm after interacting with the NE The similar situations occurred for export events: dextran molecules starting from the nucleus enter the cytoplasm or diffuse back to the nucleus after interacting with the NE. Such image series contain information on the spatial position of the single molecules with regard to the NPC, as well as temporal information on the dwell time of the molecules through the NPC. By analyzing the trajectories of dextran molecules around the area of NE, the transport time, efficiency and entrance frequency can be determined." (NCBI Single-Molecule)


Now that basic molecule transport has been found to create the energy within a particular cytoplasm-Nucleic pathway; The importance of Spectrin and it's importance to contain the Erythrocytes within a red blood cell becomes important. In the Medical Free Dictionary, Spectrin is described as,

"A contractile protein attached to glycophorin at the cytoplasmic surface of the cell membrane of erythrocytes, important in maintenance of cell shape." (Spectrin/Def)

Spectrin is vital in maintaining the elasticity of the cell membrane, allowing for maximum function of the cell itself. In terms of sound and the way frequency effects the structure itself, there are some very interesting changes. In somatic electromotility for example within the Cochlear lattice structure, spectrin tends to expand or contract depending on electromotility gauging. In a journal written through PNAS, the following synopsis was found:

"These include the cochlear outer hair cells and their singular feature, somatic electromotility, i.e., the ability of their cylindrical cell body to shorten and elongate upon cell depolarization and hyperpolarization, respectively. To shed light on the processes underlying the emergence of electromotility, we focused on the βV giant spectrin, a major component of the outer hair cells' cortical cytoskeleton. We identified strong signatures of adaptive evolution at multiple sites along the spectrin-βV amino acid sequence in the lineage leading to mammals, together with substantial differences in the subcellular location of this protein between the frog and the mouse inner ear hair cells." (PNAS)


In respect, molecules have not a mass per say, but rather thermonuclear pathways and kinetic actions that make up what we would state as the mass of a physical molecular structure. In relation to the spectrin structure, what are known as erythrocytes that are based within red blood cells for example, have been known to flicker under a fluorescent light. Equilibrium physics, within the breakdown through active and passive microrheology, shows exactly what the erythrocytes are doing within bio-mechanical processes. A Journal published in Nature Physics explains further:

"Red blood cells, or erythrocytes, are seen to flicker under optical microscopy, a phenomenon initially described as thermal fluctuations of the cell membrane. But recent studies have suggested the involvement of non-equilibrium processes, without definitively ruling out equilibrium interpretations. Using active and passive microrheology to directly compare the membrane response and fluctuations on single erythrocytes, we report here a violation of the fluctuation–dissipation relation, which is a direct demonstration of the non-equilibrium nature of flickering." (Equilibrium)

Furthermore, to better define what Active and Passive Microrheology is, ACS published an article to explain:

"In both simple liquids and equilibrium cytoskeletal actin networks, active microrheology (AMR) proves to be less noise sensitive than and offers extended bandwidth (0.1−100 kHz) compared to passive microrheology (PMR), which merely tracks thermal motions. We confirm high-frequency power-law dynamics in equilibrium actin networks with two-particle AMR and also discuss low-frequency local mechanical response near probe particles which shows up in one-particle AMR." (ACS)


Quantum Mechanics and the correlation to Bio-Acoustic Properties

In the Quantum Mechanical World, it could potentially be a plausibility into the human body transporting from one location to another in the future. Just as the ancients within their mythologies were said to communicate with the Gods, a scientific notion could be added to this theory. At first, it would seem presumably impossible to gauge such bio-acoustic properties within the set system, because of the Quantum Uncertainty Principle, as stated below:

"The quantum uncertainty principle is the idea that it's impossible to know certain pairs of things about a quantum particle at once. For example, the more precisely you know the position of an atom, the less precisely you can know the speed with which it's moving. It's a limit on the fundamental knowability of nature, not a statement on measurement skill. The new work shows that how much you can learn about the wave versus the particle behaviour of a system is constrained in exactly the same way." (PHYSORG)

Although the Quantum Uncertainty Principle acts in accordance to limiting nature know-ability, there is a way to constrict and solidify such bio-mechanical processes for transport. This is known as Electrofusion (Cell Fusion), a definition can be found below:

"Cell fusion is an important cellular process in which several uninuclear cells (cells with a single nucleus) combine to form a multinuclear cell, known as a syncytium. Cell fusion occurs during differentiation of muscle, bone and trophoblast cells, during embryogenesis, and during morphogenesis." (WikiCell)

"The main idea is similar to that of electrodichroism. Membrane proteins can be oriented suddenly by the field pulse into the field direction, thereby causing destruction of the bilayer and intermingling of the adjacent parts of two cells thus starting the fusion." (Martino)

Although it would seem that the cellular structure of various spectrin and other membrane proteins can be fused on the cellular level, it would still be destroyed during an event in which the cells would need to be brought back to a normalized level. It is here that the use of ELF waves would be needed on a pulsation effect functionality to find the balance needed. As published in an article below, a particular method was derived:

"ELF fields exist wherever electricity flows and thus are virtually unavoidable. At these frequencies -- below 300 hertz --electrical and magnetic fields behave independently: Electrical fields show little penetration through body tissues, while magnetic fields penetrate the body readily.

Earlier cell-culture studies by Reba Goodman of Columbia University's Health Sciences Center and Ann Henderson at Hunter College revealed an ELF-related increase in the DNA transcription rates of normally expressed genes in human white blood cells and in salivary-gland cells from fruit flies, Goodman says. Transcription is the process by which the DNA code is copied and relayed to protein producers within a cell." (ELF)

Now considering that spectrin is a heavy molecular weight due to high-end kinetic force and is a major component to the protein network within the membrane of cellular structures, it is vital for potential quantum mechanics. Let's say, for example, one were to use a pulsating ELF wave, from 100hz to 300hz respectively, the appearance and disappearance of Erythocytes and more importantly, the structure of Spectrin is then displaced. This in theoretical setting, is considered teleportation via the use of both the observer effect along with the actual displacement via bio-luminescent flickering. Although currently, biotechnology has not reached a point where we could potentially teleport an entire human, we have done it on a micro-biological level.

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