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Starting University, Freshers Week

Updated on August 6, 2014


Q. I'm slightly worried about getting along with my flatmates?

A. Don't worry too much about making friends at University, just be yourself and you will get on with most of the students you meet.

Q. Being completely responsible for myself is scary, what if I can't cope?

A. Universities have programs to support students struggling with homesickness. You can talk to either your personal tutor or residential mentor. It is most likely they will pass you on to the appropriate personnel.

Q. What if I spend all my money too quickly?

A. This doesn't really happen because every student that does this just asks their parents for more money.

Q. One of my flatmates is taking up too much space in the fridge and / or cupboards. I want to say something but don't want to cause any trouble?

A. Don't be afraid to tell them they probably haven't noticed you needed that space. If possible when you first meet you should assign a shelf and cupboard to each person in the flat.

Q. My flatmates keep using my stuff without asking, how do I tell them without coming across bossy and rude?

A. You can't just sit back and say nothing, the longer you do that the more they will keep using your stuff. If it becomes a habit then it will be hard for them to stop.

Q. I am coming to University a virgin, should I hide this fact or will it not be a big deal?

A. Most people will tell you that it is not a big deal, which is true but also isn't. Although someone will tell you it doesn't matter they will most likely make jokes about it in front of other people. You have to figure out if it is a good idea to tell some people. Obviously the majority will not bring it up and you will have no problems. For girls it actually doesn't matter at all.

Activities / Sports Fair:

Q. Is the activity fair useful?

A. Yes it is were you need to go to buy membership for your course society, you can also join any other societies that interest you. Most of the time you spend their will be walking around collecting all the free stuff they give out and joining societies in order to get the free stuff.

Q. Is the sports fair useful?

A. Only if you actually plan o doing a sport during the year, otherwise it is pretty pointless.

For more information on University societies I have put a link up to one of my previous hubs below.


Your Neighbours:

Q. I want to go round other flats but I feel really shy and uncomfortable, but if I don't I wont meet anyone. How can I overcome this?

A. Try to get your flatmates to go with you and hopefully that will calm your nerves a bit.

Q. One of my flatmates keeps bringing around students from another flat that I don't get along with. How can I tell my flatmate to meet up in their in flat instead?

A. You probably shouldn't, unless they are messing up your flat then it's not up to you who your flatmates are friends with or were they hangout.

Q. I have lectures early in the morning but my neighbours don't seem to start till midday. They are always making noise late in to the night, how should I tell them to stop?

A. If you know them then invite them round and just bring it up in conversation that you have lectures early. If you don't know them you will just have to knock on their door however it is likely they will not listen. If you really need the quiet, say in exam periods, you can call security to get them to quiet down.


Q. Nobody else seems to like the music I like but I don't want to go out alone, what can I do?

A. This is a good reason you should go to the activities fair, you can find music societies like hip hop etc. Then you can go on socials with the society instead.

Q. Before going out everyone is playing drinking games which include downing pints and forfeits. I want to be a part of the fun but don't want to be out of my mind drunk. How do I let everyone know this without being told to 'man-up'?

A. Don't be afraid to say no, as long as you stand your ground they will stop going on about it.


Q. Everyone seems to have found their own group except for me?

A. The problem with groups is that you prevent yourself from expanding your friend base, usually after a group has formed they are reluctant to let others in. I found it better to make as many friends in Freshers as I could then just move between groups.

Q. I am struggling with one of modules but don't want to tell my course mates in case they think I am stupid. What are my options?

A. Many students struggle with their course but keep it quiet, it is very likely that at least one of your friends will also be struggling. The best course of action is to talk to your personal tutor, they will give you some ideas on what to do.

Q. My flatmates keep pressurising me to go out even though I don't want to. I'm afraid if I say no they will never ask me to come out?

A. To this one I will say unless you are having money problems or struggling with your course then just go out. All students I knew that didn't want to go out felt like that because it is not something they would usually do. University is all about new experiences so don't knock anything until you try it.

Q. I stay in a lot as I want to concentrate on my studies however I feel that other students are going to think I am boring and nerdy.

A. This actually happened to me at University, I have a whiteboard so my friends thought they should call me Leonard from big bang theory. It's all banter so don't worry about it; just remember came to University for you and nobody else and how you decide to use your time is up to you.



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