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Sources for Free Family and Consumer Sciences Lesson Plans

Updated on January 21, 2012

Family and consumer sciences (FCS) is a growing subject that includes things like family budgeting, health, and related family topics. Several online sources provide teachers with free family and consumer sciences lesson plans.


This site has a long list of links for various topics related to family and consumer sciences. Click on the individual links to find lessons ranging from occupational child care to occupational housing and interior design. At the time of this writing, there were 58 links to lesson plans for family and consumer sciences.

Utah Education Network:

This is another large list of links to lesson plans. Family and consumer science is a diverse subject. This list includes lesson plans for the following main topics: exploration (things like sewing, child care and cooking), child development, adult roles and responsibilities, food and nutrition, life management, interior design, clothing and textiles, the science of food, teen living, early childhood education, and fashion.

Power to Learn:

This is a shorter list of lessons, but the advantage to the Power to Learn list is that it breaks down the lesson plans into elementary, middle and high school. Lesson plans on most sites will require you to pick and choose one by one based on the individual class age group or educational level. At any rate, always decide on family and consumer sciences lesson plans based on the needs of your individual class.

Discovery Education:

This is a leading site for teachers because it provides such a large amount of resources on lesson plans and teaching tools. From this page, you can find links to places like Murray State University. Scroll down below the "Technical/Career Education" section to find the lesson plans for FCS.

Lesson Planet:

A great feature of this site is that the lesson plans are ranked. Use the rankings to help you decide how valuable the lesson is for your class. However, make your own decision. Sometimes, the majority is not always right, especially as it comes to the needs of an individual classroom.


Inernet4Classrooms: Family and Consumer Sciences Lesson Plans

Utah Education Network: Utah Curriculum Resources for Family and Consumer Sciences

Power to Learn: Lesson Activities - Family and Consumer Science

Discovery Education: More Links to Lesson Plans

Lesson Planet FCS Lessons


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