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Northeast Summer 2013

Updated on May 11, 2013


  • Average High : 74
  • Average Low : 60

Prediction: Early May will be seasonably dryer & warmer than normal. Late May will bring in thunderstorms & heavy rain showers, keeping the temperatures fluctuating & humid in some areas.


  • Average High : 76
  • Average Low : 66

Prediction: June will continue to be wet & humid with periods of fluctuating temperatures reaching up to 90 but as low as 68 for daily highs.


  • Average High : 79
  • Average Low : 69

Prediction: July will keep the pattern of rain & storms going with fluctuation in temperatures. I believe we will see a few seasonable cooler days this July, possibly only being in the upper 60's to lower 70's for a high.


  • Average High : 82
  • Average Low : 72

Prediction: August will average warmer than July because things will begin to dry out. I see most of the 90 degree days happening in August where normally they happen in July. Temperatures will begin to stay steady & warmer ranging from 78 to 85 as a high & 67 to 74 as a low.


  • Average High : 77
  • Average Low : 67

Prediction: September will be much dryer & warmer than last season. I would not be surprised to see a 90 degree day or two in the month of September. It will not be as humid as August but I expect it to be fairly warm to even hot on most days.


  • Average High : 73
  • Average Low : 63

Prediction: October will continue to be seasonably warmer & much dryer. I believe we will see a few 80 degree days in early October but by late October, temperatures will level out be much more seasonable averages.

Fall & Winter Predictions:

Winter will begin later than normal & be much more dryer in November & December. We can expect to see quite a few Indian Summer days in both months. November will continue the trend of being warmer than normal with no snow but patches of rain. December we can expect to see little to no snow during the day but small amounts at night. Going into 2014, January will be dryer in the beginning but we will begin to see snow fall increase heading into February & March.

While many would love to know what the weather is going to be months in advance, it is all speculation & prediction. For the northeastern parts of the United States, it may be cooler than last season, based on radar & weather patterns.

April - June

With the Spring season half way through, everyone noticed in April, the temperatures seemed dryer & more warmer than last seasons Spring. Looking at the pattern we can see that Spring has bloomed late this year with the majority of the rain being seen in May & lingering to June. May will continue to be rainy on and off as well as having hotter days here & there but never lasting for more than one or two days. According to the farmer's almanac, June is going to be seasonably cooler with a 3 degrees drop in over all averages. The average temperature for June varies from 72 to 78 so we can expect it to be 69 to 75. With rain being late, there will be periods of temperature drops & fluctuations throughout June & into July. Based on the information I gathered, the northeastern parts of the US can expect to see most days being a high of between 68 to 75 & lows of 58 to 65 for the month of June.


Into July, there will be periods of severe thunderstorms, more than that past few years which will break up heat waves making it feel cooler than last Summer, though, It will, on average be about the same. The average temperatures for July are between 76 to 84. We will see periods of heat likely to reach into the 90's but rain & storms will quickly break them up & bring temperatures down into the upper 70's & low 80's. I think we will see some days that the high only reaches into the upper 60's to lower 70's. As for the lows, things will be about the same with an average of 67 to 74 at night, though we should see a few cooler nights going down into the lower 60's.

August - October

This is where things switch up. For August, the temperatures are going to be just as hot & humid as July & same for the temperatures at night. August is expected to be seasonably dryer then normal. With the late bloom of Spring, the months of August, September & October will be much like the normal June, July & August. Our Spring months will be May, June & July this year with most of our precipitation being in those 3 months following August, September & October being much dryer than normal & much warmer as well. Going into September, it will feel a lot like a hot August, dry, & temperatures averaging around 76 to 79 degrees for the high & 64 to 70 for the low. Into October, will we continue to see dryer than normal weather & a much warmer average high of 67 to 73 & lows only being in the upper 50's & low 60's.

To Sum It All Up...

Based on what I have been reading & watching with the weather system, the Northeastern US will experience a slightly cooler & much more wet Summer & a dryer & much warmer Fall.

Please Note

I am not a trained meteorologist but I do pay attention to the weather system. I have read a lot of information in the farmer's almanac & base my predictions on my own observations. I may be slightly off but I believe to be actuate with this years Summer season for the Northeaster parts of the United States. I believe May through July will be wetter & cooler than normal and August to October to be warmer & dryer than normal.


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