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Studying And Revising Tips

Updated on July 30, 2010

Studying and revising for exams can be one of the most stressful and frustrating periods in a persons life, for some studying and revising can be very very hard whereas for others it comes quite naturally.I personally find revising hard but over the years and through studying for 3-4 different sets of exams from school to college i have devised some simple tips to help you get top marks time and time again.

The Environment

The environment in which you study is very important as i am sure you can probably be aware of the many many distractions that are around you.Firstly and most importantly you need to study in a quiet room,the quieter the better,preferably somewhere without both a television or other people around.You need somewhere light but without much of a view as this can be a distraction also.That's about it really, i like a nice table to study at and a comfortable chair and that is all i need as well as the quite etc.

Break Your Studying Into Sections

Don't try and study everything in one go,break it down into sections so it makes it easier to take in,The average person can only concentrate for 20 minutes at a time before you tend to lose focus so don't try and study too much in one go,in fact if you can study with all your might for 20 minutes straight,then put the books down and do something completely different,do this every night and slowly over a period of a few weeks you will of learnt as much as if you have studied for 2weeks solid.

Involving Others

Sometimes when you are preparing for an exam once you have been through all your work,there is little left to do but involve a loved one to help you,prepare some questions on the topic you are studying and then get your partner or friend to ask the questions so you can give the answers and they can let you know weather you were right or wrong.Sometimes it is possible to obtain test exam papers which really help,i would spend a few minutes each day running through these as many times as you can,but remember to read each question carefully as sometimes the questions can be worded differently and you may be caught out.

The Day Of Exams

On the day of the exams you are going to be nervous so make sure that everything else is right,make sure you have prepared properly and also an important one is to make sure you have eaten a proper breakfast so that you don't get hungry half way through your paper as this could be a distraction.Read through all the questions first before writing any answers,this way you may just catch one of the tricky questions before putting an instant answer.Once you have run through then start at the beginning and read the question through thoroughly,once you have answered all the questions on the paper then re-read through them all again just to make sure.


Don't panic,everyone takes exams at all different points of their life,if you fail it then study harder and retake it,but if you have followed my advice then i doubt you have failed it,best of luck and let me know if these tips have helped.


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