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Spanish Lesson Ninety-One: Winter and Winter Activities

Updated on June 24, 2014

Hey Friends!

I hope you are doing well today! I think the weekend went by a little too quickly, but that's okay. Anyway, we have finished all the Spanish grammar we can muster and this week begins the countdown to the final lesson. When we reach one hundred, I will share with you the most popular Spanish lessons to date. Until then, we'll work on some themes and vocabulary. Today, I think we'll focus on Winter Activities. I know, I know... it's Summer, but we'll get to that season sooner or later.

If you're looking for a review, check out some of my older lessons to get a good idea of what was going on back then. My profile has the old lessons featured, so use that as opportunity! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy today's lesson!!

Today's Goals

  • To Review grammar techniques
  • To Introduce vocabulary involving winter activities
  • To Be Able to use new vocabulary in a proper Spanish sentence

Como va tu verano?

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Hey Friends,

This week we're going to learn about winter activities. I know it's summer, but this just the first season I'm introducing. I'm going in order (winter, spring, summer, fall). At least I think that's the order? Anyway, we're going to work on some vocabulary in this topic and read some examples and there will be a video at the end of this lesson. That's pretty much it. This lesson will be heavy since I bombarded you last week with two compound tenses.

In a few lessons, I will review all the compound tenses for you all so be patient for that. Until then, let's talk about the four seasons (and I don't meant the hotel).

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Invierno
It's Cold
Hace Frío
To Be Cold
Tener Frío
La Nieva
To Ski
El Esquí
El Snowboard
To Snowboard
Para Snowboard
To Build A Snowman
Construir Un Snowman

Today's Vocabulary

Since we're talking about winter this lesson, today's vocabulary focuses on winter activities. So take a moment to look over those and then we'll discuss some examples below. Also, don't forget to sign up for some Spanish words daily on SpanishDict. I've just received my email and it's an awesome word today!

There are obviously more words than this for the topic, but you can always look up more online or using an English-Spanish Dictionary. You can find one of those at any place that sells references books. If you're interested in learning more, just pool your resources.

Discussing Personal Body Temperature

  • Use Tener to reflect the subject (Idiomatic Expression)
  • Tener + Frío = "To Be cold"
  • Tener + Calor = "To Be Hot"

Discussing Weather

  • Use "Hacer" in the present indicative or Imperfect to discuss weather in the Present or past.
  • Some terms require the use of "Estar" instead of "Hacer". Make sure you know which one.

Winter Activities in Spanish

Compare And Contrast

El invierno es mas frío que el otoño. Winter is colder than autumn.

Like Or Dislike

No me gusta el invierno. Me gusta el verano. I don't like winter. I like summer.

Use In Context

Yo tengo fío. No quiero esquiar hoy. I am cold. I don't want to ski today. Note the use of "tener" when describing yourself as being cold. When it comes to body temperature, refer to tener instead of estar.

Ask A Question

¿Va a nevar hoy? Is it going to snow today? Note that "Nevar" means to snow whereas "nevada" acts as the past particple, the adjective meaning "snowy" and the now meaning "snowfall.

I have no other notes for this lesson at this time. Thanks so much for reading! Oh! Next week we'll discuss Spring Activities!

Upcoming Lessons

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Lesson Ninety-Three: Summer (Activities) (7/7)

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Lesson One Hundred: Farewell Spanish Learners! (8/25)

© 2014 AE Williams


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