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Suicide - You're not worth living for...

Updated on August 16, 2017

Suicidal thoughts and actions are often caused by a feeling of not being able to cope in an overwhelming life situation.

Many commit suicide without fully thinking about the effects or consequences of it and forgetting that death is the one thing that cannot be reversed.


More and more people are choosing to end their lives as statistics show that suicide rates have increased significantly world wide.

Everyday someone commits suicide they are telling those closest to them that the problems they have are bigger then their love for them and that they alone are not worth living for.

There are twice as many deaths due to suicide than HIV/AIDS. According to online statistics, or young people 15-24 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death.

The facts are rather disturbing but true. More and more people are deciding to end their lives. It is extremely hard to fathom how anything could be so horrible that it would lead to someone ending their life no matter the impacts of suicide.

It’s important to know that there are various reasons why people commit suicide and maybe by knowing and understanding why this happens it would be easier to look out for signs of this in order to try and decrease the horrifically high worldwide suicide rates.

Depression is the lead cause of suicide.

Many choose to end their lives feeling that they are losing to depression. Depression is often brought on by one or many negative life occurrences. It should be understood that there is always a solution to every problem. Depression is an illness that needs to be stopped and healed.

  • The death of a loved one

Many people struggle with the loss of a loved one often feeling that the pain is unbearable and that ending their life would be the only solution to ending the pain. What they don’t realize is that by ending their lives they are ultimately leading to another death and starting a vicious cycle.

You can’t heal the pain of death by the pain of another death.

  • A divorce, separation, or breakup of a relationship.

With the divorce rate being extremely high across borders it is no surprise that people re-marry quite often. It is not at all shocking or strange to see in today’s day and age.

The bulk of suicides resulting in depression due to separation or divorce from a partner can be viewed as being impulsive. Many would agree that as time passes after a divorce or a break-up you begin to come to terms with the situation and are able to move on.

The ending of a relationship should in no way mean the ending of your life.

  • Losing custody of children, or feeling that a child custody decision is not fair

Fighting is always an option. Everyday parents struggle in custody battles and in most cases one of the parents feels that the decision was unfair. The important thing to remember is that losing a custody battle is not the end. By appealing to a higher court, a custody case can still be overturned even if it had ended. There is always hope.

Committing suicide will not get you your children back


  • A serious loss, such as a loss of a job, house, or money

You can recover from any financial loss. During the heavy recession that is depressing the world, systems such as debt review have been implemented in various places allowing many a second chance with regards to recovering from financial issues. Debt review programs help reconstruct finances and change payment amounts by using qualified lawyers to negotiate with banks and all who one might owe money to.

This goes to show that everything can be fixed. Everything except for death.

  • Terminal illness or disability

When struck with the news of being permanently disabled or facing terminal or life threatening illnesses many wrongly consider suicide as a solution. Disabilities can be lived with and some illnesses including HIV (which is now able to be known as a chronic disease and not a death sentence as first perceived) can be lived with too. With technology and new medication becoming exceedingly more advanced many don’t have to suffer.

  • Victimization of one or a loved one (domestic violence, rape, assault, etc.)

Counseling can always help one get over traumatic events in order to start the healing process. There are national crisis and support centers and lines worldwide and if only all people who found themselves in such situations reached out to those who could help this would no longer be a contributing factor towards suicide.

  • Feeling "taken advantage of"

For some people the feeling that you’re being taken advantage of or not appreciated enough leads to depression and ultimately suicide. Understanding that in order to get your message across you need to communicate effectively and keep trying until you are understood is often disregarded.

Assertiveness can be learned. Anyone can become able to stand up for themselves. Nothing is worth ending your life.

With bullying being the third highest cause of death in teenagers it is clear that the feeling of being taken advantage of or a lack of control on your own life is fatal (at least a third of the time) for most teenagers.

  • Inability to deal with a perceived "failure."

It is important to know that even the greatest legends such as bill gates (who failed at Harvard and was a college dropout) and Elbert Einstein (who didn't speak till 4 or read till 7 and was expelled from school) failed at something one time or another. The important thing is to keep trying. That is where the saying comes in ‘If at first you don’t succeed try and try again’. Practice makes perfect.

The only failure in life is giving up.

  • A feeling of not being accepted by family, friends, or society.

Many may be made to struggle with feeling like they have not lived up to his or her high expectations or the expectations of someone else. It’s important to know that these are merely opinions and that opinions are constantly changing.

  • Feeling "trapped" in a situation perceived as negative resulting in loss of hope and feelings of helplessness.

Many people lose hope when they feel like they can’t solve a situation or that the current surroundings and circumstances in which they find themselves are helpless. By understanding that there is a solution to many problems, by seeking help and looking at all sources as highlighted throughout this article it becomes clear that there is always hope.

Enjoy the life you've been given and see all the blessings in it because we only have but one life to live.


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    • Jade89 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg - South Africa

      justateacher, thanks a lot for the comment.

      I'm extremely sorry about your friend.

      The situation of your friend is one which I also described in the article. Sometimes we may get so wrapped up and lost in the depression and hurt of loosing a loved one that we may not pay attention to or consider the ones we may be leaving behind by following them. Instead of making the situation better we in fact may make it even worse for those who are left behind.

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 

      7 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Suicide is a rising epidemic around the world. While no one can really know what was in the mind of a person who chooses to end his or her life, you mentioned some very real possibilities. A good friend chose to end her life this past summer because she could not deal with the death of her beloved son who died in a work accident. What she didn't think of was how hard it is for her young grandsons to cope with the death of their grandmother. Their young mother had to explain to them that grandma was now in Heaven with their daddy and they wouldn't be able to see either of them ever again.

    • Jade89 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg - South Africa

      I agree entirely with you Mickaa. Thanks a lot for the comment.

      I think the idea of death is enticing due to the fact that it seems like a permanent end to your problems. What many may forget though is that no-one knows what death brings. No-one has been dead and come back to tell what it is. No-one knows for sure that death is a better place. I guess suicide is entirely based on a hope that death is better and circled on the thought that nothing could possible be worse then the situation the person may be facing while living.

    • mickaa2001 profile image


      7 years ago from currently milton fl

      very good work... I think sometimes people just get tired of this life. tired of the of going through bullshit. tired of just dealing with whatever. Death is peace for some. Im sure they know that you cant reverse death. Most who commit suicide have tired to do it before. Death seems like the best alterative because even when you get over one crisis trust and believe while u breathe there will be another right behind it.

    • Jade89 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg - South Africa

      Thanks a lot for your input Dave.

      Indeed no one can understand what is going through the mind of those contemplating taking their lives and that is why in this article I try and highlight the possibilities in order for us to be able to try and spot the signs in order to help those who might be going through this horrible pain. Also in an aim to try and allow all who might be thinking about suicide to know that there is always a solution to their problems.

      With regards to medication that induces such feelings I can completely understand what you mean. I think it is similar to the effects of anti-depressants or going off them. The only thing again would be the help and support of those around you and their ability to read signs of depression in order to help you out.

      I am really glad that God spared you that day. He showed you that His plans for you on this Earth were not done yet.

      May the Lord continue to bless you.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Jade: It is impossible to know what is going through a person's mind, as they contemplate ending their lives. It is also important to know that certain medications can induce a strong tendency toward suicide, and if one is not aware of this side effect, it may grab you without you knowing it.

      About 14 years ago, I was overwhelmed with the difficulties in my life, and along with the medication I was taking to keep me levelled and under control, un aware of the side effect of my medication, I tried to electricute myself by introducing my hair blower 10 times,into my tub filled with bath water, with me in it. God declared it was not my day nor my time, so here I am still today, back to being normal and relaxed, able to remember and recall the situation. God spared me. There is no other explanation, as I remember telling God that I prayed it was His will I die. Obviously His answer that day was a big fat "NO" Thank You my God for sparing me

    • Jade89 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg - South Africa

      Thank-you Mach

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Greta article


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