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Starting University - What to bring

Updated on June 20, 2014

Deck of Cards

Not just the once deck, you will be needing quite a few decks of cards as most of them will get ruined within freshers week. Most of the drinking games you will be playing will require cards and after a few drinks students can become a bit reckless. The next day you will have most likely lost most of the cards and/or they will be soaked.


Bean Bag Chair

Most University accommodation gives you one chair, so when you have someone over they have to sit on your bed. Also the chair is usually really uncomfortable. Having a comfortable bean bag chair will give you a place to relax other than your bed. My own experience I found if I wanted to relax playing on my laptop or watching a movie I had to do it on my bed. If you have a friend over of the same sex obviously one of you will have to sit on the uncomfortable seat, having the bean bag chair will make it more likely your friends will spend more time there.

Air Wick Room Freshener

Room Freshener

For those students who just cant help but leave their room in a mess most of the time. Nobody wants to be the person whose room nobody wants to go into. A plug in air freshener is the quick answer if you don't want to clean your room every week. The best one to purchase is the air wick one that has the intensity switch so that the smell wont become overwhelming.

This is also good for coming back from nights out, especially if you have a guest. You can switch it on before leaving your flat and when you return you will enjoy the fragrance.

Old Phone

This is just as a precaution to ensure that you don't loose your phone on a night out, a lot of students end up leaving their phones in taxi cabs or dropping them inside the club. This is also in case you break your phone on a night out or drop it in a toilet. The hardest thing to do is get your phone out of a toilet in a club but with an old phone you can just leave it in there.

Just remember you don't wanna be clubbing with one of the oldest phones around as it might not help with meeting a lady / guy, approximately $60 should be enough for an decent phone.

Primark Shoes / Trainers

I used Primark just for completeness however any pair of cheap going out shoes will be suffice. You will realize that these are needed once you start going to special events at clubs. These include UV raves and foam raves. Most of the time UV paint is splashed on you by either friends before going to the club, or during the club by the promoters. Getting paint on a good pair of shoes can be a downer on your night so be sure to get some 'to be ruined' shoes.

Wow Factor

Anything that can make you stand out from your flatmates is good, it should also be a good conversation starter.

As an example a Margaretville, if you have a gathering at your flat most other students will ask whose it is. Might be a good idea to also learn how to make margaritas. Whatever you chose it should be something you can use to your advantage, other examples include:

  • Smoothie Maker.
  • Gaming Chair.

Clothes Rail

You can never be sure of how decent the clothes drying machine at University will be, most University owned accommodation is good but sometimes it is below average. If you can check what type of dryers are available at your accommodation then you want to watch out for energy saving machines. Although they seem helpful to the environment in order to actually dry your clothes you need at least 5 cycles. This can be frustrating especially when you will have to pay each time. Another reason is that most students will completely pack out the washing machine and then find that the dryer can't take as many items, the clothing rail can dry the bits and bobs that don't fit.

With a clothes rail the only problem is that you may not have space to put it up anywhere and may have to dry your clothes in your room. Still beats paying excessive amounts for a dryer right?

Christmas Decorations

This is more of a personal choice so don't think that these are absolutely necessary. Most students put up Christmas decorations while at University but for some they just can't be bothered to go out and buy any. On the other hand of you had a flatmate that had plenty of decorations and decorated the living room they would probably be liked a whole lot more. You could be that flatmate and lift the spirits of all your flatmates.


Speakers are always good to have in your room no matter what. It's especially helpful once you have finished your exams and you feel like blasting out music in celebration. Might also be a good idea to check that your flatmates have also finished before you get too loud. It's also good for if you have a small gathering of new friends in your room, it can help to prevent an awkward silence.

If your the type of person that likes to host parties then these are also a good set to use for a flat party. You don't wanna get really expensive speakers in case someone knocks it over or spills a drink on it.

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