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Spelling Help

Updated on July 3, 2015


Spirit Whisperer

I want you to close your eyes and remember, imagine, visualise, see a whiteboard or blackboard.

Dyslexic Student

I don’t know what you mean.

Spirit Whisperer

Ok put that aside for the moment and describe your mother. Close your eyes and tell me what she looks like.

Dyslexic Student

(Talks about his mother including qualities about his mother that are not visually apparent.)

Spirit Whisperer

When you closed your eyes did you see a picture of your mother?

Dyslexic Student


Spirit Whisperer

When you are asked to describe someone what do you use as point of reference? Are you remembering what the person looked like the last time you saw them or what?

Dyslexic Student

I just remember what the person is like – I don’t have any pictures or anything like that. I don’t know what you mean or what exactly you want me to do.

Spirit Whisperer

Ok let’s try something else. Close your eyes again and I would like you to see something, anything at all, it could be something you remember seeing or something you make up. It could be plant, animal, object anything at all.

Dyslexic Student

(Pupil B visibly struggles for a while and occasionally complains he doesn’t know what I mean…until eventually he says) I see a car.

Spirit Whisperer

Keeping your eyes closed I would like you to describe the car.

Dyslexic Student

(Describes the car.)

Spirit Whisperer

Ok…now we have an image. This is your board. I want you to write the letter A on the car. Anywhere on the car. Anywhere at all but big and clear enough for you to see. You can spray it on or paint it on or scrape it on or write it on with whatever you want.

Dyslexic Student

(After some resistance the pupil says...) Done.

Spirit Whisperer

Great. Now tell me where you have written the letter.

Dyslexic Student

I wrote it on the back window with my finger in the condensation.

Spirit Whisperer

I am now going to teach you a method of learning how to spell long words.

Getting ready to spell.

I presented the student with a choice of different coloured card and asked him which he would like to write on. He chose a light green colour. I then wrote three letters in each of four cards and the letter A in the fifth one. 

I gave him a large card and asked him to draw five boxes on it. The boxes were to be large enough to fit the letters I had just shown him. 

When he had done this I started.

The Spelling Method

Step 1

I asked him to write the letters ENC in the first box with a pencil.

Step 2

When he had finished writing I asked him to turn the pencil around so the wood was on the paper and with his eyes closed I asked him to write the letters ENC over the letters he had just written.

Step 3

When he had finished doing that, I took the pencil out of his hand. I then asked him to imagine there was a pencil in his hand and once again I asked him to write the letters ENC in the box.

Step 4

Finally, I asked him not to move his hand while he was writing so he was to imagine writing ENC in the box with an imaginary pencil.

I got him to do this with YCL, OPA, EDI and lastly with the letter A .So he had three letters in each of the boxes first four boxes and the letter A in the last box.


Success is a habit.

When he had finished I asked him to spell encyclopaedia.

He said he didn’t know how.

When I told him that he had spent the last fifteen minutes writing the word, he spelled it perfectly.

When asked to spell it backwards he did so perfectly. His eyes were shining as he realised what he had done. The message this boy gave to himself was one of success and he now had a way to make success a habit.

Hypnosis to Visualise

Hypnosis is a powerful way to teach your mind to visualise your goals. What the mind can conceive you can achieve. If you cannot imagine it then you cannot achieve it. Learn how to imagine what you want and trust your mind to create it in your waking world!

For a list of the hypnosis audio recordings I have made including one to teach you the Art of Self Hypnosis please visit our Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic Page . I also have created a very special audio for children to play at bedtime to teach them how to relax and achieve their potential.


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