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Tiny Tots to School

Updated on April 29, 2015

Teach Them the Earliest !!!

How smart are today's kids!!
How smart are today's kids!!

Wake up ,its time to change your thought that nature will take care of your child's intellegence ,its your concern to polish your child's knowledge,not nature

An age old system of educating the young was to just sit back and wait for the child to grow ,it was believed that maturation would take care of the child's development ,parents often thought the built in time clock would take care of child's intellectual .Compare to previous thoughts today's psychologists think the reverse ,they say the day when the child is born ,that day itself is the beginning of child's learning ,they say deliberate stimulation of child's intellectual must work simultaneously .They say start the earliest.

According to them, deliberate stimulation is based on the ground of individual's achievement in the life depends largely on what we have helped the child to learn before the age of 4 ,as we must know that is the time when they learn fast and their intellectual grow faster and the roots of intellectual curiosity are laid .After this fact has come to light ,we have come to realize that innumerable children 's intelligence has not taken wings to the advancement .Even the food that is feed to the child should be nutritious ,they must be made to do exercise so that the brain may develop well and prevent disasters from taking place during the lifetime of the children (especially in school and life after psychologists now favor education that puts pressure on the children from very early age ,they completely reject the standard of play oriented nursery schools ,As today's needs demands drilling the children for couple of hours at a stretch ,so that what is taught to them could be retained .

Today when we teach children we show children things we want them to learn through visualization ,our method of teaching should be pleasant and should have the ability to catch the attention of the children as long as the teacher wants ,more over any thing repeatedly said goes to the child's mind fast and if it is done with a group of children together it works better ,as children love to be noisy and we take advantage of this character of the children ,its like chanting a chorus and doing rhythmic actions to learn what is taught to them.

In the beginning it seems noisy ,unpleasant version of old fashion learning by rote,the children are stream roller ed along given no break or chance to slacken their pace or to withdraw .some children seem to be dazed ,bewildered.But the majority of them obviously enjoy the chance to be noisy .It is an intensely physical kind of teaching eg:,rhythmic movements ,clapping of hands ,cheers like those cheer leaders ,lots of concrete objects related to the matter at hand ,arms and bodily movements to illustrate things the repeated chanting serve to remind the children how to go ahead ,think,gesture,and solve problems ,children love it when they are rewarded with praising words from teachers at the end of the class .
The process of learning seems to be difficult at first and some pressure is felt ,but it makes them happy when they are successful.At first the children are taught to cram those rules as to how to do maths and grammar or say a story but this helps latter to be verbally strong and can learn definitions and formule easily ,kids develop tremendous confidence ,Their self image improves remarkably ,all this leads to success in life
Perhaps there is some stress on the kids in this kind of teaching but little stress ,psychologist plead ,is good for children as long as its not due to fear of failure ,the desire to please the teacher or sheer competitiveness but caused by curiosity or a desire to achieve competence and success the purpose is to make the kids feel they are succeeding at something extremal tedious -when infarct the problems are carefully geared to their capabilities and capacities.
To traditional teachers this approach to educate the tiny tots seems astounding ,even outrageous .Though en lighted children among them feel inspired to re-examine some of their old ,cherished cliches school )


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