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Success Principle - Surroundings

Updated on December 1, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Success principle - surroundings

Last summer we had a lot of mangoes. We got all kinds of fresh mangoes. While eating mangoes my younger daughter, who is 8 years old, asked me about the mango tree and how they grow etc. I shared my knowledge with her. After that, she took few of the mango seeds and put it inside a flower pot which has a little bit of soil. She regularly watered the seed. After around a month one day, the seed sprouted. Fist day one seed sprouted. After a few days, another seed sprouted. Total 4 seeds sprouted and the growth of these seeds was fast for the first few days. But the growth slows down after the initial growth. Now it is a small plant and not as big as it should be. Do you know why?

If you take the seed of the tallest of all the trees and tried to cultivate it in a flower pot, it will not grow as tall as it were in the forest. Why? Because it's surrounding is not allowing it to grow to its potential. We can learn one thing from this example. Our environment affects our growth considerably. Your society is the environment that controls your growth. If you want to grow as much as you want, you need to associate with people who have flourished and nourished to their full potential in their personal growth.

So it is important for each one of us to carefully select the people or society we are associating with. Are they optimistic? Are they growth oriented? Are they growing or satisfied with the surroundings and stopped growing? If you are not moving ahead as you are growing, there are chances that you may slow down in your growth and eventually stop growing.

Change your flower pot

If you are in a small flower pot, your chances of growth are limited. If you change to a bigger flower pot, your chance of growth will increase as per the volume of that pot. As you grow, you need to change your society, contact, and associates. Why poor are becoming poorer and rich are getting richer. Poor people do not have the tool and education and circumstance to grow. The most they can aim is to earn a living. But the situation of the rich is not so. They have better education and mindset to grow bigger and bigger. They have the tools and they are learning from the experienced people around them. Poor people do not have experienced people around them. They cannot and will not take the risk due to fear of failure and they cannot afford failure.

If you seriously wish to grow, you need to examine your surroundings, contacts, and associates. Are they helpful in your growth or a stumbling block in your path of growth? Are your friends, family and colleagues helping you to grow further or are they stopping you from growing? Take a careful look at your surroundings and move ahead.

Change the environment to bring changes easily

The best way to bring changes to a person is to change his environment. We all deeply depend on the environment we live in. Many of us miss the potential to which our environment holds, to affect our lives. Let us look at how a change in environment can effectively bring changes in a person or situation.

Our environment consists of everything around us. Where we live and the people with whom we interact will greatly affect our thoughts and actions. What we observe or learn from our environment become so deep-rooted within us and it subconsciously starts to mold and shape our behavior and habits. Our response to different situations become more predictable as always we try to be in our comfort zone. The very nature of this environment can go against or with us in our success path. First, we need to find out what changes we need to achieve in our lives and then change the environment accordingly to get the desired results. It is better to achieve a tremendous amount of success with great ease by changing the influence of environment in our favor. Don’t focus on the symptom, focus on the root cause. That is the best way to bring changes in your life.

To become a successful person, you need to associate with people who are successful already. Live among successful people. Interact with successful people. Living around successful people is the best way to be successful. You would be learning from them and changing day by day in a positive direction.

If you hang around people who are already failed or broken, very soon you would be like one of them. Subconsciously you would be learning and adapting their behavior and actions. Very soon you would be behaving and acting like one of them. And that could bring bad effects to your growth.

If you hang around someone who put off everything for enjoying or indulging in fun activities, there are chances that you too follow his steps and end up in enjoying fun activities and forget to do the thing which would take you to the higher levels of success. To cut down bad habits you need to avoid bad company.

On the other hand, if you hang around someone who is punctual in his appointments and deadlines, you too may adopt his behavior and take actions which will take you to higher levels of success. To cultivate good qualities and habits in your life you need to associate with people of good qualities and habits.

Removing things in your room which will affect your studies is the best example of changing the environment. Avoid distracting sounds and movements can help you to focus on your studies.

To increase your communication skills it is advised to join a Toastmasters club. Surrounded by like-minded people would be encouraging and increasing the speed of changes.


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