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Spiritual transformation and evolution

Updated on November 4, 2011

We are made up of body ,mind and soul. Soul being the spirit that is made in the image and likness of God. As we go about life's journey many of us are out of focus, we concentrate on the material things of life rather than a life that gives us purpose a life that can help elevate others. Lives that can help help ourselves and so many of our brothers and sisters who carry much anger and fear that manifest itself as pain. By our very action we either continue to hip more on ourself and others or we can help destroy some bad energy.Some people are so messed up that they dont have the mental ability , or the awareness of each circumtance. Those of us who have the ability to be aware is already an open door to another level of evolving. So be thankful for the awarness which is the first step continue to be thankful for the simplest most important gifts of life such as the breath of live, to be able to breathe.

First of all make peace with yourself, see yourself at this moment in the perfect place at the perfect time which is right now, make a concious decision to let go of the hurt that may be causing your anger that you may be trying to shift to another person, if you have already made that discision dont give up when struggles come your way, cause when you know better you do better. Try to learn the lesson that each moments offers, try to utilize each opportunity that the moments offers, it may be cause for a sweat or just a joy moment. Take it all in. If you focus on life listening to your intuiton, as your senses are stimulated , some pleasurable some not you can determine which path you take, the purer you become the more sensitive your intuition becomes, call it the sixth sense if you will.

Many of us miss the whole point of being alive, think of all those who died too soon, those who never made it at birth. Even the largest, weathiest die miserable lives, then of course wealth is not the anwer. Could be a means to a solution. Then what are we living for if not to be happy we all desevre to be happy no matter what is our issue at any point in life. Peace and happiness comes for "free" if you will give focus to embracing the positive energy out there is the universe, the energy that is of God and for God. There are many good people in this world , unfortunately many of us focus to much on religion which limits the energy flow. Don't get me wrong religion can give a measure of stability.

The Holy Spirit has been present since the beginning of time, it is this same spirit the became Jesus, the same spirit that has been embraced by many great many and women, some we call prohets some we call saint some we call icons. Jesus has been the only to be shown to be of perfection and his mother Mary.

The fact that humans have the ability to be perfect ,means that there is hope for each of us. The same Spirit is alive and well today and can be lived out in our lives as much as we allow Him to grow in us. The omnipresent.

When life speaks to us we need to listen, each of us is wired differently, I can never be you and you cant be me, so we have respect for each other, not because of the colour of our hair ,our shin where we come from or how we speak. Life is such that the man that you spit in his face may be the one to give you ur last drink. Respect each life. That goes for animals , plants etc. This is another whole and separte topic, that I would like sometime to explore. For we will say consider balance in all we do, even when we cut down a tree for lumber.

As we focus on the passion in our lives we begin to feel liberation, liberation that comes with the peace that is received from giving love a vent. The peace that comes is easily when we are true to ourselves when we become fearless. We can be fearless if we firsrt fear God ,then we have nothing to fear. We now learn to follow our intuition, dont be afraid there will be challenges. For instance today I was faced with a situation where I thought I was being unfairly charged by my mechanic with whom I had aldeay gotten a sense of suspicion, now I could just express myself since he is a "friend". Friends do not cheat friends.

First of all it started when I had the intuition, to check my fuel tank, with a prompt from a spiritual lecture. when I checked the oil tank was almost empty , this is a danger sign, all all those who know a little about a vehicle would know. Anyway a few days passed before I picked up my bill at the shop, only to find that the secretary called back shortly to say that I was undercharges which was valid in terms of the information on the bill sheet.

Lights became alive in my head and got working I eventually found out that prices on the bill, were not real, but figures replaced with a higher value. It was amazing how the information came to me, again thats another story, prayer and meditation.

I dont yet have the knowlege or courage to challenge his justification, but I know what I know and it is the truth coming from the people involved, they did not even realise what they were doing. I paid my bill even though I now have enough evidence to know that I have been taken for a ride. I am still understanding the lesson to be learnt. I hate to say this, but I am not as naive as this may seem but I honestly didnt accept him as being a cheat. Again all the signs were there I just chose to ignore them.

As we human being continue to evolve, and allow our spirit in God to rule our lives, we begin to claim our true likness and image of God.

As we live to learn and forgive we automatically evolve, and we learn not to focus on self but on our spiritual developemnt we evolve. Love will eventually destroy the spirit of all evil. Just imagine a world where we can have peace on earth, it can happen. !



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    • SanLaro profile imageAUTHOR

      Paulette LaRocque 

      6 years ago from Dominica/Guyana

      Thank u so much skye2day. Blessing upon you!

    • skye2day profile image


      6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      sanlaro nice pictures! I love how you share your story and the truth you share about our Lord and Saviour. Jesus is a choice we all make in our lives. Walking out our salvation is not always easy but we have the peace in knowing we have Almighty God who is for us not against us. When someone trespasses against us we are told to forgive so we to may be forgiven. The Lord will repay all that is lost. Of course as you say we have the Holy Spirit and Praise God he prompts us to discern between the good, bad and ugly. I miss the small still voice at times probably more then not but we grow and mature in our walk as we continue in the Word.

      Thank you for sharing your heartfelt transparent self. I can truly relate. God is good and sanlaro is His child oh what an awesome wonderful precious heavenly Father we have. I pray many more knew Him. Be the light you are sister you bear much good fruit.

      God Bless you in every area of your life sista.


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