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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD realigns their school board

Updated on May 21, 2015

Stripped of power

Loren Brewer no longer board president.
Loren Brewer no longer board president.

Delaying the inevitable

Community members were ready to get the meeting started and although the Southside ISD board had enough members to call a quorum and open the meeting, Mr. Brewer held the meeting for approximately 30 minutes until board member Norberto Chavez arrived before calling it to order and beginning.

Watch what you wish for...

Looking back at past agendas, the district's Special meetings did not include a public forum for people to speak. The "team" allowed it at the meeting, having several of their cronies show up with prepared speeches that pointed out how great the school was doing both academically and financially.

A student praised the board on the greatness of the athletic facilities and how well the students had done due to their support with the new facilities,etc. He also pointed out that there were academic issues that needed to be addressed, but this "team" had done a great job with athletics.

Teachers, no longer fearing retribution bashed the board for using intimidation. Teachers at Southside ISD were being required to sign in with a thumb print devise, refusal to do so would call for disciplinary action against the individual. When asked why, they were told they weren't "trusted". Identity theft was one of the main sources of discourse with the staff and the other was that there was no clarity on issues that would come from using the device.

One member of the community thanked the board for wasting tax dollars on expensive meals for themselves while students in the district went hungry. She thanked them for spending tax dollars on charter buses when the district owns a fleet of buses.

Deputy Superintendent, used the open forum to what was said appeared to be a job interview like report of what his job was and how well he was doing it. In his remarks he made reference to the fact that the district had $26 million dollars in it's account from finding grants to get the money that they needed. If the "team' spent the money that was in the coffers of the district and had to be replaced with grant money, it would be something the incoming board members clearly should look into. While grants are usually free money, there are some that are actually loans. Ms. Mendelsohn and her "team" knew exactly how to use them to get money into the ESD#6 accounts.

The five take their seats.
The five take their seats.

Sworn in and ready to work

The newly elected members to the Southside ISD school board were sworn in by the honorable Judge John Longoria, Sr. The board then went to the realignment of the board, electing Mr. Gonzales as the President, Mr. Bouldin as the Vice-President and Mr. Cantu as the Secretary. Mr. Brewer and Mr. Chavez abstained from voting for the positions but did vote to adjourn.

Two more years

Do you believe Mr. Chavez and Mr. Brewer will be disruptive members of the board for the next two years?

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Where were they....

The "team" had very vocal supporters during the elections and then those that worked in the background, like Ms. Mendelsohn who worked their campaign. A source revealed that Ms. Mendelsohn was not in attendance and neither were the many supporters they had on social media.

The audience was made up of a few teachers, family and friends of the newly elected board members and district staff. There were many former board members in attendance.

A markermartinez losoya -
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Southside ISD Administrative Offices and Board Room


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