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Sun in Cancer – Time for Change with the Solstice

Updated on June 22, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

The Sun in astrology is characterized by a person’s individuality, core essence and sense of self, it’s who you are learning to become in this lifetime, along with your life purpose... Caring Cancer is the fourth sign in astrology with the motto “I Feel.” The Sun will make its transit through the emotional tides of watery Cancer from June 21st-22nduntil July 22nd– 23rddepending the time zone and year, corresponding to the summer/winter solstice. This tenacious sign exhibits strong survival instincts which rely on its feelings for decision making, with the emphasis here being on ‘feelings,’ the demeanor of Cancer is, however, more subtle than direct. It belongs to the element of water with a cardinal modality, signifying changeable attributes, adversely towards emotional change. The disposition of Cancer is deeply sensitive and highly intuitive, ruled by the moon, the lunation cycles deepen the internal psychological process which in turn creates emotional patterns beyond an individual’s control. For one moment, imagine the changing of the tides flowing in and out, affecting our external environment on a daily basis, now retract inward, internalizing-incorporating feeling with a touch of perspective. The passive appearance and mysterious depths of Cancer Sun can be somewhat challenging to get to know-this energy requires an approach of patience, understanding, love and caring, which when given, is reciprocated ten-fold with this generous sign. Perhaps the most caring and sympathetic sign on the zodiac, Cancer is empathetic towards others pain and suffering which is guided by their extreme sensitivity, here the repercussions can play out as detrimental, displaying tremendous difficulty at times-coping and blending with its outer surroundings. With the crab as its mascot, Cancer seeks comfort and regeneration, retreating into the safety of its shell for peace and serenity.

The Summer/Winter Solstice

The Solstice is the point at which the Sun reaches its most northerly or southerly aspect during the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which is relative to the Sun being at its furthest distance to the celestial equator. There are two Solstices that occur annually in the northern and southern hemisphere’s, these are celebrated from June 21st– 22ndand December 21st– 22nd. When this event occurs, depending on the position of the Sun in aspect to the celestial equator, the northern and southern hemisphere’s will experience the longest and shortest days of the year. Solstices are affiliated with the Cardinal modalities in astrology, these being Cancer/Capricorn with Aries/Libra relating to the Autumn (Fall)/Spring (Vernal) Equinox. The cardinal modalities represent the seasonal changes and taking action upon these changes, within the corresponding modality and its position on the zodiac, both naturally and natally.

Ruling Planet is the Moon

The Moon represents our emotions, mood swings, intuition, heart, Mother, instinctual feelers or spidey sensors (as they are commonly referred to), the stability of our inner and outward home and the love that we are capable of feeling within this life. Its position on a chart brings happiness, with the child-like sense of wonder and joy. Being the fastest moving and smallest celestial energy in astrology, it’s position impacts our lives substantially, possessing some of our greatest challenges. Governing our soul’s memories and unconscious world, it’s what we feel and can’t always see, much like the moon’s cycles, with the new moon or dark side of the moon being the darkest aspects that are hidden from view, while the full moon has the ability to shine the light, giving us new perspectives on our inner and outer worlds... The Moon’s energy is receptive and nurturing, representing the feminine and our home, it’s placement in a chart is interpreted as the Mother or Wife. The strength of our Moon on a chart stems towards the support of family and our early development process when we are completely dependent on others. This is a crucial and vulnerable phase in life, as it provides an understanding, defining our emotional stability or lack of it in our adulthood.

Ruling the Fourth House on the Zodiac

Cancers ruling domain on the zodiac is the fourth house, governing tradition, family and the home. Cancer is the “homebody!” All maternal, domesticated and nurturing instincts are born of this sign. With the Sun in Cancer, home-life and family take precedence, preferring to entertain within the confines of the home. This sign loves to cook and socialise in a hospitable fashion with all who make the family unit, inclusive of friends. Cancer folks are very observant, instinctually security conscious and naturally protective of their loved ones, especially those they hold close to their heart. Their home is often a reflection towards their value of love and devotion of life. This is a highly creative, imaginative and sentimental sign, with a fascination for photos-an intrigue into the renaissance and historical artefacts, along with an extraordinary memory for story-telling and of course a bounty of humour.

The crab can be rather an introspective creature, with a tough outer shell, however, its inner core is beautiful and soft, with a heart of gold. They are tender, affectionate and fall in love easily, much to their detriment, as they experience hurt just as easily… however, don’t be mistaken, while this loving little creature avoids conflict and doesn’t appreciate blunt or direct accusations, its thick-skinned, strong-will, tenacious demeanour will either fire up, exploding in sarcasm or use roundabout tactics to achieve what they want. Remember, this sign governs feelings and emotions, it’s tidal and affected by the gravitational forces of the Moon and Sun on the oceans, the same applies for the mood swings of Cancer.

Cancer in Love and Relationships

Its love and devotion for the crab, they are loyal to the core… When Cancer folks fall in love, it's forever. While this sign carries strong values for its relationships to family, feelings are most important to them in intimate relationships. Quite often they will choose a partner who understands them through the senses, rather than the spoken word. They are all about sharing and building strong foundations together! Cancer in relationships is dedication, who autonomously leaps before it looks! Its spontaneous, reliable, honest, kind, caring, romantic and a pleasure to be with, this sign knows how to give without expectation of receiving… They do however need to feel safe and secure within a relationship before moving to the next step. Their affection does not extend to superficial or flaky partners or those who take them for granted, it’s all about feeling with the crab, they are human lie detectors, who trust their instinctual gut feelings…

Match cosy Cancer’s devotion to love, family and home and you will experience a blissful and harmonious relationship.

The energy of Cancer is most prevalent with Sun, Moon, Ascendant rising or Jupiter in Cancer (who is exalted in this sign-strong) however, everyone has Cancer, the Moon and the fourth house placed somewhere within their natal birth chart, making these energies applicable to every living soul on the planet.


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    • Sheryl Willetts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sheryl Willetts 

      7 months ago from Australia

      Thank you for your comment Jennifer, I greatly appreciate it.

    • jennifercasey0 profile image

      Jennifer Casey 

      8 months ago from Long Island, NY

      I love it! Thanks for the article.


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