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Spanish Lesson Thirty-Three: School and Classes

Updated on September 22, 2013

Hey Readers! It's Sunday again. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend thus far. It's time for another Spanish lesson! I've decided to not be so grammar-centric these last few lessons to give everyone a break. The grammar stuff is a bit dull at times, so I figured you all would enjoy more themes. As I mentioned in the last lesson, we will be learning the Subjunctive in lesson Thirty-Five. Don't worry, it's not too complicated. It is another tense in Spanish as there are so many. Today's lesson is about school and classes. It's kinda simple on the surface and easy to learn. You'll learn about how to say certain classes, tools/supplies, etc. I hope you all enjoy it! I also invite you all to view previous lessons. Click on the link--->here.

Today's Goals: To be able to discuss the school environment as wells as supplies, classes, and teachers. To be able to understand and utilize the vocabulary featured in this lesson.

Today's Vocabulary

Hey everyone! I hope you're ready for today's vocabulary. There will be the usual hodgepodge of words in addition to the charts pertaining to this theme. I really hope that these words are helping everyone get a bit more information every time they come to a lesson. Pick a few of the vocabulary words each lesson and try to adjust to using them. A lot of these words I've learned for the first time, so I'll have to go back and review them on occasion. There's nothing wrong with that. Check out the vocab, do the warm-up, and meet me for the lesson!

Today's Tips: Make flashcards and have a friend quiz you! Test your might!


To Undo/To Destroy/To Take Apart: Deshacer

To Detach/To Unstick/ To Take Off (airplane): Despegar

To Destroy: Destruir

To Stop (someone or something)/To Detain: Detener

To Return (an object)/To Refund/To Give Back: Devolver

To Design/To Draw/To Sketch: Dibujar

To Direct: Dirigir

Reflexive Verbs

To Take Off (clothing)/To Remove Oneself/To Withdraw: Quitarse

To Laugh: Reírse

To Assemble/To Get Together/To Meet/To Gather: Reunirse

To Dry Oneself: Secarse

To Sit Down: Sentarse

To Feel (well,ill): Sentirse

To Dress Oneself/To Get Dressed: Vestirse


Envelope: El Sobre de carta

Mail: El Correo

Letter Opener: El Abrecartas

Letterhead: El Membrete

Lettering: El Letrero

Mailman: El Cartero

Post Office: La Casa de Correos


Comparable: Comparable

Irritable: Irritable

Comfortable: Cómodo(a)

Powerful: Poderoso(a)


This week's review questions come from Lesson Four. If you need any help answer the three questions, click on the link to answer the questions pertaining to that lesson. Take a moment to answer the questions below and continue further into the lesson. I hope you enjoy it.

School Supplies

English Word
Spanish Equiv
La Pluma
El Cuaderno
El Bloc de Notas
La Mochila
La Pizzara
El Lapíz
El Marcador

School Classes

English Word
Spanish Equiv
La Ciencia
La Matemáticas
La Historia
La Geometría
La Álgebra
Foreign Language
La Lengua Extranjera
La Gramática
El Arte
La Salud

Other School Vocabulary

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Profesor/La Profesora
El Director/La Directora
El Pupitre
El Reloj
School Bell
La Campana
El Libro
La Biblioteca
La Cafetería
Computer Lab
El Labo de Las Computadoras
Science Lab
El Labo de Las Ciencas

Discussing School in Spanish

Hey everyone! I hope you've enjoyed this vocabulary list. It's a bit brief, but there are TONS more words out there. When discussing school stuff, make sure you use the appropriate articles to specify the words and use verbs to go along with your vocabulary. Try to spot out words and use them accordingly when you're in class. That's the best way to remember them. :)

Other Words

  • Sacar: To Take (Notes)
  • La Clase: The Class
  • La Universidad: University
  • El Colegio: College
  • Ir: To Go


Your homework for tonight. Just relax! Enjoy your Sunday and rest up for next week's lesson! We'll be working hard next week. :) Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Next week... Let's review all of the tenses we've learned this far. It'll be a special lesson. It will contain an introduction, vocabulary hodgepodge, and a short synopsis on using verbs in the Present Indicative, The Preterit, and The Imperfect. Then after that lesson we'll go over the Subjunctive. :)


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      :) I've never left lol. I'm glad you missed them! You can always go back if you missed any. I write them every Sunday. I haven't missed a Sunday except for one and had to publish on Monday. Other than that I've been writing them since last summer. Thanks for stopping by!

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      hello aubrey! you're back with these lessons. i kinda missed it.