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Spanish Lesson Sixty-Two: Discussing Nature

Updated on October 15, 2013

Hey Readers,

I'm back! I know... I know... I've been gone for some time now. Well, I warned you. I took a birthday week to recharge and then come back even stronger. I've discovered that I need these breaks from time to time in order to keep up momentum. This week will be all about organizing my work through the edits, Spanish lessons, and reviews that I have to write. Not to mention my day job and all those little side projects. So we're looking at an interesting week to come. So, now that I've told you all of that, let's get on with today's lesson.

Today we're going to discuss Nature. You know... leaves, plants, sky, sun, etc. I figured since the fall is starting, let's talk about the seasons and pumpkins and all that stuff. So... shall we?


  • To Learn and Recognize new vocabulary dealing with nature
  • To differentiate between the seasons and other natural occurrences in nature
  • To Be Able to use new vocabulary and terms in everyday Spanish conversation

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Discussing Nature in Spanish

Hey Readers,

So today, we're going to discuss nature. I figure we can go through the four seasons again, describe several things from those, and go from there. Nature is all around us and it's so wonderful when we have the opportunity to discuss it. Especially in the Spanish language! So get yourself ready for vocabulary and some sentence examples in which to use your vocabulary. Remember, every lit bit adds to your fluency. Don't forget to follow your grammar rules when structuring your sentences.

Also, I always suggest doing some independent study and concentrating broadening your vocabulary. You can sign up for Spanish word of the day or buy an English-Spanish Dictionary. I will help with all the grammar details I can. Don't worry, there are more where those come from.

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Invierno
La Primavera
El Verano
El Otoño
El Cielo
La Tierra
Los Árboles
La Flor
El Viento
Las Hojas
El Lago
El Mar
El Río
El Pantano

Today's Vocabulary

Hey Readers,

Today's vocabulary focuses on the theme for this week. Ensure that you absorb the vocabulary and use them in everyday conversation. That is the surefire way to retain any new vocabulary you may pick up. So learn your new words and use them when you can!

Make sure you know the gender of each word featured and follow the number when using the words in plural form. In some future lessons we will be working with words that mean similar things, but don't. Examples for those would be Preguntar (To Ask) and Pedir (To Request/To Ask For), Ponerse (To Become), Hacerse (To Become), and Volverse (To Become). Keep a look for those lessons as well as grammar reviews and a continuation of the Seven Compound tenses in Spanish. Thanks for reading and enjoy the lesson!

Other Terms

Forest: El Bosque

Jungle: La Selva

Desert: El Desierto

Rainforest: La Selva

Sun: El Sol

Star: La Estrella

Storm: La Tormenta

Rain: La Lluvia

Discussing Nature

Just like many of the previous lessons, one can use these vocabulary words in instances where they can be used in everyday language. Let's use some previous instances from other lessons to practice with the new vocabulary. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Compare And Contrast

El lago es mas claro que el mar. The lake is clearer (more clear) than the sea.

Like Or Dislike

No me gustan esas flores. I don't like these flowers

Use In Context

Manuel ha dicho que el invierno es muy frío este año. Manuel has said that winter is very cold.

Ask A Question

¿Es el bosque cerca de nosotros? Is the forest near us?

Thanks for reading today's lesson. I know, it's on the short side, but it's really nothing more to learn but the vocabulary. Use the links below to look up new words and practice nature vocabulary. It's been great. Next lesson will be published on October 21st. Next week we will be discussing, the Five Senses in Spanish. Hear, smell, taste, tough, and see. Come on back for that one!


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    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      A.E. Williams 

      5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Thanks a lot for that comment, Genna. I greatly appreciate it! :)

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      “I've discovered that I need these breaks from time to time in order to keep up momentum.” I agree, and need similar breaks as well. I studied Spanish in high school and college. Still, I have a problem in remembering the following: “Make sure you know the gender of each word featured and follow the number when using the words in plural form.” It is the feminine and the masculine that trip me up. Excellent hub. :-)


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