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Updated on January 29, 2015
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Elementary School Reading & Spelling

My first grade daughter tends to struggle with her reading and spelling word lists. During my last parent/teacher conference she suggested I do some Memory and some Go Fish Games with her reading word list. It included making several index cards with the words on it and practicing them daily.

At first is was fun, after about two weeks doing this method it became tedious and extremely time consuming for the both of us. We would spend about thirty minutes daily playing the games. It might not seem like a lot but my daughter also had other homework and was in school for six hours a day.

Our free time together was very frustrating and tension was building. Thanks goodness I found Spelling City, it solved all of our problems. Here's why I love it!

Phonics Word Lists

Most first graders take home flash cards with their site words for their reading level. Our set included about 70 words that needed to be drilled into her head in order to get to the next reading level.

On this incredible web-site they have many colorful, appealing, and quick games that your child can practice independently in order to learn their words. They have a section where you can input your child's specific words.

A few of the games include Audio Word Match, a game where they can virtually play a memory game with their words. Another one of my favorites is a game called Read A Word that brings them into an adorable library with a mouse, they click on the word that is said and they get the answer correct.

If your child is having a really long day, they even have Word Videos where they can lay back and relax while watching their word's float by on clouds stating the word and including a sentence with the word in it.

Spelling Word Lists

Another part of elementary school is regular spelling tests. My daughter's include about 10 words. Before finding this great web-site I would ask my daughter how to spell the word and she would tiredly answer, this method became dull for the both of us.

With Spelling City I now can just input her spelling list for the week. After that she can play games practicing her spelling words that include Aim to Spell, a video game where she can click on the letters of the spelling word to earn points and Word O Pillar where she can practice dragging the letters of the words onto an adorable caterpillar. also has a section where your child can virtually take their weekly spelling test.

Our Lives Are So Much Easier!

Spelling City has made both mine and my daughter's life easier. There are no more time consuming flash cards or weekly spelling words to go over. I can just put her on the web-site for 5-10 minutes when it fits into our routine and she can breeze through her spelling and phonics words that she needs to know while I get my cleaning done.

It has freed up more time for her to play and more time for me as a mother to do the things I need to do. In addition to that. she went from getting poor grades on her spelling tests to bringing them up to over an 80% on each test. The best part is that her reading level has gone up a one level within the perod of two months thanks to the program.

I have done quite a few hours of research on these type of programs and I can assure you that is the only one out there that is virtually appealing and fun while also letting you customize it to your child's required word lists. It is a must have for elementary school!

This web-site has made elementry school so much easier!


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