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Why Standards?

Updated on February 7, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Standards - What is it.

Standards starts with Specifications.

Visit Bangalore and see the Car Number Plates in so many sizes and the letters in so many text size and in multiple languages.The traffic police can't stop these cars.They catch only transport,taxi and two wheelers for any reason and fine with out giving a warning in writing on their DL's as the book system has gone and Credit Card Size DL's are given.They have no means to check if a offender is repeating an offense.

You can buy a bulb in Kanyakumari and fix it in Kashmir it works,a simple example of 'Standard'.You want to buy a shirt you mention a number.You go home and it fits perfect.You want to buy a Whiskey bottle you say Full,Half or Quarter you do not say give me a mug.Order a Beer you get a Mug just so it fills your Mug only twice.You want to buy a Tye just you pick a color or design you say no number.There are plenty of such things even other than these items like Weights and Measures,Area,Liquid Capacity and many other things all are unquestioned and accepted.

Who makes these standards.Why are they made,where are the standards missing.Can we make our own standard.Like our pants with cross pockets or straight pockets.The tailor makes the rest and it is gain as per our measurements which he takes down with a measuring tape called the Tailor's tape which is different from a builders tape differing in length.The Carpenter has his own Steel tape.Your kids have a scale all are in fixed measurements with respect to unit of measurement which is centimeters and millimeters.These are all simple answers.

In India Standards are made by our Bureau of Indian Standards also known as BIS.It will take years to make a standard for a specific product.How they get the standards for a product is a lengthy procedure.If they need to fix the sulphur content in the air that we breath they would classify the air that we breath in to 3 categories namely sensitive area,industrial area and residential,rural and other areas.They would than go around the world perhaps collecting data on the sulphur content in the air at various locations and in the three categories and come back to document the same.They would perhaps visit the same areas at different weather conditions,they would also meet the people concerned with the subject and so on and so forth till a standard that is acivable which does exist and that would be on record as the Standard.This is the procedure that I have obtained from a Director of BIS.Further information if required by any Hubber it can be obtained from their website.[]

There is no standard in the design of your own home,it was your decision to say you want like this or that unless you copied your friends home plan since you liked his.But the cement,the bricks and even the sand has standards.The sand you order in lorry loads but the sand supplier takes a lorry which has a margin.You don't see the lorry width, length and breadth if the width is uniform the length as per standard so the depth.This is only known to your building contractor.Do you weigh the bricks or do you know the breaking load of that brick.Your building contractor knows.Do you know the sand & cement mix ratio,the curing period of the plaster of cement and sand mix.Do you know the steel used to design your ceiling.

We have lot of problems with Standards.The power is supplied at 240 volts and the Internet speed is fixed but we do not get the voltage or the speed of your Internet.Sometimes we do not get anything.You fill your petrol tank but the petrol that goes in has a margin,they cheat.Have you ever measured the LxWxH of your currency no but it will be right to standards.Your coins too will have correct weight both must not be fake.

You know there is a National Standards on many things like for example the length of a meter of fabric wherever you buy it has the same length all over the country.Only some cheats have steel flat bars that they say is one meter but it has a (-) margin only but you do not check,neither the Govt officer who is the authority to check he has a self interest.The Cheat gives him his mamul a bribe.

We have National Standards,the ISI mark the authority to certify quality of any product that is Made in INDIA.Many of our made in India products that are a cause for life or death like Electrical Appliances,Gas Cylinders,Bottled drinking water must have the ISI mark,if it is not found it is a punishable offense.The Standards are made after years of data collected on the quality standards that are obtained from the manufacturers directly and by collecting the samples from the consignment at the place of various manufacturrs and even from the selling places all over India by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The standards in each Industry is different.Each has it's own standard.Even with in a Industry there are different Standards.The only new hi-tech standard is having a Zero tolerance in Standards no margin in error on the (+) side or (-) side,which is called as standards.The letters that are typed has a zero standard as other wise the page would have looked different.These Blogs have no Standard each Blog has a design of it's own.Each Blogger has a different template,though not in HUB.

The National Standard for all the products manufactured in India carries the Logo of ISI mark,which you could see on a cement bag but not on a Rice Bag.It is not required in our country for rice bags but a cement bag it is must as it is illegal to sell a cement bag with out the ISI logo.Even the bottled drinking water it is a must.Have you seen it before you did a purchase anytime.It is no surprise if you have not seen.Even the electrical appliances you buy must have the ISI logo.Have you seen it.We o by brnd name few multinationals have no logo as they say their Standards for quality is more rigid than our National Standards.The Bureau of Indian Standards is our National Organization to give specifications for all products made in India.They arrive at Standards of all products made all over the world of any product and arrive at the most suitable specifications that suit our country.They took over 4 years to fix the specifications for bottled drinking water which must have the Logo ISI on every bottle.The next time you take a bottle see the logo ISI.

We also have many manufacturers in India who fallow the ISO international Standards,the ISO 9000 standards and our BIS standard which was developed to assist organizations of all types and sizes to implement and operate effective quality-management systems.ISO is not like ISI it is 'I' for international,they describe fundamentals of quality management systems and specifyies the terminology for the products manufactured.

Hell Met

These boys in heavy construction Govt work wearing Helmets with out ISI mark a punishable offence but no asker.
These boys in heavy construction Govt work wearing Helmets with out ISI mark a punishable offence but no asker.


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    • profile image

      ISO 9001 6 years ago

      I absolutely adore reading your blog posts, the variety of writing is smashing.This blog as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed in ifeed. Your theme looks lovely.Thanks for sharing.


      ISO 9001

    • profile image

      iso 9000 6 years ago

      Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.

      iso 9000

    • profile image

      Be wise - u common man 7 years ago

      Laws are made to break why bcos laws are made by people who are at top n they make laws which dont suit the low level people...U will boil ur blood if u think to improve India. I have heard - help urself n then help others. So reach the top n change rules else shut the mouth(dont mind) n follow rules.