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Stuff You Can Do During a Snowstorm

Updated on January 20, 2016
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

February 2010
February 2010
Notice the Stop sign - we all wanted it to stop!
Notice the Stop sign - we all wanted it to stop!

Trapped Inside Because of Snow?

Snow - it can be a real bummer. Sometimes it seems like it just keeps snowing and it won't stop. One recent winter, several snowstorms hit the east coast. It was pretty miserable. I learned that each snowstorm has its own personality. It is never as easy as... forecast calls for snow all day and it will be 18 inches. No. Every snowstorm is different. One might have more snow, but it is a nicer storm because the snowflakes are beautiful when they fall and it melts quickly within a few days. Other snowstorms have more wind and ice, and it seems neverending. Even after the snow stops falling, it doesn't melt for days or even weeks and seems like a nightmare that won't end. Let's not even discuss how gross it is when the slush starts to get dirty. Yuck!

Needless to say, I've had enough snow to last a lifetime. Much to my dismay, it has snowed this weekend. It is not a major snow, but it is gross nonetheless. This has given me some time to think about snowstorms and the best way to stay entertained during the adventure. The first thing to remember, is stock up with food before the blizzard. Now, I am not talking about going crazy, and buying 10 loaves of bread, 5 gallons of milk, and every roll of toilet paper you can find. I am just saying get enough to stay inside for a few days. Don't panic! Once you are inside your home during the storm, there is fun stuff you can do! Don't go crazy feeling trapped inside when you can be amused by everything around you.

Stuff You Can Do During a Snowstorm:

  • Take some old newspapers and start your new hobby - paper mache! Have you ever tried to make a paper mache German shepherd? No? Well, you'll have plenty of time to figure out how to do it now, won't you?
  • Sleep a lot!
  • Start calling people. When you run out of people you know, start calling random numbers and make friends with people you don't know. Maybe you'd like to learn what it's like to live in Canada. Well, now is the time to reach out and touch someone.
  • Learn how to bake a cake using random food you find in the fridge.
  • Clean out the fridge while you're at it. If you find something green and it didn't start out that way, throw it out.
  • Go through your closets and start clearing stuff out. Don't kid yourself - you know it was starting to look like an episode of Hoarders in there. Start bagging that stuff for charity.
  • Get to know your pets again. Do you even remember your cat's name? You've been too busy going out and having a life. Slow it down and make friends with your pets again.
  • Start chanting, wishing, praying, etc. that you will have off work during this storm. That is the only good thing about snow anyway.
  • Clean the bathroom!
  • Break out the crockpot and start throwing anything you can find into it. I don't know what broccoli, tomato soup, raisins, Doritos, and chicken is going to taste like either, but give it a shot.
  • Take out all of your houseplants and put them in the center of the living room. Then you can pretend it is spring. You can even walk around them as if you are hiking.
  • Read a book!
  • Build a fort in the middle of your living room using books, cardboard, and pillows. It is just like being 5 years old again.
  • Check on your neighbors. No, seriously, check on your neighbors. They might need help.
  • Go ghost hunting. Perhaps your house is haunted and you didn't even realize it.
  • Create the best voicemail greeting for your phone ever. See if anyone in your home can burp on cue for the greeting. That will add a touch of class to the recording.
  • If you have a hamster, time to build a hamster maze using cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls!
  • Do you know how to knit? If so, cool. Time to start working on that perfect snowflake sweater for your dog. Oh, you don't know how to knit? There are YouTube videos on it and you've got plenty of free time. Pick up some yarn before the storm and give it a try!
  • Make some grilled cheese sandwiches!
  • If all else fails, go outside! Did you know you can make a sled out of common household items? Those awesome recycled bags you use at the grocery store can make a pretty nifty, low-budget sled.


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