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Study and Work in USA, Prepared.

Updated on January 4, 2013

To be in a foreign land is quite a challenge, what more to study in one. But this being true, many prefer to study and work abroad because of the greater and brighter career possibilities. A lot of countries are open to foreign students who also seek employment while studying; others are even open for work opportunities after studies. Among the many options, to work and study in USA is among the many career paths that many prefer to take.

If you are among these young dreamers seeking greener pastures, here are a few things that you should be reminded of and get done before finally flying into Uncle Sam’s. The United States is a very dynamic and cosmopolitan country, studying and working here is truly an experience of a lifetime, thus it is best to come prepared.

Before you study and work in USA, take note of these:


Student Visa

Your student visa is but your foremost important document. Securing one from your local US embassy is a must and should be done promptly to avoid delays and unwanted hassles. There are a lot of online organizations that provided assistance to those who wish to study and work in USA, checking on these websites and availing their services is best advised. Commonly, they provided assistance in processing documents and other needed papers.


Application Timeline

Be very cautious of this. Many aspiring foreign students miss the opportunity of a life time mainly because they have missed to pass a requirement on time. Applying to an offshore university relies primarily on good and prompt correspondence. Be very cautious of the timeline set by the institution you are seeking admittance to.


Admission Tests

Many of those who hope to study and work in USA has to take preliminary short courses and pass a certain certification before being allowed to take the standardized admission tests of most US universities. So it is best to seek services from online services that provide information about these. It is easier applying when assisted. Getting first hand information about these tests from friends who might have taken the same exams is also very helpful.

Working Permits

Communicate your plans of working while studying to the foreign students affairs office of your university. This ensures a smooth processing as it is commonly the only office tasked to assist in these matters. They also know the limits as per visa granted, so they are really of huge help.


Travel Arrangements

Determine your immediate itinerary upon arrival in the country, makes sure to make temporary accommodations and plan ahead where to stay. Universities usually have residence halls that cater to these needs. Settle them even before arriving.



Being away from your friends and family would be a lot easier with the technology today. Plan your way of communicating with them even before hand, getting a smart phone with a good international line or reliable internet is a popular choice in staying connected while you study and work in USA.


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