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Stress, is in the Air!

Updated on June 28, 2018

What is STRESS

Stress is just a six letter word but, has such a profound impact on our lives if and when we cannot overcome it. It can change our lifestyle, and we can fall prey to diseases and doctor visits. It can ruin our relationship with someone we love, and we could drop in the dungeon of peril. Stress does not limit an age group. It can come to anybody living and can hit anybody as close to birth or nearing death.

Gosh! Such is the effect of Stress, and still, we take on it.....WHY?

Life is beautiful, and when we are quiet from the inside, we hear the sweet chirps of the birds and can feel the wind blow into our face and hair. Nature has such beautiful ways to soothe us and comfort us but, how we look at life is up to us.

We could find the chirps of the birds a nuisance, and the wind blowing could be termed as windy by us when we are emotionally challenged. But, what makes us restless? Is it the load of work? Is it the competition? Is it the urge to be a topper? Is it the urge to do everything possible on this planet? Missing deadlines and angering someone they love.

On a daily basis, humans could be worried about their jobs, missing deadlines and angering someone they love, among other things.
Research indicates man gets stressed over issues such as:
The death of a loved one.
Loss of a job.
Increase in financial obligations.
Getting married.
Moving to a new home.
Chronic illness or injury.
Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)

The list is endless, but thy man is not a small organism to not be able to confront it.

Ponder upon

We are humans, and yes, we are the most robust and smartest living organism on this planet but, we have not been given the powers to do all in this lifetime. We got to breathe in and take it easy as well. That is why we get a day off in a week to put up our feet and enjoy what is around us rather than running around in circles of life. This is one life we have got, and let's not rush into things and forget to breathe deeply every couple of seconds.

Desires will come and go. Once we achieve one desire, another desire will come our way. Desires are endless in this technology savvy world we have created. We have to make self-realization about our needs. Make boundaries. Learn to be happy in whatever state we are, whether it be an unfavorable or favorable condition. Let's always remember to breathe no matter what since situations will come and go, but the health if gone awry will not come back.

Life is short, and we make it complicated by adding on tension and all possible sorrows as we go through the twists and turns of our life. But by keeping a positive attitude towards life, and working towards our goal will help us stay focused and not grief over what we could not achieve and thus take on stress. Always remember, whatever happens, happens for good. We have to continue doing our tasks without asking for much, and that will take us the long way on our journey of life.

Why stress over things since we will not be taking anything to the coffin. We will only be leaving back memories of us, so let's try to be a happy person and spread happiness around. Let's carve our path around it, and make the air stress free by being attentive, and being aware of our thoughts, and our actions.


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