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Start Your Own Family Daycare

Updated on June 11, 2015

Create a Pre-enrollment Form

I can't express the importance of a pre-enrollment form. This is something that you can make yourself on a computer or get someone else to do for you. Your agreement should list anything that you expect from your parents and it should also list what parents should expect from you while their children are in your care. This should be signed and two copies should be made. You should keep one and the parent should have one. This way parents can't say that they did not know about certain things because you are gonna read this to the parents and both of you are going to sign this agreement.

Some things that will be helpful to include:

*Anything relating to program policies

*Information about immunization records

*Things that children should leave at home

*Information about fees (including late fees)

*Things that you want parents to put in their bags

*Information about not being able to care for sick children

Starting A Family Daycare Home Isn't So Hard!

If you are someone that is considering starting a family daycare in your home, there are many things to consider but the first thing that I think is the most important is deciding if you are really a person that wants to care for children. There are people that really love children and there are those that just want the money. Children will be children. Children require lots of love and patience and I really feel that there are a lot of people caring for children that should not be. So think about that first before you make the decision to care for children.

Caring for children in your home is not that hard at all. By following the proper requirements from licensing in your area, careful planning, and the proper organization you can operate a fully functional daycare in your home and be just as professional as the large daycare centers.

Find Out What Licensing Requirements In Your Area Are

To find out what the licensing requirements are in your area, simply call the childcare licensing center in your area and see if they can mail you information. You could probably go online and find their contact information. There really are quite a few requirements that they have but nothing too extensive.

*You will need to have a criminal background check done.

*Your trash cans will have to be the type that have a lid on the top.

*Your substitutes will also be required to have criminal background checks.

*Licensing may be required in your state to do a walk through of your home

*You will be required to have the proper containers to dispose of any diapers.

*Parents will be required to have immunizations records and enrollment forms filled out.

There are quite a few requirements that they have but a person caring for children in the home should not let these requirements overwhelm them. I owned and operated a family daycare in my home for more than fifteen years and I was very successful. The one thing I lived by was making sure that I kept the children happy and the parents happy. This was my formula of success. Keep in mind that licensing requirements may vary from state-to-state.

Allow Kids To Have Play Time

Any child that is bored will make trouble for you. All kids should have a certain amount of play time each day. One hour a day is fine. In addition to outdoor play they should have time to play with the other children with the use of games, toys, such as blocks, baby dolls, play house, cars, trucks, and etc...

When the weather is very cold however, children should not be permitted to play outside. When the larger children play outside, you should make sure that there is someone that will watch the babies if you decide to care for small infants in your program.

Children need to be children. I like the idea of children running around outside and getting the exercise and fresh air that they need. This makes much happier children that will be glad to be a part of your daycare.

Kids Should Do Educational Assignments

My idea of a quality daycare whether it be a home daycare setting or a daycare center is one that prepares children for a school setting. Children should be prepared in every way including academically. Small children ages one and two can be taught with flash cards. The best way to start teaching small children and building their vocabulary is by using picture flashcards. Then build your way up to colors. numbers, shapes, and alphabets. Your parents will be thrilled that their children are learning so much in a home setting. When I operated my daycare my children even learned Spanish, how to write, and read from sight words. All can agree that a prepared child is a better child.

How To Organize Your Daycare

You must decide what space in your home will be most suitable for your daycare. You should decide if you want the daycare to be in a private area or if you will be using some of the space that your family uses. There are some that have used their basement and there are some that have converted their garage. There are things that should be considered such as where the kids will be eating and where will they use the bathroom.

When organizing your daycare, you should decide where will you keep art supplies. You should decide where the toys will be kept. Consider where the children will nap and where they will keep their personal belongings. All paper work such as children's work should be organized and kept in a certain place and a creative play area for the children is always nice. These are just a few things to keep in mind. Each provider has his/her own idea of how they would like their space to be but remember that first impressions and organization means everything.

Nutritional Meals Should Be Served

Only nutritious meals should be served. Two meals and an snack should be served on a daily basis. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack should be served. These meals should be served at the same time everyday. There are programs that will help you pay for the meals that you serve. You must be a licensed child care provider, take classes such as meal planning, sterilization and sanitation, and others, meet specific criteria to receive these benefits.

Children should not be given candy or any other unhealthy foods. Giving children a lot of sugary foods will not only make them unhealthy but make them hyper as well. If parents ask about giving birthday parties for children, then they should be advised to give the parties at home if they want cake to be served. Child care licensing will give you an idea of what is considered healthy meals.

Kids Love Artwork!

By keeping supplies to do artwork children gain the opportunity to explore his or her world. By using creativity children have the opportunity to discover their artistic abilities. Artwork makes the program more exciting for the child and gives them a chance to experiment with their talents.

Supplies that should be kept on hand are paint, different types of paper, crayons, child proof scissors, glue, glitter, cut-outs, dried beans and pasta noodles, string, buttons, old magazines, recyclables, and anything that can be safely used by children for artwork.

Parents get a real kick out of seeing that their children are being creative and having fun while they are away from them. Parents also love to see children's artwork displayed on a wall when they are doing their initial walk through. This is a way to show parents that you are not just a babysitter but that you mean business.

Convert your garage into a daycare.

Learn how to run a daycare in your home.

People That Do Not Have The Patience To Care For Children Should Not Start A Family Daycare Home

Do you have the patience to work with small children?

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