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Surf The Web Safely

Updated on August 21, 2009

Surf The Web Safely

Surf The Web Safely

Due to the popularity of the internet. We have people in the world that do not have anything better to do with their lives, than to write destrucitve code, such as viruses, Malware, etc to damage your hardware, steal information, or damage your software.

So, here are just a few important things to remember when you are surfing the web.

* NEVER surf the web without any antivirus protection software actively running with the virus definition files updated

*Verify that your Firewall is turned ON. You can use a software or Hardware based firewall. If you have Internet at home, if your Internet Vendor did not supply you with a Router, buy one, for extra added security and protection

*NEVER surf in places you know where your security on your computer can be easily compromised, or your computer can be infected by viruses, Malware, Trojans, etc

*Don't open emails or attachements that do not look familar to you, or open anything you are not expecting from a friend co-worker, family member, etc

*NEVER download a file to your computer, from websites you do not trust

*Your number one priority is to keep your computer safe, and your information private or safe guarded on your computer, when you are offline or online.

*Last but not least, treat your computer like a commodity, and not like a piece of trash. Do not eat or drink over your computer, and do not physically abuse your computer, it is virtually just plastic pieces, combined with some precious metals.

*The way you surf the web, and how you treat your computer, will determine, how long your computer will last, and how long the data that is resident on your computer remains safe.


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