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Spanish Lesson Fifty-Seven: Discussing History in Spanish

Updated on September 3, 2013

Hey Readers

It's Tuesday! I hope your Labor Day was well! Aren't you excited for this week's lesson? I know I am! :) So yeah... I've decided to take a little break from the Spanish lessons for a while so that I can get some other things done. Don't worry, I'm back now. :) So I hope you've taken that time to go back over some previous lessons and get acclimated. Go to my page, check out other lessons. Leave comments and feedback when you can. Now that the break is over, let's get back to business! Also, there will be other breaks before the year is out, but I'll let you know ahead of time.

So yeah, this week we're going to discuss History in Spanish. Like the last few lessons, this one will be a bit broad and it's up to you to get specific information you're looking for. There is no shame in researching some words and terms if you're unsure. Trust me, I do it all the time. So anyway... ready for today's lesson?


  • To Be Able to discuss History in the Spanish language
  • To Recognize and Utilize new terms learned in this lesson
  • To Familiarize oneself with Spanish grammar pertaining to specific historic facts and topics

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Discussing History in Spanish

Hey Readers.

Thanks a lot for checking out this week's lesson. I really hope you'll learn some new things today about Discussing History in Spanish. This lesson is just a really broad topic so I'm going to introduce some new words and terms that you can use in your everyday interaction. Of course, I must remind you, that I can't possible put every word in lesson for you to learn. So always take it upon yourself to learn about the terms yourself. There are plenty of online tools you can use as well as Spanish-English dictionaries to give you specific translations. I'm hoping you all enjoy this lesson, so pay close attention.

I invite comments and emails if you have any further questions or concerns. Take a look at the vocabulary below and I will give some great examples for using those words. So get pumped and let's learn some Spanish! :)

English Word
Spanish Equiv
La Historia
El Mapa
El Descrubimiento
To Sail
La Enmienda
La Ley
El Explarador
El Presidente
Emancipation Proclamation
Proclamación de Emancipación
El Rey
La Reina
La Civilazación

Today's Vocabulary

Today's vocabulary pertains to this week's theme of learning about Discussing History in Spanish. Use the words in the chart to get a grasp of some common things to know when discussing the topic of history. It's pretty broad so the words are chose at random. Also take a look at this week's video from my favorite Youtuber, Señor Belles who is a Spanish teacher who makes these videos. It's a pretty cool idea for students and such. I enjoy his lessons because he's informative and pretty good about dishing out the goods.

I learned my Spanish in school, so it's great to see a teacher who is familiar. I've learned some things from him. Enjoy this week's vocabulary and lecture and remember to practice when you can. Always take advantage of speaking to native speakers, watching and listening in Spanish, as well as practice conjugation and writing. These are all essential to great Spanish. Alright readers, now that you have your vocabulary list, let's take a look at some great examples for this lesson.

Other Terms

Presidency: La Presendencia

Parliament: El Palamento

Ruler: El Gobernante

Senator: El Senador

War: La Guerra

Famine: La Hambruna

Epidemic: La Epidemia

Violence: La Violencia

Describing History in Spanish

Hey Readers!

Thanks for sticking around for all the lessons I've written. It's really helping me review and learn more in addition to teach others the language. I'm not fluent, but I aspire to be. With practice and study, we can all achieve a good level of fluency in this language.

Just like the last few lessons, it's just up to you on how you want to use this vocabulary. You can say a lot more things now! Isn't that exciting? Let's look at some examples of this below and then I'll let you all go about your day.

Describe Your Presidente

Nuestro presidente es muy valiente. Our president is very brave. Remember: When describing people, personality traits are described by using "Ser" and not "Estar"

Describe Something In History

En el año 1492, Christopher Columbus descrubría America. In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America. Remember: When describing a past event that took place in the far away past, use the Imperfect. Also when telling a story about something in the past or something that was done habitually!

To Give An Opinion

Dudo que el rey ganara el juego. I doubt that the king won the game. Remember: When giving an opinion (especially a doubt) that takes place in the past or present, use the Subjunctive Mood.

To Make A General Statement

Aprobaron el ley! They passed the law! Remember: Follow the proper tense and conjugation with verbs. Interact the new vocabulary by inducting it into your new vocabulary. Use as many of the new words as you can.

Final Note: There are TONS of other words to learn from this subject matter. I suggest getting a Spanish-English dictionary and look up some words that were not featured into today's lesson.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!! Oh! Don't forget, Spanish lessons are back now, so next Monday, September 9th, we will discuss Measurements in Spanish! Lesson Sixty we will begin discussing the Seven Compound Tenses. Get ready for that!

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6,000+ Essential Spanish Words with CD-ROM (Essential Vocabulary)

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