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Spanish Lesson Twenty-Eight: Discussing Your Future

Updated on September 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

I've been sooo busy this week. It's crazy how fast time flies by. I just wanted to say hi before you read today's lesson. If you haven't been following along this whole time, think about starting at the beginning with Lesson One. I write these lessons weekly to help those who want to learn. Spanish can be a lot easier when you have a support group and people who are willing to see to it that you get fluent. I'm not 100% fluent. I don't think anyone is with any language. I do believe that I can come close and even help others come as close as me. Read today's lesson, have fun with it, shoot me an email and give me some feedback. It's always awesome to hear things from the readers. Anyway, without further ado, take a look at today's lesson! Lesson Twenty-Eight: Discussing Your Future.

Today's Goals: To learn and incorporate the words and phrases mentioned into today's lesson. Also to use the words to express our plans for the future as far as career and way of life.

Today's Vocabulary

Hi! Our vocabulary today will consist of our normal Hodge Podge in attention to some theme related words. Keep track of these verbs as best as you can!! They can definitely come in handy. I've been learning them slowing and bringing them into my conversations. Read today's tip and see what I have to see about incorporating more verbs into your knowledge base.

Today's Tips: Today's tip involves you reading the adjectives and conjugating them properly. If you're not 100% sure on how to do it, just go online or search in a conjugation book on how to conjugate the verb. Say some sentences aloud, write them down, and see if you can find a video with the verb being used. This will definitely help and make things feel a bit more natural.


To Contain/To Hold/To Restrain: Contener

To Answer/To Reply (to): Contestar

To Continue: Continuar

To Contribute/To Pay Taxes: Contribuir

To Convince: Convencer

To Agree/To Convene/To Be Fitting: Convenir

To Convert: Convertir

Reflexive Verbs

To Undress Oneself: Desvestirse

To Stop (Oneself): Detenerse

To Apologize, To Excuse (Oneself): Disculparse

To Be (Get) Divorced: Divorciarse

To Take A Shower: Ducharse

To Become Annoyed, Angry, or Irritated: Enfadarse

To Get Sick/To Become ill/To Fall Sick: Enfermarse


Blood: La Sangre

Injection: La Inyección

Thermometer: El Termómetro

Doctor: El/La Médico(a)

Nurse: El/La Enfemero(a)

Patient: Paciente

Vaccine: La Vacuna


Crispy: Crujiente

Soggy: Empapado(a)

Chewy: Correoso(a)

Tough: Duro(a)

Stringy: Fibroso(a)


Today's Warm-Up is pretty self explanatory. Take a look at the charts below and start practicing to pronounce those new words in the charts. They consist of careers and occupations your want to have when you grow up. Also there are standards of living to associate with your goals. This lesson is about what your future holds. Give it a look!

Oh. If you like music, check out the video just below this. It's Laura Pausini singing Escucha Atento!

Careers and Occupations

English Word
Spanish Equiv
Fashion Designer
Diseñordor(a) de Moda

Standards of Living

English Word
Spanish Equiv

Crecer "To Grow"

Spanish Pronoun

Llegar + A + Ser

Hey everyone! Now that you've read the Weekly HodgePodge, the Warm-Up, and the charts with the theme specific vocabulary, it's time to learn about a new formula. The new formula I'm introducing today is call Llegar + A + Inf. Which means the un-conjugated form of llegar plus A plus an infinitive to complete the thought. The formula is used to describe what a person wants to become over a period of time. Llegar is used in this way as well as its original meaning "to arrive". Today I want to teach you how to express your desire to follow a particular career path in the future.

For all of you who don't know, I want to become a writer in the future. Or When I grow up, per se. So here are two sentences I can use to say these things. Check out those and their explanations.

Quiero llegar a ser un escritor. I want to arrive to be (to become) a writer. Note that I used the conjugated form of Querer which means "to wish, to want, to love" in Spanish. I then added the formula to complete the thought along with a particular career path I wish to take. Simple right? Try this.

Cuando crezco, quiero llegar a ser un escritor. When I grow (up), I want to arrive to be (to become) a writer. This time I used the conjugated form of Crecer which means "to grow" in Spanish. This makes the sentence a bit longer and complex. Just remember these two things.

  1. Two conjugated verbs NEVER sit side by side
  2. Llegar + Ser + Inf. needs to have a verb like Esperar, Querer, or Desear in front of it to make it make sense. Those expressions are explained in the next section.

Other Phrases

Esperar + Que + Inf. is used with the verb Esperar which means "To wish/To Wait (for)/To Expect" Add the word Que plus an Infinitive and you have a complete thought. Check out the sentence below for a good example. Again I'm going to use Escritor (writer) for my preferred career.

Espero que llegar a ser un escritor. I wish (that) to arrive to be (become) a writer. Esperar + Que means "To wish that" or simple "to wish". You can use this phrase for many different things such as expecting something to happen, to wait or to wait for, or to imply desire (using the Subjunctive).

Desear + Que + Inf is used with the verb Desear which means "to desire" in Spanish. Add Que and an infinitive to complete the thought. This phrasing is pretty straightforward. It literally means To Desire That... This is used in the Subjunctive, a form of conjugation to indicate doubt or desire. We will be discussing this form soon. Just keep it in mind, for that lesson.

Ir + A + Inf has been explained once before. Use forms of Ir Plus A and an infinitive to explain what you are going to be in the future or what you are going to be.

Juan va a ser un doctor. Juan is going to be a doctor. It has a great deal more certainty to it, but it can be used to explain such goals as well.


I have a new video to share from Señor Belles! This one is pretty awesome because he talks about Family using a family tree from The Simpsons That is my FAVORITE show! lol.. but anyway take a look at the video, practice a bit. I hope the video helps you. Also don't forget to get read for our Spanish Quiz. We have them every ten lessons if you've forgotten. Don't worry, it's always open note and is just a little test on what you've learned. If you need any help with anything let me know!

Next week... we'll discuss Here, There, and Everywhere. This lesson will be about relative location. So stick around for that one next week. It's been a pleasure! Catch you all next Sunday!


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