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Sporttech - Rock Climbing.

Updated on February 13, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Sport Tech

There are over 9 types of Gloves can you name them.?
There are over 9 types of Gloves can you name them.?

R o c K Climbing not Golf .

No Cricket or Golf Just a Skyscraper to Climb no Balls.

Sport Tex Avoids you getting Hurt.

You Wear.

The most common sport wear is perhaps seen at the jogging or running tracks in the early morning.The next is your kid's school bag.This is no fashion wear but it is for those in sports.The main purpose of this technical textiles is comfort and moisture absorption.

We see artificial turf at sports stadiums all over the world.The rich cover their lawn and play golf.Even smaller homes do have artificial turf which looks great and needs no such maintenance like the real natural lawn.The need for the lawn mover,sweeping daily,preventing unwanted growth,use of fertilisers and the need to water is all a thing of the past.

Sports wear production unlike other technical textiles like mobiltech,meditech,geotech,Oekotech Agrotech and Indutech is comparitively less but again like protech is a hi-tech high value production.As for example a parachute is hardly used like other sporttech textiles.Sail Boats may use it but is not washed like sporttech.Nets used in golf clubs,cricket practicing areas do use it but their use is once in several months or not unless they are damaged that they are replaced.Special ropes are used by rock climbers,mountain climbers and sailors.These textile products are mostly from man made fibers and yarns,also these yarns in different specifications are used in weaving or non woven textiles.

Hikers carry Tents and sleeping bags these are also from man made fibers fabrics giving protection and shelter in remote areas for young adventure sport activists.Bungie Jump,Sailing boats in races and other activities use sporttech textiles.Bata shoes in sports are in good designs and are populor like Rebok and woodlands which produce in popular designs for gents and ladies.Paralympic sports is another area where sporttech plays a prominent part.The machines that are required to manufacture is another capital and labour oriented industry.

However the manufacture of sport tech in India is expected to grow only by just over Rs.6,000 Crore by the year 2014 -2015.Assumed growth rate of 15% per year.

Our Govt has over 50 large textile mills under the name and Style as the " National Textile Corporation " but they do not have any know how at present in their mills to produce sporttech textiles.

Mr.Pranab Babu must give it to private party to solve the problem the present Beaucrats enjoying paid picnic must go to Kashmir on duty.


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