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Success Through The Power of Your Instincts

Updated on March 16, 2009

The Power of Your Instincts



   Instinct is the natural drive or ability to behave or exhibit a particular behavior in a certain manner, without reasoning or training. It is instinct that makes birds to learn to fly naturally and dogs to bark without training or reasoning. It is also instincts that govern most of our life characters and behaviors, ranging from sexual, social, business and personal lives. By this same instinct, you feel amorous for a lady or a man you never knew before, because such person has activated your instinct, which you have no control of.

     Discovering the power of your instincts is the first step to great achievements in life, be it financial, business, leadership, educational, sexual or marital breakthroughs, they are all governed by instinctive powers.

     It is the power of instinct that causes babies to cry when they are hungry. Because they have no control over this drive, and as such, hardly reason over it. They do not care if it is in the public place or in the private room, their instinct just tells them to cry, and they must cry, until that innate impulse is calmed down by satisfying its needs at that time.

      Therefore, for you to become successful in every aspect of life; relationship, marriage, business, finance, just name it, you must be able to discover this power of instincts, and apply it wisely to manipulate life events and activities in a way that will embarrass you. Are you wondering what this is all about? Relax, and read on.

     Instinct tells you who to love and who to hate. It also tells you who to have intercourse with and who not to have it with. Don’t be surprised that it is your instinct that makes you to do the business, job or whatever you are doing today. This took me a couple of years and hours of sleepless nights to discover, and I promise you, it is well proven.

     Just as instinct governs your life, it governs others life too, and every other event and activities taking place in life. In order words, if you must be successful in whatever you are doing right now, I urge you to day to try to discover the instincts governing that thing or person. Though this takes time and hard work, but once you succeed, breakthroughs and overwhelming successes are yours.

    Let me use a very simple and common example to explain how power of instincts works. Take for instance a lady, who is naturally in love with guys with blue eyes, broad chest and strong masculine voice. Any time she comes across a guy that possess one, two or all of these qualities, she is 100% likely to fall in love with the guy at the first glance, without reasoning, because this is her natural tendency, a tendency embedded in her innermost brains by nature.

   At her very first sight at this very guy, her heart bumps, her blood streams begins to rush faster, her nerves stiffens and her desire flames up without a second thought. Therefore, if this guy is a guy that knows this power of instinct that governs this lady’s love life, once he approaches her, whether she is married, single or separated, that innate intuition or impulse in her, will not allow her to reason who this guy really is, she will definitely fall for him without saying no. Sounds so funny huh?

    But if you doubt it, do a test yourself; just follow these steps to carry out a simple personal test to confirm this phenomenon we are talking about. If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, just take some time to discover his or her love instincts, then send a guy or lady (who possess this qualities capable of controlling his or her love instincts) to approach him, then watch out for the result. If this fails, report me to any appropriate authority to ban me from writing both online and in real life.

     My friends and I have tried this, and it all worked, but if you are still skeptical about it, just give it a trial, there is no harm in trial. But do not hold me responsible for breaking up your relationship or marriage, when your partner falls deeply in love with this person you are using to carry out your test, by the way, that is one of the prizes we pay for carrying out researches and investigations.

    But if after carrying out your test and it works, rejoice because you have discovered one of the secrets of manipulating other peoples’ love and admiration. All you need to do is to study carefully, the person’s innate impulse or instincts; they are too many, use one or two of them to manipulate them in a way that they will do whatever you desires them to do, without reasoning. But you must apply this with safety in mind, so that you will not use it to perpetrate troubles in other people’s relationships.

   Moreover, this same principle can also be applied in other aspects of life, as I have earlier stated in the first and second paragraphs. And I would like you to know that instinct controls; financial, business, leadership and personal breakthroughs and every other thing in life. Just make out time and discover the instincts governing such event or events, then apply wisely, the principle of the power of instinct (though not explained here), and watch out for the overwhelming results.

    I just finished a brief handbook on this topic, and I advertised some part of it, as I am writing this article, thousands of people are requesting for a copy of the book though, my publisher have not yet finished the packaging and the last editing.

   As you can see clearly, this article is taking much space than it should, but I promise you guys, in a short time, I am going to publish a more detailed article that will explain more on how to use the power of your instincts to achieve; financial, business and even your writing breakthroughs.

  But remember, you need to encourage me with your comments, so I can know exactly if this article made impact to your personal life and career, and to know if truly people are reading my works. Thank you.


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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 7 years ago from L Island

      @Bonnie, i have so many work at hand right now, but i would suggest that you write me directly through my profile contact. or check back later for what you asked for. better still, let me know your country of residence right now so i can see if any of my books on wealth building using ones passion and instincts is in that country so you can get a copy and read.

      anyway, thanks for reading and making out time to comment, i really appreciate and please do keep reading other of my hubs. good luck dear.

    • profile image

      Bonnie 7 years ago


      I enjoyed reading this, but it doesn't actually explain how to use the power of instincts. you need to answer more clearly: what are specific instincts? what do they trigger in people? how to use these instincts for our desired effect (the power your saying can come).