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Spanish Lesson Ninety-Three: Summer and Summer Activities

Updated on July 7, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to Spanish lessons. We're getting closer and closer to lesson One Hundred! I'm so excited about wrapping all of this up and moving on to another language. I will move on to Portuguese starting next year, taking a break from HubPages save for Book Reviews and Other Hubs. I will be working on my next full length project so wish me luck on that! I hope you're ready to learn

We're working on yet another theme. This is the second to last theme EVER. After this, we'll be focusing on a mass review of vocabulary and grammar concepts that are pertinent to your Spanish speaking abilities. Lesson One Hundred will be a farewell piece, reminiscing over some of my most popular lessons. Trust me, you'll be surprised what lessons did best on Google Search Engine. Anyhow, let's get started!

Today's Goals

  • To Review previous grammar techniques
  • To Be Able to discuss Summer and Summer Activities
  • To Familiarize oneself with new vocabulary in the vernacular

Qué te gusta hacer en el verano?

See results

Summer Activities

Hey Friends!

Today we're going to be discussing Summer and Summer Activities. This is the second to last themed lesson for the Spanish lesson. Take it in as best as you can! I hope you enjoy learning about summer activities like traveling, swimming, etc. Take a look at the vocabulary below and then the sample sentences. Also, you'll see a list of the last few lessons to come. Thanks so much for reading!

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Verano
To Swim
To Draw
To Travel
To Visit
La Playa
El Parque
La Arena

Today's Vocabulary

Hey Everyone!

To your right is the list of this week's vocabulary. Remember: We're going to review vocabulary and grammar from all the previous lessons. All of the pertinent information will be reiterated before we wrap up. I'm so excited to reach this conclusion and I hope you all have enjoyed these lessons over the past two years. Anyhow, check out today's vocabulary!

Also, don't forget that you can you sign up for Word of The Day on SpanishDict.


  • Gratitude or Apology
  • Multiply and Divide (Math)
  • Velocity, Frequency, Proportion
  • Through, Along, By, In The Area Of
  • In Favor Of, On Behalf Of
  • Length of Time
  • Communication
  • To Express An Action (Followed by Infinitive)
  • To Express Cause or Reason
  • To Express Inclination For Something (Estar Por)
  • *Idiomatic Expressions


  • Indicate Distination
  • Show Use or Purpose Of Something
  • In Order To, For The Purpose Of
  • Indicate A Recipient
  • Express Deadline
  • Express Contrast
  • Express Action That Will Soon Be Completed (Estar Para)

Discussing Summer and Summer Activities

Compare and Contrast

El verano es mas divertido que la primavera. Summer is funner than spring.

Like Or Dislike

No me gusta nadar pero me gusta viajar a la playa. Me gusta relajar abajo del sol. I don't like to swim but I like travel to the beach. I like to relax under the sun. Gustar requires an Indirect Object Pronoun... Me, The, Le, Nos, or Les. Ababjo de = Below, Beneath.

Use In Context

Quiero visitar mis amigos en Los Angeles. Entonces podemos caminar por la playa y nadar y jugar voleibol. ¡Va a ser un viaje fantástico! I want to visit my friends in Los Angeles. Then we can walk on the beach and swim and play volleyball. It's going to be a fantastic trip!

Ask A Question

¿Cuando vamos a nadar? When are we going to swim?

Thanks for reading this week! I have no additional notes. If you check out below, there are some links that can prove useful to you. Thanks for reading! Also, try to review some previous concepts. Check out Lesson Forty if you want any practice! You'll learn some more about numbers!

Upcoming Lessons

Lesson Ninety-Four: Fall (Activities) (7/14)

Lesson Ninety-Five: Compound Tense Review (7/21)

Lesson Ninetey-Six: Vocabulary Review #1 (7/28)

Lesson Ninety-Seven: Vocabulary Review #2 (8/4)

Lesson Ninety-Eight: Vocabulary Review #3 (8/11)

Lesson Ninety-Nine: The Benefits of Being Bilingual (8/18)

Lesson One Hundred: Farewell Spanish Learners! (8/25)

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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