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Super Silly Squares - Math Rocks! Check out this new math puzzle!

Updated on February 28, 2012

Super Silly Squares is another math puzzle to idle time away with. Similar to a magic square (See the magic square link) a super silly square starts with a 3 by 3 square.

My example today is going to use the digits 1-9 to complete the square. Notice the numbers written in green around the outside of the box. Notice the number that are at the corners those are the sums of the diagonals. The total sum in the first row and first column of a super silly puzzle is always the same making it the super silly number. Each of the sums for the other rows and columns are always LESS THAN the super silly number.

In the sample puzzle we are missing the digits 4 & 5. So we need to determine which number so in which place and makes the puzzle follow the rules.

6+3 + ? = 13 so therefore the missing number in the middle of the puzzle must be 5. That makes the upper right hand number 4. That also gives us the super silly number of 19.

Try the next puzzle on your own.

What is the answer to the Super Silly Puzzle

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