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State Of Vocational Training

Updated on January 3, 2016

At one of my jobs, and yes I may that character from In Living Color that had seventeen jobs and was a lazy bum, one of our tenants recently launched a program to teach youths how to fly through the use of a flight simulator...

They are hoping that eventually they will be training High School freshman and sophomores on how to fly planes and who knows maybe one day, we will see one of these friendly faces in the friendly skies flying to get us to our destination.

That is assuming we haven't figured out teleportation by that time and are not materializing ourselves to our next destination. But, I am scared that when we come back our nose is on our feet and stomach in our brain.......

But, all of this got me to wondering, how do people feel about Vocational Education in our school system. Is there enough of it? Do schools still teach courses like Auto Mechanics and Plumbing for those not geared to going to college, and even for those who want a degree like Engineering, are there enough programs in day to day operation of those fields and enough of a connection with those actually worki9ng in the field, for example how often does Cree or Red Hat reach into the school system?

Would love to hear what folks think of the state of Vocational Education, even up to the community college level, and NC is supposed to have one of the top ones in the country...Would love to have some Ernest conversation about the nature of Vocational Ed,,,,.


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