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Strange Unique Animals With Interesting Facts Some Are Rare

Updated on August 4, 2014

Topics That Will Be Talked About

There will quite a few different animal species that will be in my article. Some will be exotic, rare or on an endangered list. A list of some animals that kill humans, which a couple animals a person would be surprised to learn that they are responsible for people's death. Some information will just be a few important facts.


  • Bears ( Poplar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear )
  • Calico Lobster
  • Honduran Ghost Bat
  • Common Hippopotamus (Pygmy Hippopotamus)

A Little Information Before Beginning

I've always enjoyed researching animals and learning about their environment while also learning where they live. Animals can be truly amazing but also very dangerous, as some do kill humans, and there is even those you wouldn't suspect that will kill a human. There are over a million insects, eight different species of bears, and fifteen thousand mammals (or close to that), through out the world. Scientist are always discovering new species of animals which they will classify into the proper category. What makes an animals near extinct is how many are left, some can be endangered when the numbers start dropping and some can be at risk. Due to loss of habitat can have an effect on the species, poachers, hunting and more population of humans can also be a factor. Loss of habitat can be from clearing of forest, more farming land or people moving into areas that hadn't been used as living space before.


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Needed a toy to play withBrown BearPolar Bear
Needed a toy to play with
Needed a toy to play with
Brown Bear
Brown Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Bears - Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear


  • Seven different species of bears - Polar Bear , Brown Bear, Black Bear, Kodiak Bear, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, American Black Bear
  • They kill about five to ten humans a year.

Polar Bear:

  1. Vital Statics: Males - Weight: up to 1,595 pounds - Females - Weight up to 548 pounds Length is between 7.9 to 9.9' Majority of males don't mate until the age between 8 to 10 years old - Litter size 1 to 4 - Diets consist mainly of seals, especially the ring seal - Life Span is up to thirty years but most of the time only fifteen to eighteen years.
  2. Can survive the world's coldest temperate due to its dense water proof coat.
  3. Lives off the Northern coast of Northern America, Northern Russia to Siberia, and other Artic Ocean islands all the way to the southern limits of the ice pack.
  4. Snow stalker that spy, slow approach, surprise, and finally the kill.
  5. Can eat about ten percent of its body weight in about thirty minutes and a large male can hold up to about 154 pounds of food in their stomach, which is about a medium size human.
  6. Must eat one seal every six days in order to keep its body weight.

Grizzly Bear:

  1. Vital Statics - Weigh up to 495 to 704 pounds - Length 4.9 to 8.3' - Number of young is one to four - Diet consist berries, nuts, roots, insects, carrion, fish, and small vertebrates - Life span is about 25 years.
  2. Located in western North America in national parks, and mountains, larger populations in Alaska, and western Canada.
  3. Match a horse speed for over 330' feet
  4. Catch a fish it waits, snatch, dive, and eats it and feeds from wolf kills
  5. Powerful and aggressive

Panda Bear:

  1. Vital Statics: Weigh around 220 to 275 pounds - Length 48 to 60' - Litter is one, more than one borne it will die - Life Span is between 25 to 30 years.
  2. Acknowledged as a National Treasure by Chinese government since 1949
  3. It is the symbol for World Wide Fund for Nature
  4. Southwest China in the Xifan Mountains of Sichuan Province preferring steep terrain and more than half of Panda's are in preserves.
  5. Eats constantly, forages, grips, strips, and then eats. In the wild they eat up to twenty-six different plant species and bamboo is the main diet as they consume about 99% of food intake.
  6. Poachers kill Panda's for skins.

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Honduran Ghost Bat

  • Classified as Vulnerable because of destruction of caves, and loss of prey.
  • Estimated only about five thousand left.
  • Prefer to roost in colonies but it is unusual for more than a hundred in one location at a time.
  • Diet consist of other bats, small mammals, large insects, frogs, and birds

Three New Fish Species Discovered

June 11, 2014 over the past month there has been three new fish species discovered in the Unites States, India, Columbia.

Hoosier Cavefish:

  • Southern Indiana
  • Pink eyeless creature was found underground
  • Anus is located behind its head

Kryptoglanis Shajii:

  • Length is 3.9'
  • Resembles a catfish externally
  • The skeleton is weird
  • Found in India

Armored Catfish:

  • Located at Yariguies National Park of Bogota' in Columbia
  • Paddle like snout

Calico Lobster

American lobster (Homarus Americanus) This lobster is found on the Atlantic coast of North America.

  • Also known as: Northern Lobster, True Lobster, Maine Lobster
  • Length is about 8 to 25 inches - Weight is around 1 to 9 pounds (heaviest crustacean in the world).
  • Likes cold shallow waters where it can hide under rocks, and other places.
  • Rare lobster that is a bright orange with dark blue spots.
  • Albino Lobster is the rarest and the Calico Lobster is to the rarest.
  • Mutation occurs about 1 to every 30 million to 50 million lobsters which is from a genetic pigmentation as a result it will have spots.

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Common Hippopotamus / Pygmy Hippopotamus


The hippopotamus in Greek Language means (phase: potamos hippos) River Horse dating back more than 160,000 years. Actually the Greek's are who named this animal. that has the ability to live in murky rivers. An estimated at only 2,900 left in Africa. Poachers kill them for their ivory teeth. Can be extremely aggressive more so in the water than on land. Weighing between 1 1/2 to 3 tons. A hippo will go to great lengths to defend and their very territorial in water but on land they have no they have no issues. Their the third largest, Elephants, Whales, and Hippopotamus. Almost all are located in Africa and classified as semi-aquatic with a life span of 45 to 50 years. Can run up to nineteen mph, for short distances. They grow in size until about age of twenty-five, and each night they eat about 150 pounds of grass. In length they are about 11 to 17 feet long and five feet from shoulder down.

Pygmy Hippopotamus:

  1. Noisy eater can be heard as far as 150 feet away.
  2. Live in West Africa in the rainforest since they lose water fast through their skin so they have to live in a damp environment.
  3. Weren't known until mid nineteen century.
  4. Endangered due to poaching (ivy teeth), loss of habitation, but now preserves now help protect them.

Hippopotamus / Pygmy Hippopotamus

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HippopotamusPygmy Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hippopotamus

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Unusual Animals That Kill Humans

  1. Cape Buffalos - Kill around 200 humans a year
  2. Jelly Fish - Kill around 100 humans a year
  3. Domestic Dogs - Last year 186 humans killed
  4. Deer - about 120 humans are killed from car wrecks with the deer's.
  5. Leopards - No records but about 15 a year in India which is common.
  6. Ants - (Different species) - about 30 humans a year.
  7. Tigers - About 100 a year.
  8. Horses - Around 20 a year mostly from rodeo's people.
  9. Cows - Over 20 humans a year.
  10. Bees - Last year around 53 human were killed.
  11. Hippopotamus - 3000 people were kill last year.
  12. Snakes - About 50,000 humans killed last year world wide.
  13. Mosquitoes - 660,000 to 1,000,000 last year from diseases they carry.
  14. Elephants - About 500 humans a year

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Hairy Nose Wombat (Southern / Northern

Southern Hairy Nose Wombat
Northern Hairy Nose Wombat
3 Species
Larger in size
Smaller in Size
Only 2 living
Often light streaked Silver/Grey, Black or Brown
Silver/Grey, Black or Brown
Weight - 40 to 88 pounds
Weight - 40 to 88 pounds

Variety Of Animals

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TigerWolfStripped Rabbit (Vulnerable to Extinction)
Stripped Rabbit (Vulnerable to Extinction)
Stripped Rabbit (Vulnerable to Extinction)


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