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Suicide! Is It so Easy?

Updated on July 3, 2020
Anupam Mitu profile image

Anupam is a language trainer and a poet. She has been writing poems, stories and articles since her childhood.She loves to learn new things.

Mystery of Death

It’s really uncertain when one is to be born and when one is going to die. No astrologer, no tarot card reader or any sort of palmatologist can tell the exact days of birth or death or how one is going to die. The cause of death can be a natural calamity like flood, fire, earth quack etc or any accident or any particular disease. It can be anything at any moment of life.

The natural death is certain and one of the biggest truths of our life. However, we wish to live more, explore more and do more, one day might arrive when without any prior notification the death will take everything that we possess in this material world. Death is as natural as birth, it's not such a surprise as we all are aware it can visit us any moment in any form.

But what about the unnatural deaths, where one intentionally snatches the life of any human? It is called a murder and is considered as a heinous crime both on legal as well as moral grounds. Though homicide is considered legal and ethical in wars, where one country celebrates the murder of the people from the rival countries. A few brutal humans kill their own closed ones in cold blood and the other brutes are trained to take life to earn their wages.

The motif of murder can be property disputes, love affairs, jealousy, revenge, robbery, and a few serial killers also do it just for fun. I remember one incident from my childhood where three young brilliant students (as they were students of IIT) were killed by gunshots just because of a petty argument on the payment of pan that costed just rs 3 at that time. For people there those mere 3 rupees were more precious than the three innocent lives.

Facts from Wikipedia & WHO

*About 1 person in 5,000–15,000 dies by suicide every year

*800,000 people die due to suicide every year

*1 person suicides every 40 seconds

*135,000 (17%) cases of suicide in India, a nation with 17.5% of world population.

*79% of suicides occurred in low- and middle-income countries in 2016.

*Men kill themselves more than women.



Natural deaths or being murdered is not in the control of any human so let's not distract from our topic of discussion, that is, Suicide.

Suicide, where a person is so frustrated with his/her life that he/she is not ready to live anymore and wishes to leave the life abruptly to get rid of any difficult situation that has cropped in.

Suicides are not at all natural but a cold blooded murder, where a person snatches away his/her own life just because that person cannot find gratification or a sense of relief. In the name of peace one life is taken away. We can compare this kind of murder to those ones where a little child gets a knife in his hand and kills his brother just to take a revenge for a petty complaint that his brother made to the parents. That little boy didn't know that once he had used the knife on his brother he wouldn't be able to bring back the life of his brother.

As those little kids are shown the importance of life and how lovely it is, similarly the adults too need to be reminded the worthiness of life as well as their self. Everyone needs know that life really is so beautiful even with the adversities and the unwanted situations it remains the same. One must live each and every moment of life wisely passionately engaged in one's action.

WHO Facts

Worldwide about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth experience a mental disorder, primarily depression. In developing countries this is even higher, i.e. 15.6% during pregnancy and 19.8% after child birth.

Why Do People Kill Themselves

There might be several names of the reasons which provoke a person to end his/her life. But each and every reason tells the same thing, that the one killed himself was not happy with one's life or considered his life as a failure or worthless.

As humans we know how much we have struggled to reach to the place where we exist right now, talk about the huge buildings, all the kind of technologies, research on the various organisms, or research on psychology itself. Is this development the result of just an individual? Not at all! It's the result of the whole humankind, starting from the ones who discovered fire or invented wheels. Will we call them the failure who have attempted so many times till their last breath and died without seeing the truth?

The Independence of India started in 1857, while India got its independence in 1947, so in this duration of hundred years aren't we going to consider all the efforts?

Failure is not fatal. A failure is never going to provoke anyone to kill one's life. It is the mindset of any individual which lets him/her see the things in a different way.

People kill themselves for various reasons but their only motif becomes to just run away from the situation they get trapped in. They forget that none of the situation is enough to make a human lame. History gives us the examples of the people who have started from hell. Is anyone there who doesn't know Opera Winfrey or her struggle? J K Rowling whose Harry Potter was rejected by thirteen publishers, what did she do? Did she stop there?

Recently I listened to the speech of Madonna where she was sharing her journey with the wide audience of the Billboard. How did she get so bold while she had such a difficult life as a vulnerable beautiful nomad? She always had faith in the almighty which made her stronger even in the situation which tortured her, almost killed her.

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Causes of Suicides as per Wikipedia

  1. Bankruptcy or indebtedness
  2. Marriage Related Issues
  3. Non Settlement of Marriage
  4. Dowry Related Issues
  5. Extra Marital affairs
  6. Divorce
  7. Other relation related problems
  8. Failure in Examination
  9. Impotency/Infertility
  10. Other Family problems
  11. Illness
  12. Death of dear person
  13. Drug abuse/addiction
  14. Fall in social reputation
  15. Ideological causes/Hero worshipping
  16. Love affairs
  17. Poverty
  18. Unemployment
  19. Property dispute
  20. Suspected/Illicit relation
  21. Illegitimate Pregnancy
  22. Physical Abuse (Rape, etc.)
  23. Professional/Career Problem
  24. Causes not known

Life is Beautiful

There are people who voluntarily face death,

Not because they are scared of their life,

But because they wish to live each breath

In adventure daring every life threatening knife.

They accept with the same charm, either life or death.

They dive deep in the ocean to research and explore,

Fly high over the mountains and valleys to know more,

They stand bravely on the battle grounds to be worthy,

And make their nations proud of their lost life for glory,

There are many who sacrificed life to create history.

Life and death both are real, neither are in our control,

Both are essential for the movement of the world surreal,

We as humans can express whatever that we feel,

We are blessed to have a vision and mind to work on our will,

Respect and live this life wisely, Life is so beautiful.


Life might be too difficult

At times it isn't easy to adjust

But have a look at the desert

Life flourishes even there in thirst.


EQUIP: Ensuring Quality in Psychological Support (WHO)

The EQUIP project aims to ensure the quality and effectiveness of brief psychological and psychosocial support interventions that are delivered by people who are not mental health specialists or have limited mental health treatment experience. This will help expand the use of these interventions in communities who need them around the world.

I am Nothing


Am I nothing?

Yes, at times it comes to every mind that this life is worthless and there is nothing extraordinary here. Sometimes we all are clueless and are not able to think consciously. At that point we do need a companion. Such companion who is going to be at our side, listening to us, comforting us and assuring that this phase too will pass.

I Forgive Myself


Just Do Your Action


The Four Major Objectives of the WHO to Stop Suicides:

Strengthen effective leadership and governance for mental health.

Provide comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health and social care Services in community-based settings.

Implement strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health.

Strengthen information systems, evidence and research for mental health.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu


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