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Sunlight Therapy

Updated on April 13, 2011

Nature’s Priceless Gift

The human body is nature’s best creation and nature has devised a plan to keep it healthy. The foundation stone of this natural plan is the sun. The sun’s rays destroy all diseases and provide positive health.


‘The sun’s rays destroy all diseases. They destroy germs associated with disease.’

(Atharvaveda: 6.52.3)

The sun’s rays have been unceasingly carrying out the task of purifying and nourishing grain, water, wind, earth, vegetables, herbs and the mind and body of living beings. The objective of the system of praying to the Sun God, offering libation to the Sun, performing Sun salutation prevalent in Indian civilization, is to attain mental health, physical health and spiritual progress. The most eminent physician of Ayurveda, Charaka acharya gave a very important place to the Sun worship in the category of divine healing.  The Western researcher Dr. Soley has said, “The power to destroy a disease that the sun has is not found in any other object of the world.” Animals sit in the sun and get cured of their diseases quickly, whereas human beings resorting to synthetic medicines, destroy their health and wealth. If a person wants, he or she can quickly get disease-free through the solar therapy.

The seven colours present in the sun’s rays affect the seven dhÍtus, rasa, blood etc. of the physical body. Other than the digestive fire which produces chyle from food, there are different fires associated with the seven different dhÍtus, each of which aid the production of the corresponding dhÍtu e.g. the fire associated with rasa formation, the fire associated with blood formation, the fire associated with flesh formation etc.

Broadly speaking, the four functions of the seven colours present in the sun’s rays are:

1. To stimulate the digestive fire.

2. To stimulate the fires associated with the seven dhÍtus and thereby produce the essential dhÍtus.

3. To balance the three doshas: vÍta, pitta, kapha through the red, green and blue rays respectively.

4. To excrete the gross and subtle waste matter.

The functions of red, green and indigo rays

The red rays present in the sunlight, is warm, stimulant and energizing. Such rays have the unique and wonderful efficacy to activate the weak and inactive organs of the body, to revitalize them and to remove the stiffness of muscles and tendons. This colour has a special effect on the thoracic and abdominal organs -the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, the intestines, the lungs and muscles. It supplements the deficiency of iodine and increases the production of red blood cells, (haemoglobin). Asthma, cough, T.B. and other kapha related ailments, indigestion, hyperacidity, gas trouble and other diseases associated with poor digestion, paralysis, gout, pain in the joints, senile debility, muscular weakness, anaemia and low blood pressure - in all these ailments, the red rays provide miraculous benefit.

The green colour, present in the rays of the sun is neutral. It helps in excretion of waste matter and toxins from the body and purifies the blood. It keeps the mind happy and enthusiastic. It has a special effect on the skin, the organs below the waist and on excretory organs. It is also good for the eyes. The green rays are especially beneficial for chronic constipation, renal disorders like diabetes, renal failure, heart diseases, skin diseases, infected wounds and high blood pressure.

The indigo colour, present in the rays of the sun, is cool, sedative and germicidal. It cures mental stress. It strengthens the brain and the nervous system. It helps in spiritual progress and meditation. It has special effect on the throat, the neck, the mouth, the brain and the head. It is especially beneficial in diseases caused by aggravated pitta like burning and painful sensation in the body, thirst, excessive bleeding during menstruation, headache, insomnia, hair loss, graying of hair, epilepsy, insanity and other psychiatric and neurilogical disorders.

The common methods of sunlight therapy

1. Offering libation to the sun god: While offering water to the sun, the rays of the sun that pass through the stream of water fall on our whole body from head to toe. With this, we naturally get the benefits of taking water charged with the sun’s rays.

2. Sun bath: During sunrise, wear minimal clothes, sit facing the sun in such a way that the rays fall on your navel. Then shut your eyes and think, ‘The seven coloured rays are entering my navel. The radiant energy of the sun is absorbed by my body. With the Sun god’s life nourishing energies, every atom of my body is charged with tremendous power of immunity. Ñ… Ñ… Ñ…”

Like this sit for eight minutes facing the sun and ten minutes with your back facing the sun. Be careful not to bask too long or see that the sun is not too hot. It is much better if you bask lying down.

3. Sun salutation: Every morning facing the sun and performing Surya namaskar along with chanting of the appropriate mantra, forms a complete exercise. One Surya namaskar sequence is a sequence of ten asanas. While doing Surya namaskar, the sun’s rays fall on all parts of the body. Regular practice of Surya namaskar makes the body healthy, fit and strong. With this, one develops a magnetic, powerful and dynamic personality.

The Significance of Libations & Oblations to the Sun God

The majesty of the Indian Culture can be evaluated by the fact that the health of the body and mind along with the spiritual illumination of the intellect has been equitably corroborated through the religion. Offering libations to the sun god is also considered a significant component of our religion. The modern science has authenticated the fact that the sun is a significant multitude of the life force. Hence it is a powerhouse of positive energy.

During the process of offering water to the sun god, the spectrum of sun-rays refract through the water impacting us positively from head to toe. As a result we automatically gain through ‘the water therapy of sun-rays.’ This process helps us miraculously not only in the intellectual upliftment of the individual but it also reflects enhancement of his acumen in decision making, in eye-sight, digestion, luster as well as splendor. On the whole the physical body remains hale & hearty. This therapy also safeguards the body from the effect of defiled & deformed gases. The sun-rays refracting through the water of libation are a vital source of vigour and beauty. The green, violet or ultra-violet rays of the sun are considered rich sources of anti-bacterial energy.

After performing libation, the invocation of sun rays focused at the navel and the centre between the eye brows helps in the development of ‘Manipur Chakra’ &‘Agya Chakra’ respectively. It again helps in honing our acumen. So, immediately after the sun-rise, we should offer water (in a brass-jug) to the sun-god. At the time of offering libation to the sun-god, one should reverentially pronounce the following ‘Surya Gayatri Mantra.’

‘Aum ÍdityÍy vidmahe bhÍskarÍye dhÐmahi,

tanno bhÍnuÏ pracodayÍt.’


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