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Still No Public School for the Kids in Attawapiskat (Part III)

Updated on May 2, 2012

For the past three months, my life has changed drastically. Since I packed my hiking back-pack and headed past the fiftieth parallel going north to Attawapiskat, Ontario not much remained the same for me. My road has led me to many politicians’ offices and the Ministry of Northern and Indian Affairs, led by Mr. John Duncan is probably thinking I am some sort of lunatic bombarding them with emails. I don’t care, they can think whatever they want – I want to see a public school built for the children of Attawapiskat. I walk alone because I can adapt to almost any circumstance or environment. I do learn from chameleons – survival is what matters.

The story of the community of Attawapiskat is a tragic one. I saw how life exists there and survival is not easy. People’s houses look like portables to me. Maybe I’m stuck-up and imagine that all houses should have actual walls and not a few pieces of cardboard stuck together. I am not sure what to think. This was their bloody land! Native Americans had their land, culture, almost everything taken away from them. Shoved onto reservations, which for the most part is land not usable for agriculture, Native Americans were basically living in concentration camps after Europeans settled in the Americas. Not allowed to unite, not allowed to move; just frozen in time and drowned in the new poison given to them: alcohol.

I’m not supposed to dwell on such things, I am told.

“What do you want to do!? Kick everyone out?” My father looked at me suspiciously.

No, I don’t want to kick anyone out but the injustice done to Native Americans has not stopped. Children don’t have schools to go to. Attawapiskat is not the only community either. Kashechewan is the same. Moosonee has similar problems. There are roughly fifty Native American communities in Canada where children have no public school to go to. And what drives me mad is that somehow, everyone knows about this. Two weeks ago, sitting in Mr. Bob Rae’s office (Liberal MP) he mentioned to me that he was in Attawapiskat in 1989. Then he said:

“Nothing much has changed since then.”

I drilled on my requests and did not comment on that sentence. It was not the appropriate time to do so but that is bloody outrageous! Nothing has been done since ’89? That is shameful! I just learned about the issue of kids with no public schools here in Ontario, Canada and I for sure will not let decades pass without correcting this problem.

Where does one get in life without good education? With no proper school and especially at the public school level, it is my opinion that we are forfeiting our children’s future. If Canada can help build schools in Haiti and if we can pledge to build fifty schools in Afghanistan before we completely pull-out, can we not pledge to build fifty schools for kids in this country?

“These other clowns talk loud and they won’t shut-up,

I’ve declared war therefore, from here on

There ain’t no army that could attack I ain’t prepared for

I’m in rare form, scaring the norm

All night long ‘till I disappear in the dawn” - Violent Times, Ill Bill


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      There seems to be a lot of corruption within those in positions of power. Many people complain about AFNEA, some people/teachers complain about the Band Council there ... Perhaps a stricter level of accountability should be put in place, together with more transparency regarding finances.

      The amount of money being wasted and mismanaged by government officials from the Minister of Northern and Indian Affairs, in combination with AFNEA is something which has been going on for quite a while. As a quick example, between 2009-2010 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada "has dedicated $200,000 to assist the First Nations with updating its school capital planning study" for the new school in Attawapiskat.

      In my mind, this is simply ridiculous. Why is there a need for two hundred thousand dollars to plan the planning of a school? This is what I mean when I say that there is no oversight ... money is just wasted and/or it evaporates in thin air.

      I wish You good luck with getting your pay and hopefully, a system can be put in place to reduce corruption.

      All the best!

    • profile image

      Feeling Ripped by AFNEA 5 years ago

      The school board in Attawapiskat -- AFNEA has decided NOT to pay its departing teachers their last pay cheque and security deposit claiming that it is not due and that they have received it....I guess they were not expecting another lawsuit from a disgruntled teacher but three of us are coming together to make this happen. Future teachers BEWARE of the administration of AFNEA...please don't be tricked into going there for the money since AFNEA steals most of it back from you anyway.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr./Mrs. Leaveusalone, you obviously have some things mixed-up. That's okay because we're all here to learn.

      To begin with, I speak of no Indians. If we can get that straight we can continue the conversation.

      Thank you for your time and comment though. All the best!

    • profile image

      leaveusalone 6 years ago

      Im tired of indians taking advantage of us..its time first people became equal to everyone else..Tour not the only ones that suffer..we are all the same colour does not make us different..

    • profile image

      actofprovidence 7 years ago

      Dear bloggers and opinion makers,

      I just want to say that Mr. Happy has a right to have his own opinion and if he feels passionate about this cause then it is his business. It is people such as himself and myself who see beyond the political agendas, have identified a problem and are trying to draw up solutions.

      Those who respond with negative remarks are part of the ignorance and problem we face in Society today. Everyone is quick to point the finger but noone wants to assume responsibility.

      We realize what the problems are, yet above all we are trying to find helpful solutions for future generations on the James Bay Coast. Irregardless of political infrastructures, the children do have a voice and Shannen represents that in spirit everyday. Her fierce light still shines bright in the lives of the children who carry her flame as hope for equality. She was passionate and she was brave enough to stand up for the children. She saw very young what was right in the only law that matters, the law of truth.

      Her fight for equality continues through various efforts and through political organizations. Many supporters have joined and signed petitions for Shannen's Dream, yet the children still go without a school?

      I am trying to change perceptions and I would like to to invite those willing to create a working group of people who can give instead of share. Instead of sharing opinions,or simply advocating, we want to build the working group capable of making this happen.

      We are seeking those who want to participate in the building of the school as a thank you to Shannen for her courage and devotion. The children deserve to have this school named in the memory of Shannen. We are looking for those who want to donate directly towards school supplies and items needed.

      We are not looking for signatures, nor supporters of causes that will not or can not build a school. We are looking for actual donations of materials, school desks, computers, toys, educational book and tools...things you would want your very own children to have everyday in the classroom.

      We want to hear from those who are in positions to give, invest and support the effort by donating items for this School. Please email your contact information, organization or business name, and what you can offer to the children. Once we receive your request to participate we will contact you to discuss your donation further and make arrangements to have it donated to Shannen's family. This will help us create a group of people who don't just join or support causes, but actively take part in the delivery of projects to offer kinder solutions.

      Thank you in advance to all those who support social change through giving. We look forward to helping make dreams come true.

      Please email your details to:

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Micky, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. Your kind words are appreciated.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      I admire you and what you're trying to accomplish brotherman. Please keep that heart strong. God bless you!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Magnus, I apologize to you as well for losing my cool. Please do try to understand that right away, when my facts where questioned, I got upset. I know the spots of mold in the gym are not the end of the world but they are terribly bad for the children who run around there.

      So, I lost it. Sorry about that. To tell you the truth, I thought you and Mr. Underground were John Duncan's dogs or something ... as I wrote in the above article, I have been seeing politicians lately and not all of them are happy with me continuously knocking on their office doors.

      As you wrote, the process of building the school is a very long one. Chief Theresa Spence, told me that it has happened before that by the time all the estimates are made and by the time the Band Council votes then, inspections have to be made ... it takes so long that the initial estimates made are no longer valid because too much time has passed. The time-schedule is a problem.

      And yes, it would be safer as well. Not because of the dogs, I don't think. Those are wonderful animals, I played with some of them. Those electrical wires next to the puddle I hopped over when entering the community building, got me more worried.

      As I wrote to Mr. Underground, I am trying as much as I can to stay away from the politics of the community - I am not Cree, nor do I live there. It is already strange enough for most people that a white guy got involved out of nowhere in this.

      I wrote that I walk alone and it is true. I always walk alone - I am the lone wolf and its Spirit guides my path. I do work with other people though.

      Shannon's dream is one website that is indeed very helpful. I put the link in my blog.

      There is also another website: I contacted Shelly Steele, the owner and founder of the organization and she seems to be a really nice lady.

      I also have been in touch with Cindy Blackstock who is the Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. This is some of what she told me in a last message:

      "Canada promised a school and failed to deliver on three previous occassions so we must keep the pressure up. Also Shannen's dream was for every FN child in the country to have a proper school and equitable education (FN children on reserves get about 2-3 thousand less per student per year). We need to keep the campaign up until there is a school in Attawapiskat nad in all FN communities that need them (about 50 have no schools at all) and FN children have equitable funding once they are in school for things like libraries, computers and teachers."

      All the best and any suggestions are appreciated.

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      You see, Mr. happy, that is how to have an online debate. Keep it amicable, reasoned and polite. There is no need to go to the ad hominem as your first reaction.

      The new school building process has begun, but it is a long, slow one, exacerbated by the fact of isolation, and the soil remediation for the old site is tentatively scheduled for this year.

      Yes, a new building is needed and wanted (and is safer, too, no danger from the stray dogs) but whether it effects the attitude to education is another problem.

      Keep in mind the the Board of education for this community is in debt and that is going to have an effect on future plans. Also, if you still feel passionately about this issue, don't go it alone. Offer your support to the advocacy group Shannen's Dream.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I know what you are saying Mr. Underground Flow, and wish I had more answers regarding the more complicated matters. For now just to get a building built is tough enough.

      Lack of money is not always the problem indeed. In this specific case though, I think it is and if I had the bloody money, I'd pay for the school myself and I wouldn't make a fuss about it.

    • profile image

      Underground Flow 7 years ago

      I hate to be stuck on the topic of black mold Vs. cigarette lighter burn marks, because in the grand scheme of all of this, it's really a bunch of bullshit.

      Admittedly those burn marks might look like mold; or those mold patches might look like burn marks. Do your own forensic test on a piece of painted drywall or particle board ceiling tile and figure it out, rather than accusing me of lying or calling you a liar.

      I do believe your intentions are good. I wish you'd feel the same.

      I'm letting go. Peace.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Look amigo, I apologize for calling you names but do understand one simple thing: the community of Attawapiskat wants a public school building.

      I know there is corruption, everywhere. In Attawapiskat too ... all the houses are worth next to nothing but then, I had a huge Lincoln SUV (probably worth three houses) fly by me while I was walking down the street. We both know what that man does.

      There are politics within the community - I know that. I am not getting into that though. I am not Cree, not from Attawapiskat and I am only trying to help Chief Theresa Spence get a public school building build for the kids in that community. The community's political issues and those relating to corruption are not for me to start shoving my nose into now. It only complicates matters.

      I just want to see a building built. I went there to be used ... that was the point, to do whatever I can to help.

    • profile image

      Underground Flow 7 years ago

      I'm telling you straight up, those are lighter burns; but this isn't the real issue Mr. Happy. When and where have I said that the kids in Attawapiskat do not deserve a school?

      I'm not a hater either. You took one single line from my initial comment and from that point, YOU called me the liar and wrote, "You lie worse then a tabloid! With a straight-out lier, I have nothing to discuss." After being called a liar, and after that a goof in a comment to Charles the Great you might expect someone with an ounce of self-respect to stand up for themselves and correct parts of this story. Take a look at the rest of my testimony, please (pretty please). There is some real substance to it to waiting to be built upon by a willing journalist.

      You cannot come into a Native community for a day, two days, a week or even a month, or even a year and expect to get answers from a Chief, or a Band Manager by asking questions (you'll get used). They're part of the bloody problem. You have to observe and listen over an extended period of time and then put the pieces of the puzzle together. Questioning is not the way to learn about these places. Listening and observing (for a long, long time) is.

      Take a look at my initial comment again, regroup and continue your story from there. This is what people in your industry call a "lead". Follow it, watch the horrific truth unfold before your very eyes. Yes, there's corruption in Ottawa and Toronto, but it also exists in and around James Bay; it's just that noone can devote the time, money or journalistic integrity to the situation because of it's remoteness. The Chief, Band, School Board and Council like it that way.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "attempting to help as a sort of subject matter (like this article)" ... ya see, when you say stuff like this not to call it garbage ... I must wonder what you know about me. I traveled from Toronto to Attawapiskat, to talk to people, to learn about the issue at hand and after listening to the Chief, the Band manager, children and teachers ... what do you want me to do more - re-do my public school years in those portables?

      To get a public school building build I do not think I have to live or work there, or speak Cree. Have you heard of constructive criticism? I think you have - try that.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "The gym is also not properly ventilated and walking in the equipment room one can see that there are spots of black mold growing all over the ceiling.". - Actually, those are cigarette lighter burns.

      Do you actually see no mold in those photographs or did you just want to talk about what's written on the walls and the bucket in the middle? You have come out of nowhere trying to assassinate my character. I have no clue why either, you're just on the hating tip.

      Does your path have heart?

      I do wish Wakan Tanka will guide your path.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thanks. I did not bring negativity - you did. I also saw mold which I also photographed and you denied that, implying that I was lying. A liar I am not.

      And forget that you call me a liar or retarded whatever. Your words have no affect on me. What bothers me is that because of people like you who bring negativity into an honest endeavor, many other people may be affected - in this case children.

      All is being asked is for a public school building ... why do you have to bring ancient history in this? It's simple - a building is needed. Not a casino, not an entertainment park ...

      I have no preconceived notions of Aboriginal poverty. So, after all the hating why don't you come here and say what should be done as suppose to come and try to say I didn't see what I saw and implying that I am making things up? If you don;t agree with having a school building you can say so, why etc. - just prohibit from calling me a liar.

    • profile image

      Underground Flow 7 years ago

      Goofy? Liar? ...Me?

      Please take a closer look at the last of your photos in part one of this article.

      You can clearly see the letters "BU" burnt into the the ceiling tile on the left, then again at the centre bottom the letters "KK" and to the right of that "RSH". That would be some impressive black mold design if someone were devious and capable enough to grow it that way. So, your integrity has taken a spanking... Big deal, you live and you learn.

      Finally, I named myself Underground Flow because you, Mr. Happy are simply too mainstream and shallow to venture into the reality of the situations of:




      P.S. You're not really that happy, Mr. Happy and this blog needs critical thought rather than nut-huggers patting each other on the back.

      P.S.S. You dis me and I'll dis you back. "Maskis sh'take", that's Swampy Cree for, "You retarded fuck".

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Lies again ... are all portables heated and ventilated properly? No they are not. I was there and I saw the portables with my own eyes. I also saw the mold that the other goofy who commented said it was lighter burns.

      I spoke to teachers from the portables and teachers from the highs-school. I talked to children and I spoke to Chief Theresa Spence. I also spoke to Mr. Ignace Gull, the Band Manager. Who did you speak to and when were you there?

      You make me laugh ... why is nobody coming to my defense ... I need no help to know who's lying. Heated portables, ya 5 star portables let me tell you! Don't you wish your kids went there to school!

      I must thank you though - you are increasing the traffic to my blog and that is what is important for now, the message to get out. I do thank you for that!

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      "By the way, why are you and your lying friend the only two people who disagreed with kids who need a public school, when after four blogs (as you can see) everyone agrees?"

      Then why hasn't anyone else come to your defense? And will you please stop saying there is no school. There is no school Building, but there is school. You make it sound as if there is no education at all. The children are taught in heated portables, with washrooms, by properly certified teachers and there are Educational Assistants to help.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Underground Flow, you have the nerve to tell me that what I saw as mold, what I photographed as mold and what everyone knows to be mold, are cigarette lighter burns. You lie worse then a tabloid! With a straight-out lier, I have nothing to discuss.

      And Mr. Charles the Great, if you were so great you would understand that De Beers is pulling diomonds out of the ground and making a killing in profits as a multinational corporation. It is there to suck the ground dry of diamonds and for no other reason.

      By the way, why are you and your lying friend the only two people who disagreed with kids who need a public school, when after four blogs (as you can see) everyone agrees?

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      Mr Happy said, "Because of deBeers nothing!"

      Actually, because of DeBeers and the need for power, the coastal communities now have a more reliable, cleaner and cheaper source of energy. A very nice thing indeed. It is not "nothing".

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      Underground Flow, that was very well-stated.

    • profile image

      Underground Flow 7 years ago

      "The gym is also not properly ventilated and walking in the equipment room one can see that there are spots of black mold growing all over the ceiling.". - Actually, those are cigarette lighter burns.

      "Kids are indeed suffering and they are not receiving the level of education they deserve". - This is true, yet I'm not sure it is the fault of those you're pointing the finger at. In communities of this size all along the James Bay coast those who sit with Chiefs and their counsels also happen to sit on the the local boards of education. This creates some issues with where the money goes. The federal education funding that comes from INAC (the greatest portion of funding that these communities receive), instead is diverted to other projects in the community which the council deems more worthy than elementary or even secondary education. That money that's supposed to be for education goes to building homes, or dykes to prevent flooding, or heavy machinery, chlorine to prevent ecoli bacteria outbreaks at the water treatment facility, to excavate land for construction purposes, etc. It's akin to stealing candy from babies; but why would the people who sit on both council and the school board do the right thing when they can rob from Peter to pay Paul and in the process create a situation where they can make the themselves the center of a crisis and demand more money? You're not giving the politicians in these communities enough credit for their craftiness. You paint a picture of hopelessness, when from another and more indigenous perspective this could be seen as a form of subtle and effective resistance. "Considering that the public school experience is the foundation to one’s life and knowledge, it is important that all children are given the chance to learn. The future depends on them." - Sorry Mr. Happy, but the present is always more important than the future.

      "This matter needs all the support it can receive and all the help is greatly appreciated. For too long have the needs of the people in Attawapiskat been ignored and neglected. This is not a Native American issue, this is a childrens' issue and a very troubling one to say the least." - Living and learning in an remote northern aboriginal community is different from the society you know in that the notion of the ‘institution’ is typically viewed with distrust and disdain, if not with all out hatred by a large majority of students and community members. The turnover ratio of teachers and administration is high, and this lack of continuity gets perpetuated by Native school boards since these board members rarely have more than a grade seven to ten education and simply do not feel the need to support their educators as most of them leave after a short stint anyways, or they may also be BCR'd (Band Council Resolution) if they know too much about how the system REALLY works. This is what 500 years of colonization, occupation and residential schooling has produced as an education system. A educator in Indian country has to realize this and be empathetic to the individuals that they serve, or else face the frustrations and demons of the social relevance that have been organized in terms of a reversed perspective on the world. A view from the top (or that of the colonizer) takes for granted the pragmatic procedures of governing and guiding; instead it takes it as one that frames and identifies the people they are attempting to help as a sort of subject matter (like this article). Projection is part of you theory. There is a lot of forethought involved, which in most Western societies is valued. However in many native societies this constitutes a sort of pre-meditation and is not always something that the people are culturally or traditionally comfortable with (save for food storage).

      Why bother building a school when the learning environment is much richer on-line? It would be better to ship computers to these communities and fiber optic cables like they do in remote parts of Australia. We can do more with less. Take for example, The School of The Air model.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Because of De Beers nothing! How about because of the diamonds it pulls out from Cree land that De Beers is making millions of dollars in profit ... keep the excuses coming!

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      Yet, right across the river from Kashechewan, is Fort Albany. Check out the Peetabeck academy

      Oh yes, because of DeBeers, the coastal communities are powered by hydroelectricity from the Moose river hydroelectric dam instead of the old, unreliable, expensive and polluting deisel generators.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Fuck it, I don't wanna stop." Benie Siegel

      In case you come back, Mr. Magnus, please know your ABCs.

      In Kashechewan there isn't even a community center and like I wrote above no public school. They have the same crappy portables like Attawapiskat. Kids hang on the street.

      Of course De Beers Group can operate a mine a little more north just fine, conducting operations worth billions of dollars yet, building materials cannot make it to Attawapiskat? If you intend on giving me the price answer: "It's too expensive", prohibit yourself from doing so and read my blog.

      There are people committing suicide in Kashechewan like in no other community I have heard of. There are serious problems I am trying to discuss and you chose to come and make excuses and tell me that I am inflating the facts. Not in my world amigo.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Magnus, you should read what I wrote and not what you imagine in your little brain. I wrote: "Moosonee has similar problems." The critical word here is "similar". I did not say the exact same problems. If you followed my series of articles regarding the norther communities off the James Bay, you would have known that I talked about problems not only with the school but I also wrote about housing problems, problems with the drinking water, etc.

      You also wrote that: "You can't fly in materials to build houses as the cost would be astronomical-food and fuel take precedence." That doesn't mean that you can't - it means that there is not the will to do so. For me, human life is beyond price. Obviously not for you.

      By the way Kashechewan has no public school at all if ya wanna keep talking public school. It's a bloody shame to live in a society where some people are ignored by the federal gov't.

      I find your excuses pathetic.

    • profile image

      CarolusMagnus 7 years ago

      Mr Happy said: Children don’t have schools to go to. Attawapiskat is not the only community either. Kashechewan is the same. Moosonee has similar problems.

      Here is a link to the website of Northern Lights secondary school in Moosonee, a nice big brick building.

      Please try to stick to the facts when making your case, do not exaggerate the emotions by claiming problems that do not exist. The problems in Moosonee are not a result of lack of buildings.

      Also, you are being too emotional in your description of the buildings being made of cardboard and looking like portables. Of course they look that way. They are pre-fabs. Attawapiskat is an isolated community. You can't fly in materials to build houses as the cost would be astronomical-food and fuel take precedence. The barge which runs in the summer cannot carry much either. Pre-fabs have to be trucked in on the ice road which has a limited season. You also have to consider that houses look flimsy because the town is in an area of permafrost which buckles and moves. Buildings have to be flexible in order to withstand the shifts of the ground so brick or lumber constructions are rare and very expensive. You cannot pave roads in permafrost areas because of the upheavals and so roads are always muddy or dusty which contributes to the "depressed" look of many northern communities. This is just a fact of life in these places, not a sign of government neglect.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mr. Bbnix, I do not have much faith in the powers that be either but that is how our social system has been set-up. We either try to work and change it or we can just live in the Matrix. Thank you for stopping by.

      Mrs. Storyteller, I have outlined some options in my blog.

      The problem is not teachers or students. The community of Attawapiskat is quite large. Between the public school and the high-school, there are hundreds of kids. There are teachers as well and I was lucky to meet quite a few of them while I was there. I was told by a grade two teacher that attendance is also good at the public school level. Therefore, all these kids do need in terms of education is just a building. The portables are crumbling.

      Thank you for your comment and good wishes. I appreciate it.

      Mr. ImChemist, thank you for thanking me. : )

    • ImChemist profile image

      ImChemist 7 years ago

      Thanks for this hub.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Your passionate rage moves me, Mr. Happy. I read your words and I agree. What are the options?

      I am thinking the parents would not want their children in boarding schools, right? Economies of scale? This reminds me of the Ute in Colorado who were taken from their parents and put in orphanages to educate them- they lost their culture in this manner, my good friend Storm Woman says. Yet, a boarding school could be run by fellow Natives who have been educated to teach.

      These areas are so isolated, with few students. Could newly graduated teachers be assigned these locations to gain experience? Like a Teach America program for Canada? Is there a similar incentive in your Country? A program that encourages "service" while offering students the ability to reduce their college debt?

      Again, I salute your passion. People like you get things done. I have no doubt you will triumph in the end. I am happy to become a cheerleader; just email me what you need. Hugs, Barbara

    • bbnix profile image

      bbnix 7 years ago from Southern California

      I don't have any faith in the powers that be. Perhaps there can be a new way to provide for so much need.

      Corporations make millions serving themselves. Perhaps a new form of business that serves those in need rather than itself, but uses all the tools and competes head to head with corporate. Today, with the internet, highly qualified people can work together long distance. Many small start-ups are doing so in the creative arenas like game design, animation, etc..

      Personally, my background is related to new product development/CAD/technical illustration, as well as fabrication, electronics and R&D. Are there any business majors out there that are game?

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mrs. Amy, thank you for your good thoughts and wishes. I appreciate them. Cheers!

      Mrs. Lynda, I hear that: nothing much has changed. That is a statement I find unacceptable though. Much can be done and I will do whatever it takes to get children the schools they need, be it in Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Hobbema or anywhere else in Canada. This is outrageous! I suppose this is also just the beginning; I am ready for whatever comes next.

      I sincerely thank you for your support. All the best!

      Mr. Rising, all children should be entitled to the same standard of education throughout the country. Why do some kids deserve less than others?

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • amillar profile image

      amillar 7 years ago from Scotland, UK

      If the voice isn't loud enough, no one will listen. We have to shout together to make things happen.

      Thank you for your good work.

    • Rising Caren profile image

      Rising Caren 7 years ago from New York

      Without a public schooling system, how will the children rise up and reach for greatness? Sure they'll be able to live by what their parents teach them, but it might cost them opportunities that only an education can provide.

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      "Not of the seething cities with their swarming human hives,

      There fetid airs, their reeking streets their dwarfed and poisoned lives,

      Not of the buried yesterdays but of the days to be,

      The glory and the gateway of the yellow west is she.

      The red man haunts her portals, while the white man walks her streets ... "

      E. Pauline Johnson, a native Canadian poet of the 1800's

      Not much has changed. Lynda

    • Amy Becherer profile image

      Amy Becherer 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      No public schools in today's day and age sounds like a plan to keep the Native American Indians on the reservations. Without an education, fueled with alcohol, they will have no option.

      The public schools here, too, are suffering. They exist, but local news in St. Louis, recently informed citizens that 98 teachers on staff at the largest public school system in St. Charles county will be laid off for the 2011-2012 school year in order to lessen the $10.3 million deficit. We are our own worst enemies.

      Good luck in your admirable, arduous endeavors. Keep calm and carry on, Mr. Happy. Good thoughts are with you on your journey.