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Saint Ignatius high school Chishawasha

Updated on December 7, 2016

It has been officially 6 years since I left high school but I can vividly remember the first day I laid eyes on the school. To say that he was nothing short of stunning is an underestimation. There was something distinctly charming, breathtaking and magical about the whole encounter which brought out curiosity and sparked excitement. From that day as I walked down the corridor from the bursar's office with what felt like a thousand eyes peering at me through the classroom windows as if to witness a once in a lifetime event I knew as I surveyed the beauty of my surroundings and the amazing architecture which was obviously carefully thought out and planned that I was standing in the presence of greatness and that right there was what I always dreamed of, to matter in the world and to be in the presence of people who mattered.

Although already full of character each stone to me represented a blank canvas to which I was to be the artist. From where I stood I had two choices, to either leave my mark by carefully and painstakingly drawing something different, something important upon each and every individual stone or just leaving a faint mark that would be easily forgotten. Paintbrush in hand I felt like Da-Vinci I could do anything and be anything! now that I was an Ignatian I was officially intelligent!

Mozart flute and harp Concerto

st ignatius school church

St Ignatius college

St Ignatius the school upon a hill with beautiful views and scenery that you wouldn't believe. Each element of nature joined together in unison to create a song silent but so beautiful that it was louder than a thousand instruments. If you listened really carefully you could hear the sound of the symphonic movements of nature releasing masterpiece after masterpiece in praise to the hand that so formed the landscape I suppose that's why we always had those quiet times in Maryward. I remember the day I went up the small rocky hill on the school were you had a panoramic view and you could see for miles and miles it was right there that I truly appreciated beauty. They say man is closer to God in a garden the scenery was so beautiful and peaceful that I imagine God lovingly took a piece of heaven and carefully planted it exactly where the school was going to be built and he said to man "see a physical manifestation of my love for you yours to see everyday.."

View from the kopje


To all the Ignatians much respect. I don't believe I have ever met a bunch of people more put together and determined in my life (except the people from my primary school, secondary school and church of course *wink*). I hope that you are still as determined and as focused and that you are continuously setting the world on fire. I think greatness rubs off on others because I believe that I am so much better for having met you. Thank you and don't stop being great and aspiring to inspire.

Since I will only get one chance to write anything of this sort because I am sure you have other better things to do than read about high school and besides I don't want to appear like I am stuck in high school (that would just be sad right) I would like to write a few dedications.

To those of you I never had a chance to talk to forgive my manners, halo to you and I do enjoy a cup of tea.To the hottest guy in the school mmmh mmmh mmmh you sure are a sight for sore eyes (for fear of two things 1: your wife, fiancé or girlfriend 2: not knowing where to look if we ever have a reunion that is all I am going to say.) To the Maryward ladies you were all amazing and beautiful, If I were to compare you to anything it would be a symphony by Beethoven all masterpieces, and lastly to the senior house boys well....

Ave Maria


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