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Study Medicine in China

Updated on September 6, 2014

About Studying Medicine In China

If you're a South African or international student that wants to attain an internationally recognized degree, then look no further. Some of China's top universities offer industry leading medical degrees and degrees in other prestigious fields of study. What's more is you can now study that course in English!

Although the above points are great, there are a few important topics to keep in mind when deciding which Chinese university is best for you and how you go about registering through the correct medium.

Studying medicine in China can present you with an opportunity to experience a new culture but you need to get a good start at first in order to cope with the lifestyle change.

Both South African & International Students Have The Possibility To Move To China

Whether you’re planning on studying medicine in China or something else, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to fit in (especially with the language barrier and nobody to help).

For students wanting to do medicine in China, one needs to speak to somebody that does the following:
- 1) Registers and gets you accepted with the recognized medical university most other students are attending.
- 2) Assists you with a multitude of things once you’ve arrived in China – permits and health checks may also be needed once you’ve landed in the country.
- 3) Assists you with getting private accommodation, if you’re not living in the official university dorms, by getting you in touch with landlords in the area or alternatively help you book a dorm room if available at the university.
- 4) Most importantly, they assist you when you reach certain airports in China.

There is additional detailed information on the website, regarding traveling to study in China.

The above services are usually done for a separate fee but you can generally be assured that there will be help when traveling and there’s no need for the added expense of parents traveling with to help students settle in initially.
Also, no transactions should take place without a contract and a face-to-face meeting so students have peace of mind.

International students that would like help should note that some agents can only meet you and pick you up once you’ve arrived at a Chinese Airport that they’re near and only if you’re studying at certain medical universities.
If you’re studying a course besides medicine at any other university, university agents can sometimes only help you get registered, accepted and find a university dorm room (if available) but won’t be able to meet and assist you personally in China.

How Do You Go About Getting Food?

Firstly, if you opt to stay in the university dormitory rooms then there are cafes and restaurants around the university (along with most universities serving you meals daily if you’ve chosen that option).
On the other hand, if you’re staying in your own private accommodation then there are generally stores and supermarkets around most places you’ll be staying in (many landlords have bought buildings specifically for hosting international university students).

The different types of food you’re able to buy ranges and for those Muslim students out there, there are Halaal restaurants around China but you’ll just need to check up on the area you’ll be staying in.
The food products you may buy at stores are generally labelled in Chinese or another Asian language but you’ll mostly be able to tell the difference for what’s what (if you’re unsure then you could get help or maybe just stick to vegetables).

Common Questions About Attending A Chinese University

Are All Chinese Universities Internationally Recognized?

Unfortunately no, so it’s best to check up which ones are. The is a percentage of universities that are recognized internationally and of that percentage there is a smaller portion certified to tech courses in English. We’ll list them on our website!

Do All Students Have To Learn Chinese?

This is a requirement during the first 2 years but at a basic level. It helps especially for clinical classes that may take place in Chinese hospitals.

Do I Have To Stay In University Dorms?

Nope, you are able to stay in private accommodation but that will be your responsibility to organize. It’s best to check with the university. When applying through us, we’ll be with you in China initially to help sort out private accommodation if needed.

How Do I Apply To Universities In China?

The language barrier does make it somewhat difficult for those students that don’t speak the language because the Chinese university websites are almost always in Chinese. What’s more is that if you are able to find somebody’s contact details and you do end up calling – their English isn’t very good and you’ll still have some difficulty understanding everything.
Lucky enough, there are university agents that are generally situated in the country you’re living in and they’ll be able to help you make an application (just keep in mind that the university you choose should be researched carefully, don’t just follow another person’s advice blindly).
Lastly, a student might be able to make the application themselves but this would require a lot of research and you might encounter mishaps along the way so I suggest you consider using an agent out there!

What Would You Be Interested In Studying In China?

What Would You Be Interested In Studying In China?

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