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Your Latent Talent Screams For Verifiable Expression!

Updated on September 18, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Hall of Repressed Dreams: Which Door Are You Hiding Behind?
Hall of Repressed Dreams: Which Door Are You Hiding Behind? | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Be Up And About Thy Father's Business

The sacred exists in all and is displayed through each passionate desire! One can never deny that which constitutes his/her inner unquenchable fire. The eternal artistic flame burns unceasingly. As the force of unstoppable blood pours through the veins so too is the sacred erotic power enlivened in man. Envelope the lighted sacred sublime sexual motion.

“…Be up and about they Father’s business…” (Paraphrased) An ineffable higher force within you generates (dictates) your every motion. You are aware of this sacred voice though you sometimes choose to ignore its gentle promptings. Undeniable talent tombed in your gut (Father’s work) IS the sole target of operation in your soul.

 No other appreciable activity will substantiate the purpose for your being alive. If you sublimate it (fully orchestrated ability) for any other work, you will be sorely made aware of the dire consequences of your own self-undoing in payments of dissatisfaction/restlessness/agitation. Pleasure will elude you and impatience will pervade your uptight body. You will be irritable and irrefutably miserable seeking meaningless diversions anywhere you can find them.

In the midst of your everyday affairs, take a quick mental quiz of how, when, where your mind wanders. These meanderings are leading you somewhere but you refuse their call. Why? Stop placating. Stop analyzing their merit. They are directly linked to your specific talent.


(1st. Assignment) Without moralizing, What interests do you find yourself leaning toward? Where are the conversations centered when you speak? Your words are a clear cut indication of what your particular divine work consists of. But, you must learn how to effectively listen to what you are saying to yourself when speaking aloud. [You are always having a conversation with yourself no matter who else is apparently involved.]

In the midst of the ordinary words, you will discover your emblazoned destiny. Say three words. Aloud. Now. Nonsensical unrelated words.


Nothing in your life is hidden, or veiled or obscured. You hear, see, feel, touch smell, and taste talent all day long. Let us examine the various segments of your day broken into readable components. You see, it's absolutely impossible not to hear/see the artistic fragments shouting at you all day long. to do.How are they integrated with you? I will tell you.

The first nonsensical word you spoke had to do with your mother, the second word your anger and the the third word your pleasure.You figure it out!

(2nd. Assignment) Where is the first tree you see? What kind is it? Does it have flowers? If not, where are the first flowers you can find growing outside? What color? When was the first time you ever remember seeing these type flowers? How old were you and where did you reside? How close is the nearest body of water? What is the name of the water source? IF no name, what is the property on which it is located called? On what day, month and year was the city in which you currently reside founded? What relative, friend, lover, acquaintance, business partner is born in this month or on this day? [The year is linked to significance, altogether not discussed here.] Who is the current Mayor of your city? What is his first name? Who do you know or recall, in your entire life, which has the same first name? How does that person relate to you? (Favorable or unfavorable)

Next assignment: for the period of 54 days beginning tomorrow morning, record the first word that appears in your mind BEFORE you get out of bed! And, the last word you think of after you take your feet off the floor and lie down at night. Record, as well.

The location of the first tree you see is of special significance, in as much, as it represents something of a flavorful monitoring system in you. Wow! How absurd. Think about it. What kind of tree, where exactly is it found and what possible attributions can it have that is linked to your specific destiny?

These are questions, IF you are so inclined, must be discovered for yourself. Did you ever mow the grass when you were young? How did you feel about it? Was it a chore or a joy? Was it regimented to you alone or was the lawn maintenance shared by others in the family? (Or, was it neglected until forced to take care of it?) You are to incorporate the realization of the tree’s understated impact, along with the 12 year old memorized classification, in a time when you were engaged in chopping (severing) things from your life.

 Did you move? Change schools? Did someone die, divorce, or separate? Did you go through a secret undisclosed affair which left you physically, mentally, emotionally altered in some way? Was this a relatively happy or intensely sad period of you life? Secure or shattering?

These marbleized elements of youth can not be overlooked or casually dismissed anymore than can the distinctive location and position of the tree. At this point, (crossroads) you are standing in a place whereby you can further expand the complex palette of artistic ability cut short, or delayed.

In order to make the sacred passage through the blurred ominous days in memory, in search of destiny’s unfolding in comprehension and application; you must concentrate on and dismantle the delicate shield you have carried, for so long. This unrecognized/misunderstood mask has distorted the unstated, unrealized artistic sensual desires in you since that time. This 12-13 year old time period was, no doubt, incredibly sexual (creative) in expression even IF you didn’t appreciate the entire fibrous tentacle associations involved

The Father’s work (talent) in you is not personal nor is it personally motivated but is far more cosmically oriented then you could ever imagine. The earth is going through such major shifts as has never before been experienced. You must (want) to do your part in the progressive global transformation. “…To whom that knows to do and doeth not, he is held responsible...” (Paraphrased)

In the consecrated minutes that pass, hours and days which constitute your present life, what else can you do but add your contribution to the universal affair? In other words, why are you doing what you are doing IF it is not to produce YOU in fullness for the world’s benefit, in addition to filling yourself with ultimate pleasure at the same time?

You were born to do the Father’s work. No other success will compensate for the blatant rejection of fulfilling your particular sensual sexual artistic destiny. What else can you do? What else will satisfy? Unless you consciously set about to fulfill your most potently charged attractive corporeal self in creation, nothing else will fall into place or make much sense.

 Doing the Father’s work is your one singular soul’s intent (assignment). It takes teamwork. You are sacredly commissioned and have agreed to do your relative part in the grand scheme of things.

You are hereby reprimanded momentarily IF you do not laugh at everything that others tell you is important in the everyday world. Nothing is important but the sanctity of your soul’s professed talent for exceptional expression. Will you get silent and still long enough to listen to the suggestive rumbling of the wind in the specified trees or the buggy insignificant gossip surrounding you?

You are filled to overflowing with enormous talent that must be expressed in order for you to find contentment and resolution. No matter how you refer to God or the primal sanctified force thereof, you are alive on Earth to manifest your specific gifts in recognition of this gloriously endowed life. You are filled with abounding enthusiasm, glee, zest, zeal and a deeply inspired vision carved into your DNA to bring forth unrestricted that which is planted in you. “Or, what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:37)

You particular talent is your sacred duty to expreess while you are alive. No one else possesses your creative impetus.

Release your mother. Define your anger. Hook into your pleasure.

Where Does The Unspecified Road Lead?
Where Does The Unspecified Road Lead?


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