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Spanish Lesson Fifty-Eight: Discussing Measurements

Updated on September 9, 2013

Hey Readers!

It's Monday! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekends. I especially hope that you all are ready to get back in the Spanish groove. I took a little break in order to move, get some editing done, and to get ready for the fall season. There are many things to come towards the end of this year and I'm super pumped about them. My next break will be on October 7th. So until then, we'll have a new lesson every Monday. If you want to learn more about me, check out my profile that has my email, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Also the link to my website is provided as well. Thanks for reading today!

So we're going to discuss Measurements today. I know it's a pretty random thing to discuss, but I totally think it's relevant when working in the kitchen with a fluent Spanish speaking person. In fact, I've learned quite a bit from some co-workers who constantly challenge my fluency. If I keep at it, I won't have to guess what is being said to me. That's the goal, I guess. Also, don't worry, we'll discuss more grammar soon.


  • To Be Able To discuss measurements in the Spanish language
  • To Be Able To utilize and understand new vocabulary introduced in this lesson
  • To Understand grammar techniques pertaining to the vocabulary

Do You Know An Measurement Vocabulary Already?

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Discussing Measurements in Spanish

Hey Readers!

It's always exciting to learn new vocabulary in the Spanish language. There are constantly new words to learn. I hope that learning about Measurements can give you an idea of how to express density, volume, and capacity. These are things that can even be hard to describe in English. I bet it would be nice to be able to tell someone you want half of something or a quarter of the money or even a third. Also think about other things as measurements such as a little, a lot, not much and other things. Come to this topic with an open mind and give yourself a fresh feel for it. I won't include a whole lot of vocabulary today, but I always suggest using some English-Spanish Dictionaries to look up the words that you're curious about or were just not included in today's lesson.

I invite comments from my Readers. Don't be afraid to email me or check out any of my social media sites. I would love to hear from everyone when I can. Take a look at the vocabulary below and I would to give you some examples of its usage.

English Word
Spanish Equiv
La Medida
La Libra
El Pie
La Pulgada
La Yarda
El Gramo
El Litro
La Onza
La Milla
La Cucharadita
La Cucharada (Grande)
El Pellizco
El Toque
El Kilómetro
One Dozen
La Docena
Half Dozen
La Media Docena

Today's Vocabulary

Hey Readers,

I've provided for you the most basic of measurements and units. Use these to the best of your abilities. Also, if there is something you don't see, mention it in the comment section and I may add it to the list. There are quite a few words that fit in this category. Also note that I have provided very broad ideas of measurements based upon how much of something someone wants. For instance, a little bit, can be used to describe how much of a portion you would like. It's not in grams or ounces, but in the perception of the person being spoken to. This can also be an acceptance of a measurement.

Below, there are examples of how to use the vocabulary so read those before you've completed this lesson. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Other Terms

One Half: Una Mitad

One Third: Un Tercero

One Fourth: Un Cuarto

One Eighth: Un Octavo

A Little: Un Poco

A Little Bit: Un Poquito

A Lot: Mucho

More: Más

Less: Menos

Fewer: Menos

Describing Measurements in Spanish

Hey Readers,

Thanks for reading today's lesson. Here are some examples of using today's vocabulary. Check them out:

Telling How Much You Want

Quiero mucho de tu sopa. I want a lot of your soup.

Using A Recipe

Necesitamos una docena de huevos. We need a dozen of eggs.

Discussing Portion

Tiene que pagar una mitad de nuestra comida. He has to pay for half of our meal.

Discussing Distance

El restaurante es cien pies más. The restaurant is one hundred feet more.

Discussing Weight

El perro es veinticinco libras. The dog is twenty five pounds.

Discussing Volume

La sodá es dos litros. The soda is two liters.

Thanks for reading today! If you want to get really specific, look up words that correlate with the vocabulary. Don't forget there will be a new lesson next Monday. We'll review the Preterit vs. Imperfect. Come on back for that very important review! Thank you!

6,000+ Essential Spanish Words with CD-ROM (Essential Vocabulary)
6,000+ Essential Spanish Words with CD-ROM (Essential Vocabulary)

Use this reference for relevant vocabulary that is useful in any situation.



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