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Spanish Lesson Eighty-Six: How To Find A Pen Pal

Updated on May 25, 2014

Hey Friends!

I feel like it's been forever since we've learned Spanish together. Well... it's been over two weeks. I hope everything is going well and congrats to all the graduates of this year and all those getting married in this wonderful spring we're having. My last lesson was another grammar lesson about one of the compound tenses. If you missed it, check out Lesson Eighty-Five.

So anyway, this lesson won't cover any Spanish whatsoever, but will help you find a penpal to practice your Spanish with. This will be a great way for any new learner to gain fluency. Talking with a native speaker is more powerful than you would think. It immerses you into the language, teaches you how to understand the language in different ways. That is, written word or speech. So today's lesson will focus on your journey to being a fluent speaker of the Spanish language. Welcome back friends! I've missed you!

Today's Goals

  • To Learn how to immerse oneself in the Spanish language
  • To Be Able to find a penpal
  • To Learn proper etiquette when mingling with penpals

Have You Ever Had A Pen Pal?

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Pen Pals

Hey Friends,

Today's lesson is about finding a pen pal in which to use your Spanish on. In most schools, there is an opportunity to write letters to other students in other schools in your county. Sometimes you can find friends across states or countries. That's generally dependent on the school and all of that. So, having someone you can communicate with in the Spanish language will make you SOOO fluent. It's that concept that "practice makes perfect".

Take this lesson with close attention. You can really develop some awesome friendships by doing this. Don't be shy, find a stranger to share your interests with. You'll never know until you try!

English Word
Spanish Equiv
To Kiss
To Throw/To Throw Down/To Pull
To Pick Up
El Suelo
La Entrada

Today's Vocabulary

Hey Friends!

This week's vocabulary is just a motley list vocabulary words that I receive daily through SpanishDict. You should definitely check out their Word of The Day email. It's the fastest way to learn new Spanish words without just looking through a dictionary. If any words have an asterisk next to it, it means that it's the first time I've seen that word.

Anyway, take a look at the words and we'll talk about pen pals below.

Benefits Of Having A Penpal

  • Practice Language Proficiency
  • Enhance Literacy
  • Make Friendships
  • To Learn About Other Cultures

Where To Find A Penpal

Hey Friends,

There are several ways in which one might try to find a Pen Pal. Let's go over the options that I've found this far:

  • School/Class: If you're currently in school or taking a Spanish class, it might be a good idea to check if there is a Pen Pal program in which you can get to know others while learning the language. This is common in many public and private schools as well as universities. Take some time to ask your professor or teacher about these programs and make your interest known.
  • Online: There are many websites that you can use to find some Pen Pals for all languages. Usually, these sites are just used to bring people together and allow for conversation. Seek out Spanish speaking people in order to practice your proficiency in the language. The links below will offer you links to said sites.
  • A Friend/Co-Worker: Sometimes you might have trouble finding people online or through your school. Find a friend or family member who speaks the language fluently and use them as a way of practicing your proficiency. Write real letters or emails, speak to them on the phone, Skye, whatever. There's no loss for you by trying any of these methods.

To your right you'll notice some benefits of having a Pen Pal. Check those out in order to understand what makes having a Pen Pal so awesome. Thanks for reading this week! I hope you've enjoyed this week's lesson!

Oh! Next week we're going to discuss How To Immerse Yourself In Spanish. This lesson will remind you of ways to bring Spanish closer to you and a way to help increase your fluency. I hope you find it useful!

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© 2014 A.E. Williams


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      Taking the oveweivr, this post hits the spot


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