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Spanish Lesson Thirty-One: Sports

Updated on September 22, 2013

Hey Readers! It's Sunday again! I'm so excited about this week's Spanish lesson. I think it'll be fun to do another theme. This week we're discussing Sports. Yeah I know that seems pretty minute but it's fun to be able to discuss a broad range of things using the language. There are lots of words that can be learned and quite a bit of cognates in this section. Remember those are words that look similar and sound exactly alike their English counterparts. Take a look at the vocabulary to get started on the lesson. Remember also, that I am always available to help in anyway I can. Don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Today's Goals: To learn and be able to discuss sport using the Spanish language. To be able to retain information thereafter.

Today's Vocabulary

Today's lesson will have an additional chart that will go along with our usual hodgepodge of vocabulary words. These lists are meant to provide you with an avenue to gather and learn new words in the Spanish language. The verbs, you just have to conjugate them like any other verb. With the adjectives and nouns you can use those no problem. Take a look at the tip below, the hodgepodge and the chart that follows the Warm-Up. I hope it all proves helpful!

Today's Tips: Take a moment to draw a few pictures of things around the house, label them with the English words. One the back of each picture (it's best to do this in a grid-like way), write the Spanish equivalent of that word on the back. Practice the words like you would flashcards. Sound helpful? Try it!


To Say/To Tell: Decir

To Declare: Declarar

To Defend: Defender

To Let/To Permit/To Allow/To Leave (behind): Dejar

To Be Delinquent/To Violate The Law: Delinquir

To Demonstrate/To Prove: Demostrar

To Denounce: Denunciar

Reflexive Verbs

To Get Wet/To Wet Oneself: Mojarse

To Change One's Clothes/To Change One's Place of Residence/To Move: Mudarse

To Hide Oneself: Ocultarse

To Stop (Oneself): Pararse

To Resemble Each Other/To Look Alike: Parecerse

To Take A Walk/To Parade: Pasearse

To Comb One's Hair: Peinarse


French: El Francés

Spanish: El Español

English: El Inglés

Portuguese: El Portugués

German: El Alemán

Russian: El Ruso

Italian: El Italiano


Slurred: Un Poco Correcto

Sloppy: Chapucero(a)

Sporadic: Esporádico(a)

Soft (spoken): Suave

Loud (spoken): Alto(a)


Take a moment to complete the Review Question below. It's three questions, multiple choice. It won't take more than a few seconds to complete. If you get stumped, the answers for this quiz can be found on Lesson Two.

Sports Nouns

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Deporte
El Béisbol
El Basquetbol
El Fútbol Americano
El Fútbol
El Balón
La Guante De Béisbol
La Guante
El Bate
El Campo
La Cancha

Sports Verbs

English Word
Spanish Equiv
To Play
To Catch
To Throw
To Kick
To Jump
To Dodge
To Win
To Lose

Discussing Sports in Spanish

Hey everyone! Since you've got a good bit of vocabulary in this lesson, you have a plethora of things you could say. Take in mind that your verbs can be used in several different ways. We have learned the Present Indicative, Imperative, Preterite, Present Progressive, and Imperfect tenses of verbs. You can most certain discuss sports in the present tense, indicating a command while playing with others, talk about it happening in the recent past, or discuss it over a longer period of time. Think about following the third like I provided below to remind you all how to conjugate regular verbs in all known ways. Talking about sports is pretty fun an can be enjoyable. Just make sure you're using the right tenses for each verbs and specifying the subject well enough. Here's an example of using the verb Tirar.

Tira el balón. He throws the ball. Present indicative.

¡Tire el balón! Throw the ball (Command)! Imperative

Tiró el balón. He threw the ball. Preterite.

Él está tirando el balón. He is throwing the ball. Present Progressive

Tiraba el balón cuando era un niño. He used to throw the ball when he was a boy. Imperfect

Reminder: Continue to go over your notes to conjugate verbs. If you're confused about one particular verb, look it up! Enjoy!. Also there are tons more words to learn. These were just a few. :)


Hey everyone! Here's your homework for the night. Watch the video below about how to write a letter in Spanish. It corresponds pretty well with last week's episode. Also attempt to writer a mock letter to test your skills. I know it's kinda hard to put the words all together, but you have to try! If you need help, check out some things online. There are numerous sources of information out there.

Next week we will be on a new topic. We will be discussing Things Around The House. I think a lot of people will enjoy that lesson. We'll it's be nice! See you all next Sunday! :)


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