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Spanish Lesson Eighty-Four: Spanish Slang

Updated on April 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Due to Sunday being Easter, I was forced to move some things up a day. This Spanish lesson was on the top of that list. New week, we'll return to the normal Monday lessons. I hope your Easter was well and that you enjoyed all the wonders of Easter Egg Hunting. Yep, you can never go wrong with that tradition. It's a classic! Thanks so much for reading today and I hope you enjoy this lesson. Yes, you read right, we're going to discuss Spanish slang today.

From here on out, our lessons will be a bit relaxed and we'll enjoy some topics I haven't discussed, ever, that could be detrimental in your Spanish learning experiences. So yeah, let's take a look at some Spanish Slang today and just relax and enjoy today's lesson. Also don't forget I have a list of upcoming lessons below. Don't forget to skim through that.

Today's Goals

  • To Learn Spanish slang
  • To Be Able to use Spanish Slang with those you are familiar with
  • To Be Able to recognize Slang Jargon with Native Speakers

Do You Know Any Spanish Slang Already?

See results

Spanish Slang?

Yes, you read right.

I've been looking over some more fun and less serious topics to discuss (save for the compound tenses). I really hope you enjoy this lesson on Spanish slang. It'll definitely make things feel more authentic when talking with friends in the language. Keep note that all the grammar I have taught thus far is formal grammar and used with family, acquaintances, coworkers, and the like. Though there's nothing wrong with using slang with your closest friends.

If you're wondering about something or have questions about a particular topic, let me know and I'll see if I can squeeze it in before I finish up with Spanish lessons.

English Word
Spanish Equiv
To Exchange
To Found/To Base
State/Condition/State (Geo)
El Estado

Today's Vocabulary

Today's vocabulary list is a little small, but don't worry, we'll have more words to go over next week when we start discussing our next Compound Tense. Use these few words as a base to get back in the mood after a long Easter weekend! Nothing too serious. Watch the videos by Senor Belles. He's awesome!

Spanish Slang...

  • Is dependent upon region (Latin America Vs Mexico Vs Spain)
  • Is fun to use, but only if you know what type of Spanish Speaker you're addressing. Sometimes they won't know what you're talking about
  • Is just like using dialects. There is never an exact meaning
  • Is just like English Slang. Sometimes it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Using Spanish Slang

Hey Friends!

So I guess you wanted me to list off some Spanish slang to you? Well, actually, I don't think there's anyway to articulately explain how to use slang in Spanish. Watch the videos below, get a better idea of what sort of phrases are common and emulate those if you so desire. Take note of the notes on the right when referring to Spanish slang. Also, take a look at this article on Wikibooks.

It actually splits up the slang by region... so yeah, it's all kind of different so it's too broad to discuss. However, don't fret. You'll find some of the words you want to use. There are some bad words there... I don't encourage anyone use bad words, lol. However, that's your prerogative.

Oh! Next week we'll start another Compound Tense. Don't forgot about that! I hope you enjoy the videos provided. Sorry that I couldn't write a discussion on these... frankly, I think it's best you do this on your own. It's definitely too broad to write about. However, I've provided the resources for your use.

Upcoming Lessons

Lesson Eighty-Five: Pontential Compuesto (4/28)

Lesson Eighty-Six: How To Find A Penpal (5/19)

Lesson Eighty-Seven: How To Immerse Yourself in Spanish (5/26)

Lesson Eighty-Eight: The Largest Spanish Speaking Countries (6/2)

Lesson Eighty-Nine: Inexpensive Ways To Travel Internationally (6/16)

Lesson Ninety: Pluscuamperfect de subjuntivo (6/23)

Lesson Ninety-One: Winter (Activities) (6/30)

Lesson Ninety-Two: Spring (Activities) (7/1)

Lesson Ninety-Three: Summer (Activities) (7/14)

Lesson Ninety-Four: Fall (Activities) (7/21)

Lesson Ninety-Five: Compound Tense Review (7/28)

Lesson Ninetey-Six: Vocabulary Review #1 (8/4)

Lesson Ninety-Seven: Vocabulary Review #2 (8/11)

Lesson Ninety-Eight: Vocabulary Review #3 (8/18)

Lesson Ninety-Nine: The Benefits of Being Bilingual (8/25

Lesson One Hundred: Farewell Spanish Learners! (9/1)


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