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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD Athletic Director & Head Coach history wasn't an issue....

Updated on June 18, 2015

Hiring process

The Southside ISD board trustees "team" as they like to call themselves; took to having meetings in the early morning hours or mid day; as agendas showed. Making it impossible for members that were employed to attend. Leaving a quorum of "team" voters who always voted together, as board minutes have shown.

An inside source revealed that board members Raul Martinez and Craig Knapp had not been actively involved due to personal tragedies in both households. Mr. Martinez suffered a great and unexpected loss of his wife of over 20 years. The death of Mr. Knapp's father and the tragic death of his son left both men with much to deal with.

The board in the past admitted as to not including the two aforementioned members in on the fact that they were having a board meeting and not delivering them the paperwork needed to prepare for the board meeting; according to board minutes.

The "team" and their Interim Superintendent made their move to make a spot for the new Athletic Director/Head Coach for Southside ISD. First by asking the coaches to resign and when they did not, they were then re-assigned. Leaving the position open to bring in a new coach.

Do you support the actions of this board in replacing the coach...

Do you think they hired a new coach without informing the community of the options?

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New Coach--Dissension Among the troops

Insiders say that the high school football team was recruiting from the 9th Grade Academy for players, leaving senior players disgruntled.

The new coach has a history of heavy recruitment for players, a move that is not a sole practice of this coach, but most coaches.

Where did the new Athletic Director come from?

Since the board so quickly and swiftly hired a new Athletic Director/Head Coach, not much was known of their selection. However, it wasn't very hard finding out some history on the new coach.

Coach Lock long history of coaching; he coached at Gainesville, Gonzales, Bartlett, Runge, Huntsville, Elgin and Gonzales High Schools.

In 2008, Coach Lock was coaching at Gonzales High School, when as he put it; he was approached for a position to Coach in Gainesville. The "money" a deciding factor that lead to his resigning from Gonzales High School; just several months after being hired.

In 2009, his wife passed away from cancer and shortly after he returned to coach at Gonzales High School. In 2010, while on a celebratory dinner in the Austin, TX limelight, Coach Lock received a DWI citation for failing a sobriety test, (.09). The Gonzales High School Board quickly placed him on administrative leave to investigate and then just as quickly offered him the option to resign. Coach Lock refused to resign. As fate would have it, the Superintendent, just days later decided that he could stay with a slap on the wrist and returned to normal day to day activities without repercussions.

Several community members were only too happy to see Coach Lock leave Gonzales High School and head to San Antonio. As they commented that under Coach Lock, the students lacked discipline, moral fiber and were allowed to bully other kids.

Coach Lock received a salary of over $100,000 a year; his newly appointed Assistant Athletic Director, who was holding the position of Interim AD is a supporter of the "team", also received additional pay raise in his position.

Shortly there after, a position was created for Mr. Vela's brother at the district that would allow him to oversee the athletics department at an expansive salary as well.

Loren Martin (Brewer), George Ruiz, Norberto Chavez
Loren Martin (Brewer), George Ruiz, Norberto Chavez

History Repeating Itself

When Mr. Brewer sat at the helm of the Southside ISD school board in 2006, tactics were used to remove then Head football coach; Mr. Harrison who then filed a suit against the district. Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez and Mr. Cannon campaigned heavily to replace Coach Harrison with members of the community. Once, Coach Harrison was removed, Mr. Brewer and his "team" of 2006 voted in former schoolmate, Coach Ruiz.

Fast forward to current time, the board with Mr. Brewer at the helm; repeats the action. Replacing the Head Coach.


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